8 Ways Tweeting Backstreet Boys Is Like Drunk Texting

A lot of us have passed the point of going out every Saturday night and waking up every Sunday hungover and not sure who we drunk texted. Some of us have never done that at all…

…but the feeling is a lot like when a Backstreet Boy comes online to tweet.

“WHAT are you even talking about, you lunatic?” -> If this is what you’re saying reading this, just follow me here.

1. When Your Phone Goes Off, You Panic and Your State of Mind Changes Instantly.


You’re having fun. Life is a party. Carefree. Hanging with your friends, chatting at work…

Then it happens.

You’re phone goes off. It’s a Backstreet Boy and he’s tweeting fans. In 2.5 seconds, you are completely toasted. What do you dooo? Why is everything so haazzzyy? What are woorrdds?

2. What Do You Say? Should You Say Anything?


Suddenly, a Backstreet Boy is that ex who is single again or that guy you went on one date with who waited 24 hours to call you again and you can’t even. What do you say? Do you ask your friends? Do you involve your friends? WHO CAN MAKE THESE POTENTIALLY LIFE CHANGING DECISIONS WHEN YOUR BACKSTREET DRUNK?! Eggplant emoji?

3. Wait. Did That Make Sense?


You’re tweeting so fast that the tweets look like a literal drunk tweet. What was a sweet tweet is now pretty offensive because TWITTER HAS NO EDIT BUTTON (but neither do your ducking texts)! Deleting this tweet means losing your place in the “Seen” line.

Is it too late to take it back?

Is KevinHowieBrianAJNick really going to think you’re drunk?

Why is life so hard?



Just like you send endless drunk texts to your friends about your failed relationship or the food currently in your fridge, you’re definitely going to do the same thing to a Backstreet Boy. Tomorrow, you’re going to wonder why no one stopped you and who has screenshots of this mess.

5. Your Friends Are Judging You.


You don’t even have to text your friends to say “You are not going to believe what I said last night…”

They’re seeing it live. They’re trying to save you. But refer to #4 – you can’t stop. Unstoppable!

6. Sobering Up.


The Backstreet Boy logs off and suddenly, you are insta-sober. You’re crawling out of your bed, blowing your hair out of your face, and surveying the damage posted on your Twitter profile. Did you REALLY ask him if he likes your socks? Oh my God, did he actually see this? Do you tweet and apologize or…?

This is so embarrassing. Who let you BackstreetDrunk tweet?

7. Erase The Evidence.


Doesn’t matter who saw it. You’re going to pretend it never happened. If it’s brought up in real world, you will deny, deny, DENY.


8. Do It Again.


Because, after all, Backstreet drunk is the best kind of inebriation, right? Go on. Give your friends something to talk about. “Remember that time you told Nick your grandmother was sick and you didn’t even have a grandmother?” It’s okay though. You’ll delete it later.


What’s New With The Backstreet Boys? Get Your Fix

Three out of five Backstreet Boys hung out with several media outlets last week for a string of interviews regarding their new endeavor with Chex Mix and their 90s boyband rival, Snackstreet.

Just because they were there to talk about Snackstreet does not mean, however, that they weren’t talking about their future as well. Check out all of the press from last week below!

On The New Album

McLean says that the band is still in the early stages of their creative process. “[We’re] back in the kitchen cooking up whatever comes out and it’s been really fun so far. We’re working with some brand new up-and-coming writers, some really hip, new producers, as well as doing some interesting collaborations. It just happened to work perfectly.”

“Brand new music next year. 100% brand-new single, brand-new album, brand new tour, and a lot from BSB in 2017.” [Celebuzz]

 On Their Tour Requests

Carter admits that he requested the nutritional boost during the band’s 2005 Never Gone tour. “It was really difficult to bring in because they had to bring it in in big slabs, and then I had to have a grinder and put it in there,” he told Us. “It was really messy and hard to clean up.” (The 36-year-old also admits that this was divalike behavior.)

Bandmate Howie Dorough liked chicken wings before a show, although he wasn’t as lucky when it came time to deliver. “Maybe one time did Howie ever get his chicken wings,” McLean mused.

Other must-haves included PB&J, cereal, Chex Mix, Gatorade and water. McLean, 38, noted, “We’re not like the ‘separate the M&Ms’ kind of band.” [US Magazine]

On The Dance Move They Hate

The video for fan favorite “I Want It That Way” doesn’t get the same love from the Boys. Turns out, the move that stood the test of time was kind of an accident—and one that the guys wish hadn’t happened in the first place.

As we were talking, McLean mockingly/adorably did the body roll move while the three of them talked very passionately about their dislike of the choreography.

They weren’t supposed to break out their coordinated moves in this particular gem of a video, but on the day of the shoot, Richardson told me, plans changed. “We showed up to the set and they were like, ‘We want to do some kind of dancing.’” Good sports that they were, they pulled out some on-the-spot steps just in case, “and they ended up using it,” he said, adding, “We just threw something together last minute, and I really can’t stand it.” [Self]


Backstreet Boys Going Country?: AJ & Nick Talk New Album After Florida Georgia Line Collab


Marvel And The Backstreet Boys Might Be Teaming Up Again

Backstreet Boys say new album will be ‘more sexy’ 

8 Backstreet Boys Emojis We Need Next


We finally got what we had been begging for for months – BSBmojis! Now we have a new way to harass express ourselves to our friends, whether they like it or not. Brian with a basketball, Nick with his favorite emoji, Howie with his wink, AJ with his bone (wait…what?), and Kevin, of course, wanting his his way. Then, you have the group with their iconic “Everybody” scream with updated faces.

What else could you want?!

Well, we have a few ideas…

1. Crying Kevin

Those familiar with the Kardashian Klan know that when Kimojis rolled out a few months ago, Kim’s iconic crying face was one of the most popular. In the next set of BSBmojis, we would love a way to express our sadness over no tour date in our city, no money left in our wallets, or a way to guilt our fan friends into going on an adventure with us. What better way than a single tear crying Kevin OR big watering eyes. We’ll take either.

2. Upside Down Brian.

For those crazy times, when you’re leaving an afterparty, headed for a concert the next night, no sleep on the cruise… we 100% need an upside down Brian Littrell AKA Brian in his natural form. A Brian hanging from a chandelier or something might also suffice.

3. Party Howie.

A Howie with a drink in both hands and confetti, that’ll do for us. We can rate our afterparty adventures with Howie emojis!

4. Different Hair Nick.

Nick Carter is the Chia pet of the Backstreet Boys and there is no real reason that we NEED these options other than sometimes you just feel like banana hair Nick and sometimes you feel spiky. We just want it that way, okay?!

5. AJ With A Manicure.

How else are we supposed to make dates with our girlfriends? Use words? NOPE.

6. A Running Fan.

We run because we see a Backstreet Boy. We run to get a good spot by the stage. We run  in circles because we are on a high from finally getting the tickets we want. We need a running person dressed in BSB gear. Or something.

7. Bodyguards. 

Whether we use the emojis because sometimes we like those men more than our Boys (sorry!) or we use them as a quick way to communicate with our friends which security team member is where (we all have our favorites), we wouldn’t mind having these. Trust us. Of course, we’d want Q included as well (for when we need to tell our friends we don’t want any hugs).

8. Kevin With The Judging Face.

Move over, straight face emoji! There’s a new way to tell our friends that we are NOT amused.

Regardless of if there are ever new additions or not, we commend whoever created these emojis because they are SPOT ON! From Kevin’s ridiculous cheekbones, to Brian’s tongue, to Nick’s stare.. W O W. Bravo!


Backstreet and Snackstreet: All Of The Videos From The 2016 Chex Mix Campaign


Remember a few months ago, amidst recording, when the Backstreet Boys appeared to be working on a side project? Well, the products of that side project are slowly rolling out…

… And they might make you a little hungry. They might make you want a snack.

It seems that Chex Mix has made the wise decision to incorporate 90s boybands, mainly the Backstreet Boys, into their ad campaign this season. As you might have seen in the first video released last month, Snackstreet was created as a parody boyband that was BSB’s 90s competition. In an interview today, it was revealed that this was one of many videos to be released. The videos are all part of a series that will feature the Backstreet Boys and will be released in the upcoming weeks. We can’t wait!

Check back here for all of the videos as soon as they’re posted.


Sound Checks: We particularly love Nick’s deep rooted hatred for pretzels (“for toddlers and sad bar men”), Kevin’s body rolls, and the overall throwback. Anyone else miss VH1 Behind The Music right now?

If you watch nothing else, THESE BLOOPERS ARE EVERYTHING.

Why does Brian pull Chex Mix from his pants? 

That Frick and Frack high five!

Kevin being a bro. “Do you lift? Nah, you don’t lift.”ALL. THE. DANCING.

Backstreet Boys In Vegas : What You Need To Know When You Need To Know It



Everyone has heard about the Backstreet Boys during a short stint in Vegas by now. Call it a rumor, call it a leak, call it what you want – we’re here to help you keep up with everything you need to know!

At this point, nothing has been officially announced, but several of the Boys have hinted at a September announcement so, stay tuned. There seems to be some confusion about what exactly will go down in Vegas. Here’s what we DO know:

  • The concerts that the Backstreet Boys are doing at the beginning of 2017 are NOT kicking off a new world tour. While they are set to release a new album in 2017, the Boys have confirmed in various conversations with fans that a tour will not begin until at least Summer. So, the usual.
  • The concerts are not considered a residency. As stated by a few of the Boys before their lips were zipped, this run of RUMORED nine shows would a “trial” to see how well the Backstreet Boys would fare, should they decide to do a residency in the future. They have all made it clear that if a residency was a route they chose to go, it would not be until after a world tour supporting the upcoming album.
  • This is not an event like NKOTB ….that we know of. The NKOTB: After Dark event was sort of like a mini-cruise on land and not what this sounds like.
  • AJ mentioned at a recent convention appearance that it would take place over three weekends. For those of you thinking you’d stay the whole time and attend every show, this might put a hitch in your plans!
  • Nothing has been mentioned about pricing. Residencies sometimes have different pricing than normal concerts, but considering this is not a residency, we know nothing. Don’t freak!

As soon as things are confirmed, we will update here. NOTHING is confirmed until it is on backstreetboys.com. If you have any questions that you think you might need answered, feel free to ask!



When Are The Show Dates?

March 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 18th
June 14th, 16th, 17th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 28th, 30th
July  1st

When Are Tickets On Sale?

9/25/16 – FANCLUB Presale @ 10AM PST

9/26/16 – AMEX Presale Begins @ 10AM PST

9/30/16 – TICKETMASTER, LIVE NATION, TOTAL REWARDS, and CAESARS                                                    ENTERTAINMENT Presale @ 10AM PST – 10PM PST

10/1/16 – On Sale To Public at 10am PST

Where Do I Buy Tickets?

All concert tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster here.

** For FANCLUB presale, UNIQUE CODES will be on your account dashboard Sunday **

What’s The Deal With VIP?

There are several VIP packages listed on Ticketmaster. ONLY ONE PACKAGE INCLUDES MEET AND GREET. This package is sold THROUGH backstreetboys.com and is an UPGRADE, not a TICKET. Once you buy your tickets, you will purchase VIP like normal, by going to the EVENTS page and selecting your date.

FANCLUB PRESALE for Meet and Greet VIP UPGRADE is only available for 24 hours before it goes on sale to everyone.

There will only be ONE LEVEL of VIP UPGRADE. Price has not yet been listed.


The following packages are considered VIP tickets but DO NOT INCLUDE MEET AND GREET. They can be purchased through Ticketmaster / Live Nation.

Soooo, Should I Be A BSB Fanclub Member Again?

Uh, yeah. Check out these sweet NEW packages with NEW, EXCLUSIVE merch and get yours now (like, before Sunday)!


If you have more questions, tweet us at @WHOTheBckstreet! If we can’t help, Wonderful Union can.



You want a Backstreet party? You got a Backstreet party.


March 3rd

March 4th

March 10th

March 11th

March 17th

March 18th

These are the only official dates for now. Stay tuned for more at a later date!


Chateau Night Club – right beside Planet Hollywood. [Note: We went during the IAWLT tour and it was only MAYBE a 5 minute walk.]

How Much?


What Else Do You Need To Know?

  • All attendees must be 21 and over
  • You do not need concert tickets to attend
  • You DO need an AFTERPARTY ticket to attend – not regular club cover
  • Fanclub presale is at 10am PST on Feb 10th
  • General sale is at 12pm PST on Feb 10th
  • The Ultimate Party Package REALLY IS limited – it’s going to be AMAZING!

Get all official details at backstreetboys.com.


To AJ, Rochelle, Ava, and Baby McLean… – Love, The Fans


On Labor Day 2016, AJ McLean actually DID surprise us with the news that the family would be growing by two feet (and one Jordan shoe). We couldn’t be more thrilled for the couple, as we already declared them #parentgoals months ago! So, to congratulate them, we thought we’d write to them from the fans, much like we did for Nick and Lauren — because we really do love us some McLean fam!

To AJ: 

You can ask any fan and they will admit that seeing you as a dad is our favorite version of AJ McLean. The way you talk about Ava warms all of our hearts. She is so lucky to have a dad that would give her the world if he could and we can not WAIT to see the love you have for being a dad expand further with the new addition. You are a living example to your children what hard work and dedication can get you. Life is really going your way and we couldn’t be more happy for you, proud of you, and excited for the future. The amount of love you have to give is incredible and this baby is going to be so fortunate to call you Dad.

To Rochelle:

Girl, you are killing the mom game. Your love for your daughter has been evident from the very beginning and has only grown throughout the years. The endless sacrifices you make to be the only parent at home sometimes plus making your family work is not lost on us. You (and AJ) have raised Ava to be a free spirited, loving human and exactly what we need more of in this world. Thank you for being the type of parent that we need more of in this world. We know you’re an amazing momma to one and going to be an even more amazing momma to two. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Thank you for raising sweet humans.

To Ava:

You can’t read this yet, but we have no doubt that you’re going to be the best big sister ever! We have watched you grow up before our eyes and it seems like only yesterday, we learned of your arrival. We hope that your little brother or sister is every bit as lively, lovely, and beautiful as you are.

To Baby McLean:

The world has only known about you for a few days, but you are already loved and anticipated by millions. Your family is one that is different, but is full of love, caring, and friends. (And Friends…) We’re sure that you have been chosen carefully to be in this world, within this circle of wonderful people, and we anxiously await your arrival. You will come to find that you really lucked out with your mom and dad. They’re two of the best!


14 Things That Prove BSB World is Actually Disney World

Do you love Backstreet Boys and Disney just as much as I do? Sometimes I literally cannot decide which one I like more (or which one is Hot, Hot, Hot-er). Upon returning from my recent trip to Disney World, and hopeful for upcoming BSB events, I was inspired to write this post. There are obvious correlations between BSB and Disney, such as when the guys performed at multiple Disney events (including Disney World Christmas Parade 1997 and Disneyland Christmas Parade 2012) and, let’s not forget, how Nick Carter auditioned for the Mickey Mouse club in 1989 (when I was… hmmm zero years old). Luckily, he also auditioned for the Backstreet Boys, and took that life road instead. For those of you who have never been to Disney World/Land, do not worry– because Backstreet World is basically the same thing:

1. Backstreet World and Disney World are both the most magical places on earth.

In a [Disney] World Like This, Backstreet Boys got you. Oh, and did we mention that they are both from Orlando, FL? You know you want to go watch the Homecoming: Live in Orlando VHS right now. While in Backstreet World (AKA attending one of their concerts), you may turn into each of the Seven Dwarfs or the Inside Out characters during the various points of your experience. You are always in a crowd full of people and your body hurts from standing and waiting in lines for hours for a 5 second experience… but you mostly will experience/inhabit “Joy”, and it is always worth it. It really is an emotional “ride”, and both worlds are sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime.


2. Backstreet Boys Go To Disney.

Two of my favorite things together?! Mind. Blown. AJ just loves going to Disneyland with his family, and tells people where he is all the time because he loves the attention, apparently? Tell us something we don’t know.

Screenshot (495)

3. Backstreet Boys are Disney characters.

Have you ever been walking around Disney parks and catch a glimpse of Aladdin, and have to stare at him because you could swear it is Kevin? Or have you gone to a Backstreet Boys event and see Kevin, but picture Aladdin? Either way, the feeling is mutual, and this is just too precious not to relive.


Just look at that stud. You know you’re picturing him belting out “A Whole New World” [DONT YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EYESSSSS]. For those of you who have not yet seen Kevin and Lalie singing this together on BSB Cruise 2016, here it is.


4. Backstreet Boys orrrrr… Dapper Dans?

The Dapper Dans are an old time acapella group, and apparently the “original boyband”, at least as far as Disney is concerned. You can catch them covering “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” here. Who knew you can listen to Backstreet Boys music on Main Street USA?


5. Magic Kingdom.

In your own Fantasyland, you can only make believe that you are a Disney princess and your favorite Backstreet Boy is your Prince Charming.


I don’t know… $350? $600? Which VIP package do you want?

6. Epcot.

We’ve been all around, all around the world… Showcase. Epcot World Showcase is where you travel around the world to different countries, just like you do when you travel to see different shows of the tour. Or like when you play the Backstreet Boys “Around the World: game or watching the VHS/DVD. Totes the same thing.


7. Hollywood Studios.

Your life is like a movie: the Backstreet Boys movie, that is.


8. Animal Kingdom

You know what happens to you when the Backstreet Boys come out on stage. The noises that come out of you sound nothing like humans, and we love it.


9. Bring your wallet.

In both Backstreet World and Disney World, you buy expensive tickets and wear expensive merch with the Backstreet Boys/characters’ faces on it, and as much as you try, you just can’t say no to buying all of it. The boys’ names might as well be Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy (sorry Nick and Howie).


10. Backstreet Time.

Need we say more?


11. Helpless When We SMILE.

In both worlds, you’re always taking pictures with the boys/characters. Well, this looks oddly similar to VIP.


12. There Is Something For Everyone.

In both Backstreet and Disney Worlds, there is good entertainment and plenty of shows with singing and catchy tunes, including the Country Bear Jamboree.

Nick… Is that you on the banjo?


13. #Stuckinthe90s.

We always live by Peter Pan’s mantra, and we “never grow up”.  We might break down and… spend all of our money on BSB events so that we can fangirl?… just like a child. But it’s okay, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



14. When You Wish Upon a [Shining] Star

You know you used to, and maybe still do, wish for Backstreet Boys life events to happen (e.g one day maybe you’ll get to meet them or be front row). Anddd then your dreams come true and fireworks burst as you stare into your favorite Backstreet Boys’ eyes as he’s singing to you. Yeah, it’s like that.



**And remember…**

Always let your conscience be your guide.

As in: Do you really need to go to another BSB show?

We know the answer is ALWAYS yes.