6 Of The Scariest Things Backstreet Boys Fans Can Hear

Tis the season for ghost stories and scary tales, right? Ghost, goblins, and ghouls.. oh my!

While this may be the normal definition of scary for most, we all know that Backstreet Boys fans always live by a different set of ideas for things – including what we sends chills down our spine. Here are a few of the phrases that might as well be the plot of a horror film.

1. “Sold Out.”


While we love that our Boys still sell out shows and events, when we haven’t gotten our own tickets yet, we go into a frenzy.

2. “We’ve Raised VIP Prices…”


This rarely ever happens and there are always multiple levels of VIP to try and accommodate everyone’s budget, but the thought of selling a kidney next tour in order to momentarily touch the skin of a Backstreet Boy is always how this scary story will end.

3. “I’m Trying Out A New Hairstyle.” – Nick Carter


For some reason, Nick’s choice of follicle change can and will send shockwaves through the entire fan world. We have to have meetings about it. He spends weeks talking us into it and we know it all ends with weeks of baseball caps. What is wrong with us?

4. “We’re Skipping The Cruise This Year.”


This is typically only horrifying when you’re in the throws of Backstreet drought, completely unreasonable, and crushing up your past concert photos to lick the memories off your hands (what? Anyway…). They say it like it’s not LITERALLY wrecking your life. You react like you’re never going to see them again. You might scream WHY GOD WHY?!

Remember to chill – Backstreet is always back.

5. “Goodnight!” – Any BSB After A Tweet Spree






6. “The Backstreet Boys Have Decided To Go Separate Ways…”






That was definitely just these guys. 🙂




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