About Lou Pearlman…

Tonight, news hit that Lou Pearlman, creator of the Backstreet Boys, NSync, Otown, and more had passed away in jail, serving a sentence for playing part in a massive ponzi scheme – one that had affected our Boys directly.

And the truth is… that we don’t know how to feel.

We watched the Backstreet Boys movie last year and perhaps for the first time in (then) 22 years, we saw how deeply affected Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick were affected by what had happened and the downfall of the man that had brought them together – the man that some of them looked up to as a father figure.

As fans, we get fiercely protective of the bands and men that we love and care about. It hurts us that someone would hurt them. We also need to remember that we don’t know everything and that sometimes, we need to take a step back and watch what we say about people and situations we don’t know about. We need to remember that we have very little right to talk about a human that we hardly know.

What we do know is that he brought Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick together as the Backstreet Boys. He took care of them for some time and he pushed them to be the best they could be in the beginning.

We are all in agreement that the things he did beyond that were despicable.

But I believe we’re also in agreement that because of what he did, the Backstreet Boys worked harder, their bond grew deeper, and they truly solidified themselves as a family who had been through things together that no one else could have experienced. The case of Lou Pearlman only added another triumph over heartache to their list. It only made them stronger.

Every human has a purpose in life. Every human is put on Earth for a reason and tonight, I’d like to believe that while Lou Pearlman was a detestable businessman and who knows what else (we really don’t know), he was put here to bring us the band that would change most of our lives. It’s honestly a shame that because of his actions, we can’t focus on what a music business success he once was and could have been.

We implore you not to use this time to argue among people about what “true fans” should believe, should feel or should think.  It is not fair either for us to put words into the mouths of the Backstreet Boys. Use this time, rather, to see the good in the life of every human’s existence. The Backstreet Boys changed our world and for that, we have to at least be a little grateful.

Rest in Peace, Lou Pearlman. We wish we could say more.




One thought on “About Lou Pearlman…

  1. I 100% see your point. I am a believer in fate and if he was not the one to start BSB, I do think it would have happened some way or another. However, I’m thankful it happened, but like you, sad it had to happen the way it did.

    I am a little surprised that the boys didn’t make a statement about his passing, but glad they’re not wasting more time on him. I just read that he died from an infection after a heart valve replacement to fix the fact that one valve didn’t function properly. I couldn’t help but think of the terrible irony that he did from a problem with his heart… After how much he out Brian through after the surgery and how he clearly lacked heart/compassion.

    I’m just so proud of the guys and all that they do and continue to do. Their purpose (or one or them) has been to influence hundreds of thousands of lives and at least Lou helped them do that. (Though I’d imagine that was never his motivation).

    Thank you for always being so thoughtful in your posts!


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