28 Backstreet Boys Selfie Fails

Sometimes getting selfies with the Backstreet Boys can be hard to do. You have to find them at just the right time, have just the right lighting, and if you’re involving SnapChat filters, that’s a whole new ballgame (unless it’s AJ, who will OWN every filter and pick his faves).

And sometimes, it takes more than one snap to get a decent selfie.

We asked you guys to share you #BSBSelfieFails and you definitely delivered. We even got some pre-selfie shots – you remember.. when someone ELSE had to take a photo for you.

We’re sharing the best with you. Enjoy!


“It was my second time meeting Kevin at the boys induction in KY. I went up to him as a nervous wreck and he said: hey I remember you, we danced on the cruise together! We talked for a few moments about randomness and I got this lovely pic. He asked if I wanted to retake it and I said no, because he had just finished telling me he had to pee. He apologized profusely and kissed my cheek. Then he hightailed it to the bathroom. LOL” – @AndieYammine

“So, I was lucky enough to get 2 selfies with Nick on this year’s cruise. First one is this here. Second one was actually a 1 second video. The pics with the other guys are just fine, by the way.” – @Sassizel

“My best worst one. Liverpool 2009. I just bough a new camera and wasn’t prepare, didn’t use it a lot of time before and… touch the zoom…” – @FBTeam

“I always have a problem with Howie and his eyes.” – @FBTeam


“This one is funny. Brian is closing one eye… because of my hair.” – @FBTeam


“Don´t know if was me or he who took this one, but I opened the camera and was shaking just a little lol, when he kindly took the phone to get the perfect selfie. I´m horrible, but you know…. he´s the one who needs to stay beautiful hahaha.” – @molinacarol


“So this is from ABC night on the 2014 cruise. Howie had grabbed my phone and I didn’t know what he was doing but he took like a bunch of pictures and this was the best one I got out of them. Lol I love it but I wish it had turned out better.” – @frickingkaos


“With AJ. He blinked.” – @Yahtzee27


“With Brian in a photo booth. We were supposed to make a funny face. I thought the pic took already but it didn’t.” – @yahtzee27


“Trying to get all three of us and some how it’s only half my face. Because who knows but it’s amusing.” – @Brittnicole929


“I came across this one of D and I back from 2014 in Phoenix. I was up on stage, as he so nicely always seems me and before I even got to ask, he’s like “hey, we always take a picture, are you ready?”I was like “yes” so I grab my camera, because, as it always goes, the phone is dead and take the selfie. The flash was on and put with D’s poor tired face, you get a horrible selfie. Which one can just caulk up to a long list of wonderful memories. Sigh. Still cracks me up!” – @_ResaD


“My fave pic with (drunk/tired) Howie on the cruise with @sofdlovesbsb.” – @serialcinz


“This was taken in Berlin, Germany at the After Party during their IAWLT Tour. AJ and I were about to take a picture and then Kevin appeared from out of nowhere and photobombed us. I love the picture but still it’s more a fail than an actual selfie – except for Kevin haha.” – @_xXLisaXx_  (Sidenote: We can’t stop laughing at this pic!!)


“Accidently had my camera on video and both of us trying to figure out how to switch it to photo and well… i fixed it but our faces are just hilariously confused …” – @nickytoronto


“Kevin took this on ABC night on the bsb cruise and he said let’s make this on Badass NickyT … but it’s hard to look bad ass in a pic when the pole in the background looks like Kev is holding a giant …. penis.” – @nickytoronto


“I don’t know WHAT went wrong, but he effed this selfie UP!” – Yvonne Ebbers


“He was making pic all around the 4th floor on the cruise 2014. Wasn’t ready for the pic + sea sickness + anxiety (which always happens when I do a pic with him : in my head it’s like “don’t make a weird face, don’t make a weird face”) … then it ends up like this.” – @looloot23


“BSB Cruise 2011 – We were in Nassau, we were about to leave the resort, I asked to Nick for a picture but there were so many fans and Mike as always hurry him up so we didnt have a good picture.” – @fabysc


“BSB Cruise 2011 – Again, Brian was running to leave the resort so I asked him for a picture, so he said “I cant! I have to go” so I didnt care and I took it and he said “Oh you did it” but half of my face is missing.” – @fabysc


“BSB Cruise 2014 – Howie trying to take the picture, but he missed his face.” – @fabysc

“This was when BSB were on the Early Show 2010 when selfies were more of an idea than an actual thing. I have never gotten one before, so I took it upon myself to take some.” – @kristie_sacch

unnamed 7.png

“This was the first day of BSB Cruise 2014 as the boys were riding the escalator going to board. All of the other guys were interactive and posed for pictures, and nick just stood with his back facing the crowd. So I took one anyway. Counts, right?” – @kristie_sacch


“This one was at Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. At the end of the show, after standing up to applaud, we were told to sit down. The next thing I know, I’m sitting down and Brian is sitting on my lap. Trying to get my phone out and fumble it with my left hand (I’m a righty) and trying to get my friend in the picture was the result of what you see.” – @kristie_sacch


“This was was the last night of BSB Cruise 2016 and I was walking down the stairs from the club as Howie was walking up. I asked for a picture and he said “Walk with me”. So I turned around and starting walking UP the stairs with Howie. He had a beer in his left hand and he took my phone in his right hand (Even though I was on his right).. I’m like “well this is difficult…” and he said “I got you”. and then takes this….” – @kristie_sacch


“Tried to catch AJ on the beach during the 2014 cruise…oops!” – @sv02


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