10 Things That All Backstreet Boys Fans Know To Be True

We solemnly swear that we are up to no good…most of the time.

1. We Will Always Wait For Them…


Waiting outside radio stations, hotels, and airports has turned into, in our old age, waiting for announcements, paychecks, lines for meet and greet and lines at the bar before a concert. Most our lives as Backstreet Boys fans have been spent waiting, actually.

2. …But It’ll Always Be Worth The Wait


Even though most of our fan lives HAVE been spent waiting, there’s also been something magical in the wait. The building anticipation, the delirium that sets it from not sleeping, the friends you make in line and the stories you have to tell. Oh, and the reward for waiting isn’t so bad either.

3. We’ll Cry When They Cry…


We know what each Backstreet Boy looks like just before they cry, we can predict events where we might be some waterworks (Walk of Fame, anyone?), and you can bet your ass that we’re going to ugly cry right along with them.

4. …We’ll Cry When They Don’t.


Sometimes we’re just so overjoyed for them! Sometimes we just start thinking of how lucky we are. Sometimes our feet hurt from waiting, we haven’t eaten, and we’ve drank too much…but whatever.

5. There’s Always Going To Be Panic…


No matter how many years we’ve been in this, every event brings on a panic. What if we don’t get what we want? Who are we going to blame? Certainly not ourselves! What if our husbands find out how much we spent? What if we don’t want to spend that much BUT WE HAVE TO OR WE WON’T GET TO MEET THEM FOR THE 784th TIME!? Backstreet Boys should brand their own paper bags to breathe in and out of.

6. ….But The Good Times Are Better Because of It.


The more the panic, the better the time, the better the stories, the more the drinks, the better the songs, the louder you sing, etc.

7. You’re Always Going To Have Feels Everytime You Meet Them…


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your 101st time, something about Kevin, Howie, Brian, Nick and AJ being within reach makes us go through more feelings all at once than anything we’ve ever experienced before. We’ll never be ready. If someone says they are, they’re lying.

8. …And You’re Always Going To Want To Do It More Than Once.


And you’re going to be in a depression after each time. It’s this vicious cycle that we can’t escape…. but we also love it.

9. We’re The Luckiest.


No explanation needed. Just read the rest of the website, really.

10. But We’re Always Going To Like “I Want It That Way” Less Than Everyone Else.


We’ll never understand why out of ALL the songs, this is the one the “outsiders” chose to love the most, but we’ll obligingly sing along…. mostly because they usually ask us to.


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