8 Backstreet Boys Emojis We Need Next


We finally got what we had been begging for for months – BSBmojis! Now we have a new way to harass express ourselves to our friends, whether they like it or not. Brian with a basketball, Nick with his favorite emoji, Howie with his wink, AJ with his bone (wait…what?), and Kevin, of course, wanting his his way. Then, you have the group with their iconic “Everybody” scream with updated faces.

What else could you want?!

Well, we have a few ideas…

1. Crying Kevin

Those familiar with the Kardashian Klan know that when Kimojis rolled out a few months ago, Kim’s iconic crying face was one of the most popular. In the next set of BSBmojis, we would love a way to express our sadness over no tour date in our city, no money left in our wallets, or a way to guilt our fan friends into going on an adventure with us. What better way than a single tear crying Kevin OR big watering eyes. We’ll take either.

2. Upside Down Brian.

For those crazy times, when you’re leaving an afterparty, headed for a concert the next night, no sleep on the cruise… we 100% need an upside down Brian Littrell AKA Brian in his natural form. A Brian hanging from a chandelier or something might also suffice.

3. Party Howie.

A Howie with a drink in both hands and confetti, that’ll do for us. We can rate our afterparty adventures with Howie emojis!

4. Different Hair Nick.

Nick Carter is the Chia pet of the Backstreet Boys and there is no real reason that we NEED these options other than sometimes you just feel like banana hair Nick and sometimes you feel spiky. We just want it that way, okay?!

5. AJ With A Manicure.

How else are we supposed to make dates with our girlfriends? Use words? NOPE.

6. A Running Fan.

We run because we see a Backstreet Boy. We run to get a good spot by the stage. We run  in circles because we are on a high from finally getting the tickets we want. We need a running person dressed in BSB gear. Or something.

7. Bodyguards. 

Whether we use the emojis because sometimes we like those men more than our Boys (sorry!) or we use them as a quick way to communicate with our friends which security team member is where (we all have our favorites), we wouldn’t mind having these. Trust us. Of course, we’d want Q included as well (for when we need to tell our friends we don’t want any hugs).

8. Kevin With The Judging Face.

Move over, straight face emoji! There’s a new way to tell our friends that we are NOT amused.

Regardless of if there are ever new additions or not, we commend whoever created these emojis because they are SPOT ON! From Kevin’s ridiculous cheekbones, to Brian’s tongue, to Nick’s stare.. W O W. Bravo!



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