2 Years Of What Happens On The Backstreet



It’s been two years today since I started What Happens On The Backstreet simply because I thought the Backstreet Boys (and the fans) deserved more than they were getting at the time. The BSB needed something to promote all of their goodness and fans needed something that would share the lighter side of things (most of the time) while still being informative, fun and something to share.

I honestly never thought I / it would last two years.

328,000+ hits, 3500+ FB likes, and nearly 4900 Twitter followers later, here it is.

2016 was a lighter year for the Boys and obviously, not much happening on the Backstreet until the past two months. For that reason, a lot of my energy has been spent on nickcarter.net and Nick Nation. You guys, though, keep sticking around! You keep reading what I write, you keep sharing it, you keep responding and you keep entertaining my ridiculous ideas.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve made 2016 a really great year!

This year, we’ve changed layouts, added a writer (Kristie The VIP Guru), made so many new friends and had more fun interactions with the Backstreet Boys (including in person – WHAT?!).

2017 is fast approaching and it’s going to be a wild one! There’s a lot that will be happening on the Backstreet and we’re going to be here for every bit of it… as long as you are.

So, let’s stay friends, okay?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for being so kind (and sometimes critical). Thanks for sharing your stories with me, sharing your ideas, and sharing love only BSB fans understand. I’m forever grateful for every moment.

Love, Love, Love,





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