Hey Brian Littrell… We’re Rooting For You


Brian Littrell —

We’re all rooting for you.

You have always been a fighter in every sense of the word. From day one of your career as a Backstreet Boy, you have shared your story, shared your faith, shared your talent and all of those things have affected us beyond what you could even imagine. Some of us talk about it, some of us have had the chance to tell you, and some of us have quietly seen you as a hero for years. It could have been a song, it could have been your words, or it could have the moment you took with one of us to simply say ‘hi’. You’ve shared over half of your life with us and you’ve been (along with the other Backstreet Boys) keeping US going.

Now, it’s time for us to pay back the favor.

You have openly shared your recent vocal struggles with us and let us tell you – we appreciate it. You didn’t have to. You could have thrown in the towel and gone home, but you didn’t. You aren’t. Even in YOUR tough times, you’re still inspiring the masses to push on, to do what we can to be the best version of ourselves.

Because of everything you have done for us, we, the fans, feel like it’s important for you to know that we are never going to turn our backs on you. Maybe enough of us don’t say it all the time, but we hope you feel it – the love, the support, and the vibes we’re sending your way. Not for us… for you.

In a time where social media makes it so easy for hate and negativity to spread like wildfire, to infect the way people feel and perceive, it’s important to remind someone how much love and support is being sent from literally around the world. That’s what this is about.

No matter what the next chapter is or what the future brings, we’re always going to have your back, Brian Littrell. It’s the least we can do.

Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

Love and Light,

The Fans


7 thoughts on “Hey Brian Littrell… We’re Rooting For You

  1. I’m praying for you to be able to get by this strougle and come back wiser and stronger. I know you can because we’ve seen it over and over again.
    Love from Portugal and God Bless You.


  2. Brian I love you so much. You are a fighter and there is nothing that will change my thoughts about you. You are an amazing Singer. And an amazing person who is a caring and loving person. I hope to one day meet you in person to tell you everything. In how you are an inspiration to me and to others. You are the bravest person I know. And you are a strong person as well. And again I love you so much. And I will always be a fan of bsb there is nothing that will change that. And again I have so much love you.😍


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