15 Moms Who Had No Chill About The Backstreet Boys

It’s no secret that the Backstreet Boys blew the roof off of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX last night during KISS Jingle Ball. They just keep getting better and better!

Amidst tweeting updates, we noticed a trend – that there were a whole lot of moms that were REALLY excited about seeing Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick.

It started out like this…

Kids were super excited for their moms to finally see their faves live!

But some of them soon realized that mom took them to Jingle Ball purely for her own pleasure. Some moms even admitted that they brought their daughters to see Charlie Puth…. but really…. Backstreet Boys.

Then.. it happened.

The Backstreet Boys took the stage.

And instantly… moms were getting tweeted about.

This mom who raised her daughter right…

…And this mom (our favorite)who was TWERKING for the Backstreet Boys. Thank God there’s video!

At the end of the night, even the young babes were feeling the Boys because, really, how can you not?

Moms… You really all ARE the perfect fans!

Treat YOUR mom to a Backstreet Boys concert – Pick a show here.


We also wanted to include this story about a mom at Jingle Ball last night who is battling cancer, Ana Alecia. Her dancing video and positive outlook recently went viral and she was invited to meet the performers last night, including the Backstreet Boys, who taught her a few classic moves. Check out the video and her story here. We’re sending you all the good vibes, Ana!


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