4 Reasons Why You Should Join The Backstreet Boys Fanclub Right Now

Back in the day, the Backstreet Boys Official Fanclub (or Weird World) was THE place to be. It was before social media took over and the thrill of being up at 2am when a Backstreet Boy popped in the Chat was what you lived for. In fact, we wrote a post  last year about all the things we used to love about it.

Flash forward to 2016 and with the announcement of the Backstreet Vegas shows, the fanclub and website have been relaunched and we really do think you should give it a chance.

1. The Contests

Since the fanclub has been relaunched, the contests and giveaways for members have been endless. Seriously – there is always at least one contest going on. Right now, there is a Vegas VIP giveaway for December and a VIP giveaway that will run longer. Also, the “Soldier Of The Month” is now fanclub exclusive as well with more clarity in regards to how to nominate and the benefits of winning.

Who doesn’t like winning?!

2. Presales 

A lot of people joined during the BSB Vegas presales and while there were small snafus with getting codes in time, the FC members really did get first dibs on the best tickets you could get. Any presale is going to have its issues, but for the most part, we were heard and things were fixed.

3. Wonderful Union Is Listening

Fans and the team(s) behind the Backstreet Boys have had a long relationship that is ever changing. In recent months, Wonderful Union has been very good to us. They’re listening. They WANT to make everyone happy and they WANT to bring us closer to the Boys – that includes perking things up on the fanclub. Now is not the time to fight for what we want, but to work together. Please remember that if there is something you’d like to see, say it in a kind way. If there is something you don’t think is fair, be constructive. Always, always be thankful though. Things are looking up!

4. There’s More To Come

With 2017 looking to be a HUGE deal for Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, there is sure to be more exclusives and more fun popping up on the fanclub! There’s going to be more contests, more exclusive media, a community of fans that want to chat about all things Backstreet and FC exclusive merch (and maybe some way to spend those points).

Why would you want to be left out? Join if you can!



Now, for a small disclaimer…

Some of you might think that I’m just saying this because I’ve contributed to the site before and have become active in the fanclub. In the nearly two years that WHOTB has been open, I have never posted anything I didn’t believe in and I would never suggest anything that I didn’t think was worth doing. I’ll be first to admit that the FC was not worth joining before the relaunch but for the reasons above, I have high hopes.

Join if you can! 2017 is only the beginning.



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