To AJ, Rochelle, Ava, and Baby McLean… – Love, The Fans


On Labor Day 2016, AJ McLean actually DID surprise us with the news that the family would be growing by two feet (and one Jordan shoe). We couldn’t be more thrilled for the couple, as we already declared them #parentgoals months ago! So, to congratulate them, we thought we’d write to them from the fans, much like we did for Nick and Lauren — because we really do love us some McLean fam!

To AJ: 

You can ask any fan and they will admit that seeing you as a dad is our favorite version of AJ McLean. The way you talk about Ava warms all of our hearts. She is so lucky to have a dad that would give her the world if he could and we can not WAIT to see the love you have for being a dad expand further with the new addition. You are a living example to your children what hard work and dedication can get you. Life is really going your way and we couldn’t be more happy for you, proud of you, and excited for the future. The amount of love you have to give is incredible and this baby is going to be so fortunate to call you Dad.

To Rochelle:

Girl, you are killing the mom game. Your love for your daughter has been evident from the very beginning and has only grown throughout the years. The endless sacrifices you make to be the only parent at home sometimes plus making your family work is not lost on us. You (and AJ) have raised Ava to be a free spirited, loving human and exactly what we need more of in this world. Thank you for being the type of parent that we need more of in this world. We know you’re an amazing momma to one and going to be an even more amazing momma to two. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Thank you for raising sweet humans.

To Ava:

You can’t read this yet, but we have no doubt that you’re going to be the best big sister ever! We have watched you grow up before our eyes and it seems like only yesterday, we learned of your arrival. We hope that your little brother or sister is every bit as lively, lovely, and beautiful as you are.

To Baby McLean:

The world has only known about you for a few days, but you are already loved and anticipated by millions. Your family is one that is different, but is full of love, caring, and friends. (And Friends…) We’re sure that you have been chosen carefully to be in this world, within this circle of wonderful people, and we anxiously await your arrival. You will come to find that you really lucked out with your mom and dad. They’re two of the best!



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