To Kevin and Kristin Richardson, Thank You For Sharing


A few months ago, we posted about If I Could Tell Youa short film featuring Kevin Richardson as one of the main characters. We knew it was a story of a couple’s struggle with infertility and how far is too far.

What we knew very little about is the fact that Kevin and Kristin had faced this struggle as well.

A bit of their story had been shared in the Pushing Motherhood documentary, but we learned even more details about their battle and ultimate victory in an interview Kevin did with Entertainment Tonight this past week during the LA premiere event for If I Could Tell You. 

In reading their story, we felt compelled to tell them thank you.

In a world where everyone seems to project a perfect life via social media, no one wants to share the battles they fought to get to their happy. No one wants to talk about the hard times or the times they thought things weren’t going to happen – but the Richardsons have chosen to share theirs.

They’ve chosen to let us in on a very private time in their lives in hopes to open the conversation about infertility. They’ve chosen to share with us that everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but every battle is worth fighting. In sharing their story, they’ve inspired us to listen to our bodies, that it’s okay to choose your own path, and that patience is sometimes necessary.

While many of us spend time at Backstreet Boys concerts and events, traveling with our friends, and having a great time, there are plenty of us also being silent about personal struggles. Whether it be infertility or something else, Kevin and Kristin have been shining examples of the fact that you should be in control of your own life, your own story, what’s good for you and what’s not.

Everything they have shared has made a lot of us feel less alone. It has inspired us to be their for our friends who are going through the struggle and to celebrate their victories a little louder.

Thank you, Kevin and Kristin, for using your platform as public figures to open our eyes and help us understand, to help make something such as infertility something that’s okay to talk about, for sharing your story so openly, and for giving those of us dealing with similar situations renewed hope and belief that the most beautiful things are always worth the wait.

The two of you are absolutely beautiful souls, incredible parents, and amazing humans. Your boys are lucky that you were chosen as theirs. We can’t wait to watch your family achieve great things!



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