The Results: Unbreakable, This Is Us, and In A World Like This #BSBVegas

A few days ago, we posted a poll asking you to vote for which albums (Unbreakable, This Is Us, and In A World Like This) and which singles / songs should be included in the Vegas BSB setlist next year. Nick Carter  implored fans on Twitter to let the other Boys know…

…And let them know, you did!

887 of you responded to the survey we posted (those TRL skills were back in full force) in 30ish hours that the polls were open. After lots of adding and double checking, we have the results. Just as you did with the poll, we need you to share these results to ALL of the Backstreet Boys on social media. 

The Albums





The Singles




The Non-Singles




Dear Backstreet Boys, 

The fans are BEGGING you to go beyond the classics. Vegas is the GOLDEN opportunity to show fans that you have been successful beyond the 90s, to sell more copies of the albums they might not have heard, and to bring some nostalgia fans back with what would be “new” music to them! Not to mention, the fans going to Vegas that have been with you the ENTIRE time want to hear them again, which is apparent by the poll numbers.  These are some of our favorite songs. These are some of YOUR favorite songs.

Thank you for asking the fans’ opinions. We can’t WAIT to see you guys in Vegas!







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