Backstreet and Snackstreet: All Of The Videos From The 2016 Chex Mix Campaign


Remember a few months ago, amidst recording, when the Backstreet Boys appeared to be working on a side project? Well, the products of that side project are slowly rolling out…

… And they might make you a little hungry. They might make you want a snack.

It seems that Chex Mix has made the wise decision to incorporate 90s boybands, mainly the Backstreet Boys, into their ad campaign this season. As you might have seen in the first video released last month, Snackstreet was created as a parody boyband that was BSB’s 90s competition. In an interview today, it was revealed that this was one of many videos to be released. The videos are all part of a series that will feature the Backstreet Boys and will be released in the upcoming weeks. We can’t wait!

Check back here for all of the videos as soon as they’re posted.


Sound Checks: We particularly love Nick’s deep rooted hatred for pretzels (“for toddlers and sad bar men”), Kevin’s body rolls, and the overall throwback. Anyone else miss VH1 Behind The Music right now?

If you watch nothing else, THESE BLOOPERS ARE EVERYTHING.

Why does Brian pull Chex Mix from his pants? 

That Frick and Frack high five!

Kevin being a bro. “Do you lift? Nah, you don’t lift.”ALL. THE. DANCING.


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