8 Pieces of Backstreet Tours Past That We’d Love To See In Vegas

The Backstreet Boys Vegas (Test) Residency is fast approaching and we’re squirming with anticipation. After two years of In A World Like This, it’s hard to imagine a different show – something that’s bigger and better. This made us think.. wouldn’t it be cool to have our favorite parts of past tours all rolled into a giant, explosive show in Las Vegas? Here’s our top picks for what Backstreet should bring back (alright)!

1. A Few Songs From The Backstreet Boys Tour.

Many of us grew up loving the Backstreet Boys and if you did, you surely remember watching the Backstreet Boys Coming Home concert on repeat (on TV and VHS). Since that tour, we have begged the Boys to bring back songs like “That’s The Way I Like It”, “Like A Child”, and maybe even “Just To Be Close To You”. Not only are they instant nostalgia for us, they are genuinely likable songs that we want to sing along to. We also didn’t even know we wanted “Darlin'” back until the 2016 BSB Cruise acoustic performance (THE FEELS!). Time to dig into some classics, Boys. Make the old new again.

2. A Grand Entrance Like Millennium.

It’s been nearly 20 years and people still talk about the entrance the Boys made into the Millennium tour. We’re not asking them to fly in again…

…but maybe roll down the aisles on segways? Slide down on stripper poles? KIDDING!

The return of epic entrances should definitely happen in Las Vegas though. Something larger than life (ha!).

3. The Bridge From Black And Blue.

The bridge that started it all. Before there was soundcheck parties and VIP, there was standing on a chair to try to reach AJ who was hanging off the bridge over the crowd, trying to reach our hands. We’ll never forget the time our favorite leaned over and waved to us (DIRECTLY TO US – NOT THE GIRL BEHIND US, OKAY!?).

While the bridge probably isn’t feasible for the venue set up in Vegas, we can only hope that they continue to be out in the audience and bring something new and interactive to the table.

4. Kevin’s Piano From Never Gone.


Who doesn’t love acoustic / ballad singing Backstreet Boys? We love them even better when Kevin is playing a grand piano. Something about it is just so…heavenly? It’s such a chill vibe. It’s a toned down, throwback vibe.

Extra points if they choose two or three of us to sit with them around it.

Or sit on top of it? We’re not picky.

Can we also have a Sphynkter appearance?

5. The Solo Parts And Props From Unbreakable.

C’mon! That boxing ring was everything. We loved the concept and we’re hoping to see something like that brought to the stage again.

But let’s talk about those solo moments! First of all, we’ve never gotten a chance (other than the cruise) for Kevin to have his solo time. Second of all, this would be a good opportunity for AJ to test out some of that mysterious solo music he’s been working on since we were born for the past year. Third of all, we just really love hearing them one at a time sometimes!

Also, bring back “Panic”. And Nick’s finest dancing.

6. The Video Segments From This Is Us.


We love a good theme and the This Is Us tour delivered! Who could forget the fun movie-themed segments during wardrobe changes? We really loved having something fun to watch that tied the entire theme of the tour together and seemed well thought out. We’re not sure yet WHAT the theme should be or what they should do, but give us a minute.

7. The New Kids On The Block… You Know, From NKOTBSB.

DO NOT HATE ON THIS IDEA. Some of us loved NKOTBSB and wouldn’t mind a New Kid or two popping in. Maybe Nick and Knight can open? Is that allowed? Are there rules?

8. The In A World Like This Vibe. Oh, and Kevin’s Red Pants.

The IAWLT brought a renewed energy and a renewed Kevin. 2013 and this tour was everything we had been waiting for. All five BSB were back together, a celebration of a milestone anniversary, and fans felt included throughout the whole performance. From fan pit, to afterparties, to Ultimate VIP onstage, we loved it all!

Oh, and Kevin red pants. Can they at least be on display in the halls?

Come to Las Vegas in March, April, or June and check our if any of our picks made the show. VEGAS, BABY!

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