Why It’s A Good Time To Be A Backstreet Boys Fan

The year started out a little rough. The Backstreet Boys tour had ending 6 months earlier and while the Boys were together in the studio, it was clear that their album was no where near finished and, after the cruise, fans were left wondering when we would see them all together again.

It’s October now and the Backstreet Boys have definitely proven that they are NOT messing around. From their first ever duet with another duo (Florida Georgia Line) in another genre of music, to showing up and surprising a crowd in Nashville during their sold out concert, to hitting the iHeart Music Festival stage, announcing their 3 month Vegas stint next year, and showing up for a few more things since then.

This is everything we wanted for the Backstreet Boys.

We’ve wanted others to see what we’ve been seeing for 20+ years.

We’ve wanted all of their ventures to be successful.

We’ve wanted them to stop being looked over.

We’ve wanted them to be marketed well, to be able to pull off surprises, to be around…

We’ve gotten exactly what we wanted.

Let’s take a minute to realize that. We should be so happy for the Boys. We should be proud to be fans.

What we shouldn’t be doing? Wasting time complaining.

Remember mere months ago when the group couldn’t pull off a surprise and we knew everything before they announced it? They’re doing it! We’re surprised! People around the world are buzzing.

Remember when we wanted to see the Boys performing again? We’ve got iHeart Jingle Ball concerts. We’ve got Vegas.

Remember when we wanted smaller groups in VIP? That’s happening! Everyone knew that if the groups were smaller, the prices would have to be higher.

Give everything a chance.

In one way or another, everything good that can happen at this point in time for the Backstreet Boys is happening.

As far as experiences, it’s time to forgive, forget and move on to see what could be in store for 2017. It’s a new era and you never know unless you try.

Be happy for them.

If we continue to act unhappy with E V E R Y T H I N G they’ve worked so hard to do, to be, to make happen – they WILL stop. As much as they love doing what they do, I’m sure it’s increasingly harder when you have a heap of fans that you can not please and who are constantly fighting back on everything you do.

Again, we are lucky to even have them. We know this. Be constantly consciously aware of this before tweeting / posting less-than-constructive words. If the things you say come with just as many negative words as they do positive, guess which which statement carries a heavier weight.

Also, no one is “being taken advantage of”. No one is forcing anyone to pay for things they can’t afford or don’t feel is “worth” something. IT IS OKAY.

Be happy for other fans.

Stop fan shaming.

Stop insinuating unsavory things about what other fans can afford or choose to spend their money on.

Stop being so negative that it feeds what other people think.

Stop being ungrateful because it’s not SPECIFICALLY what YOU wanted to happen.

If you are unhappy with VIP options, with concert options, with the way things are going – that’s cool. Say it and move on. No need to waste your time and energy.

Be Patient.

There’s so many people that are working so hard behind the scenes. There are people listening to fans that don’t necessarily always win, but they’re aware and they’re trying… FOR FANS. Please be mindful that not everyone is “the bad guy”.

Remember that things take time to work out. Remember that maybe things aren’t released because they AREN’T ready and sometimes they are released before everything is ready to appease fans who don’t think they can wait any longer. You can’t have it both ways.

Everyone is human. Be kind. Everyone is trying their hardest and NO ONE wants anyone unhappy.


There’s so many new adventures and experiences to be had with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. There is always going to be something to look forward to and something to anticipate in the upcoming few years. Enjoy the ride.

Because at the end of the day, it is a REALLY good time to be a Backstreet Boys fan.


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