15 Moms Who Had No Chill About The Backstreet Boys

It’s no secret that the Backstreet Boys blew the roof off of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX last night during KISS Jingle Ball. They just keep getting better and better!

Amidst tweeting updates, we noticed a trend – that there were a whole lot of moms that were REALLY excited about seeing Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick.

It started out like this…

Kids were super excited for their moms to finally see their faves live!

But some of them soon realized that mom took them to Jingle Ball purely for her own pleasure. Some moms even admitted that they brought their daughters to see Charlie Puth…. but really…. Backstreet Boys.

Then.. it happened.

The Backstreet Boys took the stage.

And instantly… moms were getting tweeted about.

This mom who raised her daughter right…

…And this mom (our favorite)who was TWERKING for the Backstreet Boys. Thank God there’s video!

At the end of the night, even the young babes were feeling the Boys because, really, how can you not?

Moms… You really all ARE the perfect fans!

Treat YOUR mom to a Backstreet Boys concert – Pick a show here.


We also wanted to include this story about a mom at Jingle Ball last night who is battling cancer, Ana Alecia. Her dancing video and positive outlook recently went viral and she was invited to meet the performers last night, including the Backstreet Boys, who taught her a few classic moves. Check out the video and her story here. We’re sending you all the good vibes, Ana!


8 Pieces of Backstreet Tours Past That We’d Love To See In Vegas

The Backstreet Boys Vegas (Test) Residency is fast approaching and we’re squirming with anticipation. After two years of In A World Like This, it’s hard to imagine a different show – something that’s bigger and better. This made us think.. wouldn’t it be cool to have our favorite parts of past tours all rolled into a giant, explosive show in Las Vegas? Here’s our top picks for what Backstreet should bring back (alright)!

1. A Few Songs From The Backstreet Boys Tour.

Many of us grew up loving the Backstreet Boys and if you did, you surely remember watching the Backstreet Boys Coming Home concert on repeat (on TV and VHS). Since that tour, we have begged the Boys to bring back songs like “That’s The Way I Like It”, “Like A Child”, and maybe even “Just To Be Close To You”. Not only are they instant nostalgia for us, they are genuinely likable songs that we want to sing along to. We also didn’t even know we wanted “Darlin'” back until the 2016 BSB Cruise acoustic performance (THE FEELS!). Time to dig into some classics, Boys. Make the old new again.

2. A Grand Entrance Like Millennium.

It’s been nearly 20 years and people still talk about the entrance the Boys made into the Millennium tour. We’re not asking them to fly in again…

…but maybe roll down the aisles on segways? Slide down on stripper poles? KIDDING!

The return of epic entrances should definitely happen in Las Vegas though. Something larger than life (ha!).

3. The Bridge From Black And Blue.

The bridge that started it all. Before there was soundcheck parties and VIP, there was standing on a chair to try to reach AJ who was hanging off the bridge over the crowd, trying to reach our hands. We’ll never forget the time our favorite leaned over and waved to us (DIRECTLY TO US – NOT THE GIRL BEHIND US, OKAY!?).

While the bridge probably isn’t feasible for the venue set up in Vegas, we can only hope that they continue to be out in the audience and bring something new and interactive to the table.

4. Kevin’s Piano From Never Gone.


Who doesn’t love acoustic / ballad singing Backstreet Boys? We love them even better when Kevin is playing a grand piano. Something about it is just so…heavenly? It’s such a chill vibe. It’s a toned down, throwback vibe.

Extra points if they choose two or three of us to sit with them around it.

Or sit on top of it? We’re not picky.

Can we also have a Sphynkter appearance?

5. The Solo Parts And Props From Unbreakable.

C’mon! That boxing ring was everything. We loved the concept and we’re hoping to see something like that brought to the stage again.

But let’s talk about those solo moments! First of all, we’ve never gotten a chance (other than the cruise) for Kevin to have his solo time. Second of all, this would be a good opportunity for AJ to test out some of that mysterious solo music he’s been working on since we were born for the past year. Third of all, we just really love hearing them one at a time sometimes!

Also, bring back “Panic”. And Nick’s finest dancing.

6. The Video Segments From This Is Us.


We love a good theme and the This Is Us tour delivered! Who could forget the fun movie-themed segments during wardrobe changes? We really loved having something fun to watch that tied the entire theme of the tour together and seemed well thought out. We’re not sure yet WHAT the theme should be or what they should do, but give us a minute.

7. The New Kids On The Block… You Know, From NKOTBSB.

DO NOT HATE ON THIS IDEA. Some of us loved NKOTBSB and wouldn’t mind a New Kid or two popping in. Maybe Nick and Knight can open? Is that allowed? Are there rules?

8. The In A World Like This Vibe. Oh, and Kevin’s Red Pants.

The IAWLT brought a renewed energy and a renewed Kevin. 2013 and this tour was everything we had been waiting for. All five BSB were back together, a celebration of a milestone anniversary, and fans felt included throughout the whole performance. From fan pit, to afterparties, to Ultimate VIP onstage, we loved it all!

Oh, and Kevin red pants. Can they at least be on display in the halls?

Come to Las Vegas in March, April, or June and check our if any of our picks made the show. VEGAS, BABY!

5 Reasons Why We Are #Thankful for The Backstreet Boys Right Now


‘Tis the season to be #Thankful. Here are 5 reasons why we are thankful for the Backstreet Boys this holiday season.


1. Black Friday Sales (And New Merch!)

Who doesn’t love Black Friday shopping?! Well, lucky for us, Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter have all of their merch on sale on their websites through 11/28! Click here for Backstreet Boys and here for Nick Carter. Don’t forget– they make perfect gifts for your friends and family!


2. #BSBVegas

While you’re in the process of online Black Friday/Cyber Monday, don’t forget to book your tickets, hotel, and airfare for BSB in Vegas. It will be here before you know it, and we couldn’t be more excited to share our boys with the Vegas crowd! The show is going to be out of control, and we can’t wait to see it! Get your tickets here.


3. It’s Christmas Time Again…

Thanksgiving is here. You know what that means: It is finally appropriate to listen to Christmas music 24/7! And that means breaking out “It’s Christmas Time Again” on repeat, and watching the video (we can’t say that we don’t do this year round anyway, however it is a little more acceptable during these months)! With this season in full swing, that also means Christmas shows! We are so excited that BSB will be performing a few this year. Get the full list of shows and buy your tickets here.

4. Social Media.

We are thankful for the guys posting on social media, and providing us with entertainment. Holiday social media posts are our favorite, whether it is a video of Howie carving turkey, or pictures of Brian’s gorgeous house all decorated for Christmas, we love that they include their fans even during their off/family time. This year, we have an extra something to look forward to on social media. Nick’s All American Tour ended the day before Thanksgiving, so we get to see everyone’s pictures and videos of the Canadian leg of the tour [#ThankfulForSwet].

5. Just Because.

We are so thankful for having the guys in our lives. They have always been inspirations to their fans, and they have always shown the utmost love for us. We’re so thankful for everything they do for us, and we couldn’t be luckier or prouder to call ourselves “fans”.

Hey Brian Littrell… We’re Rooting For You


Brian Littrell —

We’re all rooting for you.

You have always been a fighter in every sense of the word. From day one of your career as a Backstreet Boy, you have shared your story, shared your faith, shared your talent and all of those things have affected us beyond what you could even imagine. Some of us talk about it, some of us have had the chance to tell you, and some of us have quietly seen you as a hero for years. It could have been a song, it could have been your words, or it could have the moment you took with one of us to simply say ‘hi’. You’ve shared over half of your life with us and you’ve been (along with the other Backstreet Boys) keeping US going.

Now, it’s time for us to pay back the favor.

You have openly shared your recent vocal struggles with us and let us tell you – we appreciate it. You didn’t have to. You could have thrown in the towel and gone home, but you didn’t. You aren’t. Even in YOUR tough times, you’re still inspiring the masses to push on, to do what we can to be the best version of ourselves.

Because of everything you have done for us, we, the fans, feel like it’s important for you to know that we are never going to turn our backs on you. Maybe enough of us don’t say it all the time, but we hope you feel it – the love, the support, and the vibes we’re sending your way. Not for us… for you.

In a time where social media makes it so easy for hate and negativity to spread like wildfire, to infect the way people feel and perceive, it’s important to remind someone how much love and support is being sent from literally around the world. That’s what this is about.

No matter what the next chapter is or what the future brings, we’re always going to have your back, Brian Littrell. It’s the least we can do.

Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do.

Love and Light,

The Fans


10 Things That All Backstreet Boys Fans Know To Be True

We solemnly swear that we are up to no good…most of the time.

1. We Will Always Wait For Them…


Waiting outside radio stations, hotels, and airports has turned into, in our old age, waiting for announcements, paychecks, lines for meet and greet and lines at the bar before a concert. Most our lives as Backstreet Boys fans have been spent waiting, actually.

2. …But It’ll Always Be Worth The Wait


Even though most of our fan lives HAVE been spent waiting, there’s also been something magical in the wait. The building anticipation, the delirium that sets it from not sleeping, the friends you make in line and the stories you have to tell. Oh, and the reward for waiting isn’t so bad either.

3. We’ll Cry When They Cry…


We know what each Backstreet Boy looks like just before they cry, we can predict events where we might be some waterworks (Walk of Fame, anyone?), and you can bet your ass that we’re going to ugly cry right along with them.

4. …We’ll Cry When They Don’t.


Sometimes we’re just so overjoyed for them! Sometimes we just start thinking of how lucky we are. Sometimes our feet hurt from waiting, we haven’t eaten, and we’ve drank too much…but whatever.

5. There’s Always Going To Be Panic…


No matter how many years we’ve been in this, every event brings on a panic. What if we don’t get what we want? Who are we going to blame? Certainly not ourselves! What if our husbands find out how much we spent? What if we don’t want to spend that much BUT WE HAVE TO OR WE WON’T GET TO MEET THEM FOR THE 784th TIME!? Backstreet Boys should brand their own paper bags to breathe in and out of.

6. ….But The Good Times Are Better Because of It.


The more the panic, the better the time, the better the stories, the more the drinks, the better the songs, the louder you sing, etc.

7. You’re Always Going To Have Feels Everytime You Meet Them…


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your 101st time, something about Kevin, Howie, Brian, Nick and AJ being within reach makes us go through more feelings all at once than anything we’ve ever experienced before. We’ll never be ready. If someone says they are, they’re lying.

8. …And You’re Always Going To Want To Do It More Than Once.


And you’re going to be in a depression after each time. It’s this vicious cycle that we can’t escape…. but we also love it.

9. We’re The Luckiest.


No explanation needed. Just read the rest of the website, really.

10. But We’re Always Going To Like “I Want It That Way” Less Than Everyone Else.


We’ll never understand why out of ALL the songs, this is the one the “outsiders” chose to love the most, but we’ll obligingly sing along…. mostly because they usually ask us to.

4 Reasons Why The Backstreet Boys Need Wax Figures At Madame Tussauds

A few months ago, a petition (which you can find at the end of this post) was circulating to get the Backstreet Boys forever memorialized in pop culture history as wax figures at the famous Madame Tussauds. In the 23 cities that the famous wax museum exists, none of them contain a single Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, or Nick Carter.

And that is tragic.

We need the Backstreet Boys as wax figures and we need them NOW. Why?

1. Because sometimes our VIP photos don’t turn out EXACTLY as we want.

99% of our Backstreet VIP photos turn out PERFECT, but sometimes, someone blinks, licks their lips, or starts talking at the wrong moment. Sometimes we think of the PERFECT pose only to find them not on tour anytime soon. Sometimes there’s just no way we’d ask the ACTUAL Backstreet Boys to allow us to look like the fan girl we really want to be.

For all of these things, there COULD be wax figures!

You want to stand pretend to freak out over Howie? Done.

Want to pick Brian’s nose? All yours.

The options are endless.

2. Breaking one wouldn’t be as scary as breaking a real Backstreet Boy.

Really, you’re not even supposed to touch the wax figures, but at least if Kevin’s hand broke off in yours… it wouldn’t be AS traumatic. It might cost you more, but I digress…

3. They deserve it, duh.

They’ve been working HARD for 23+ years. They’ve gotten awards, platinum albums, sold out tours worldwide, and gotten their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is OBVIOUSLY the natural progression.

And dammit, we’re going to get those wax figures some wax Grammys!

4. Because N*Sync has them…

…And anything N*Sync does, Backstreet does better.


Do you agree? Be sure to sign this petition and share this post wherever you can! Let’s get Backstreet to Waxstreet in  2017