16 Things All Best Friends Do (As Shown By Frick and Frack)


If you have been a Backstreet Boys fan from the beginning, you know that nothing rivaled the friendship Nick Carter and Brian Littrell had. We wanted to find the Frick to our Frack and most of us have. Be prepared to read this post and send it to your best friend because you’re definitely going to relate!

1. You Don’t Even Have To Plan To Reenact Things… You Just Do.




2. Personal Space? WHAT Personal Space? Not Between You And Your Best Friend! 






3. In Fact, Your PDA Is Pretty Out Of Control.





4. The PDA Is Usually Balanced Out With Inflicting Pain Upon Each Other.


5. …And Making Fun Of Each Other On The Regular.


6. You Always Make Each Other Laugh Harder Than Anyone Else Does.



7. And You’re Always First To Hug Each Other When You Need It (Even In A Crowd).




8. You Can’t Wait To Tell Each Other All The Best Secrets!


9. You Make Sure You Both Look On Point At All Times.

10. Pretty Sure You Look For Each Other In Your Significant Others.


11. And Your Best Friend’s Kids Are Basically Yours, Too.



12. You’re Each Others Back Up Dancers.


13. And You’re Each Others Biggest Fan!


14. Especially When You’re Singing BSB Songs To Each Other.


15. Sometimes You’re Over Each Other.


16. But Everyone Knows That Won’t Last. EVERYONE.


Here’s hoping you’re lucky enough to find the Frick to your Frack, the Nick to your Brian and may you live happily ever after!



6 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Might Not Have A Christmas Album

Here it is. Another holiday season has passed and we still did not have a Backstreet Boys holiday album.

WHY, BACKSTREET BOYS, WHY?! Why are you forcing us to listen to other boyband holiday tunes?! Maybe we don’t want to have a funky, funky Christmas! Maybe we’re tired of a merry Christmas, happy holidays tune!

We took time to think of a few reasons that Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick might be holding out on making all of our holiday wishes come true.

1. Because of Backstreet Time, A Holiday Album Would Not Be Out Until Easter.

Our Boys have never been good at sticking to a timeline that we know about. For an album to be out next year by Christmas, they would have had to have started 3 years ago at Halloween. With a new regular-time album in the works, beggars can’t be choosy about what we get.

2. We Can Only Handle One Song At A Time.

…Every 15 years. At least they’re solid. And department store appropriate.

3. They’re Too Busy, Duh.

Other bands released their holiday albums in the height of their label-produced careers while they were cranking out albums like chocolates in a chocolate factory. Most bands with such albums have now waned in their fame or disbanded (permanently or reunited at a later date). Our Boys have work work worked for almost 24 years. So while we haven’t gotten an album filled with Christmas songs, we get the gift of their success every year!

So, maybe when their bones are too creaky to tour, we’ll finally get that album.

4. Because Even If We Had A Holiday Album, Some Of Us Will Still Ask For “Spotlight”.

As the great Elsa once said, LET IT GO. It’s not even a song.

5. They Haven’t Figured Out How To Work “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody” Into Holiday Songs.

No matter what Backstreet Boys show / event you go to, they will most likely sing these songs, whether we like it or not. Until there’s words to “I Want It On The Sleigh”, how will they be able to perform a holiday show?!

6. Kevin Said No.

We don’t REALLY think Kevin said no. The man is full of spirit! However, we know that Nick, AJ, Howie and Brian usually listen to Dad….we mean, Kevin. Just a theory, but it is the least likely.

So, for now, we have “Christmas Time” and “It’s Christmas Time Again” (which you can get a free download of with any purchase in the BSB store right now) because the Backstreet Boys know what they’re doing. We guess. [Insert huge dramatic sigh and some grumbling about other things we can’t let go]

Happiest Holidays, friends!

We wish you all the Backstreet in Vegas tickets under your tree!

2 Years Of What Happens On The Backstreet



It’s been two years today since I started What Happens On The Backstreet simply because I thought the Backstreet Boys (and the fans) deserved more than they were getting at the time. The BSB needed something to promote all of their goodness and fans needed something that would share the lighter side of things (most of the time) while still being informative, fun and something to share.

I honestly never thought I / it would last two years.

328,000+ hits, 3500+ FB likes, and nearly 4900 Twitter followers later, here it is.

2016 was a lighter year for the Boys and obviously, not much happening on the Backstreet until the past two months. For that reason, a lot of my energy has been spent on nickcarter.net and Nick Nation. You guys, though, keep sticking around! You keep reading what I write, you keep sharing it, you keep responding and you keep entertaining my ridiculous ideas.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve made 2016 a really great year!

This year, we’ve changed layouts, added a writer (Kristie The VIP Guru), made so many new friends and had more fun interactions with the Backstreet Boys (including in person – WHAT?!).

2017 is fast approaching and it’s going to be a wild one! There’s a lot that will be happening on the Backstreet and we’re going to be here for every bit of it… as long as you are.

So, let’s stay friends, okay?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for being so kind (and sometimes critical). Thanks for sharing your stories with me, sharing your ideas, and sharing love only BSB fans understand. I’m forever grateful for every moment.

Love, Love, Love,




The Results: Unbreakable, This Is Us, and In A World Like This #BSBVegas

A few days ago, we posted a poll asking you to vote for which albums (Unbreakable, This Is Us, and In A World Like This) and which singles / songs should be included in the Vegas BSB setlist next year. Nick Carter  implored fans on Twitter to let the other Boys know…

…And let them know, you did!

887 of you responded to the survey we posted (those TRL skills were back in full force) in 30ish hours that the polls were open. After lots of adding and double checking, we have the results. Just as you did with the poll, we need you to share these results to ALL of the Backstreet Boys on social media. 

The Albums





The Singles




The Non-Singles




Dear Backstreet Boys, 

The fans are BEGGING you to go beyond the classics. Vegas is the GOLDEN opportunity to show fans that you have been successful beyond the 90s, to sell more copies of the albums they might not have heard, and to bring some nostalgia fans back with what would be “new” music to them! Not to mention, the fans going to Vegas that have been with you the ENTIRE time want to hear them again, which is apparent by the poll numbers.  These are some of our favorite songs. These are some of YOUR favorite songs.

Thank you for asking the fans’ opinions. We can’t WAIT to see you guys in Vegas!






Sound Off: Do You Want To Hear Singles From ‘Unbreakable’, ‘This Is Us’, and ‘IAWLT’?


Calling the Backstreet Army!

The Boys are planning for their upcoming Las Vegas run in 2017 and they need your help. If you want to hear singles from This Is Us, Unbreakable and In A World Like This in their set, Nick Carter is imploring you to tell the world (and the other four Backstreet Boys).

While we love the classics as much as everyone else, we definitely want more out-of-the-loop fans to hear some newer stuff too! We love these songs and we know they will too.

UPDATE: 100+ responded within an hour and maxed out the results! Here’s the newest link.

4 Reasons Why You Should Join The Backstreet Boys Fanclub Right Now

Back in the day, the Backstreet Boys Official Fanclub (or Weird World) was THE place to be. It was before social media took over and the thrill of being up at 2am when a Backstreet Boy popped in the Chat was what you lived for. In fact, we wrote a post  last year about all the things we used to love about it.

Flash forward to 2016 and with the announcement of the Backstreet Vegas shows, the fanclub and website have been relaunched and we really do think you should give it a chance.

1. The Contests

Since the fanclub has been relaunched, the contests and giveaways for members have been endless. Seriously – there is always at least one contest going on. Right now, there is a Vegas VIP giveaway for December and a VIP giveaway that will run longer. Also, the “Soldier Of The Month” is now fanclub exclusive as well with more clarity in regards to how to nominate and the benefits of winning.

Who doesn’t like winning?!

2. Presales 

A lot of people joined during the BSB Vegas presales and while there were small snafus with getting codes in time, the FC members really did get first dibs on the best tickets you could get. Any presale is going to have its issues, but for the most part, we were heard and things were fixed.

3. Wonderful Union Is Listening

Fans and the team(s) behind the Backstreet Boys have had a long relationship that is ever changing. In recent months, Wonderful Union has been very good to us. They’re listening. They WANT to make everyone happy and they WANT to bring us closer to the Boys – that includes perking things up on the fanclub. Now is not the time to fight for what we want, but to work together. Please remember that if there is something you’d like to see, say it in a kind way. If there is something you don’t think is fair, be constructive. Always, always be thankful though. Things are looking up!

4. There’s More To Come

With 2017 looking to be a HUGE deal for Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, there is sure to be more exclusives and more fun popping up on the fanclub! There’s going to be more contests, more exclusive media, a community of fans that want to chat about all things Backstreet and FC exclusive merch (and maybe some way to spend those points).

Why would you want to be left out? Join if you can!



Now, for a small disclaimer…

Some of you might think that I’m just saying this because I’ve contributed to the site before and have become active in the fanclub. In the nearly two years that WHOTB has been open, I have never posted anything I didn’t believe in and I would never suggest anything that I didn’t think was worth doing. I’ll be first to admit that the FC was not worth joining before the relaunch but for the reasons above, I have high hopes.

Join if you can! 2017 is only the beginning.