10 Things We Learned At FandomFest With Nick Carter and AJ McLean

On July 29th, we (Sara and Kristie) descended upon FandomFest in Louisville, KY where Nick, AJ, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick were all in attendance. Normally, we would have written this by now, but a week later, we’ve only just now recovered ….kind of.

We really shouldn’t procrastinate much longer. So here goes nothing. Let’s talk about musical chairs. And nuts. And what might actually be inside Dora’s.. Um… Nick’s backpack. Here’s all the things you should know:

1. Nick’s Wardrobe Theory

Whilst perusing What Happens On The Backstreet on his phone (his idea, not ours.. on Friday night.. because he had nothing better to do or because he likes to freak us out), Nick discovers that in a photo in Kristie’s Ultimates post, he is wearing the same hoodie that he was wearing that night. Although he seemed shocked by this discovery, he also gave us some insight as to why his wardrobe selection is narrow.

Not that he was comparing himself to Steve Jobs and like minded inventors, but Nick read that these people had a smaller selection of clothes because a larger selection proved to be an unnecessary distraction to the bigger ideas going on in their minds…. and it seems to be working out for him.

Note to fans: Don’t worry about what you wear to VIP with Nick! Literally no judging because you just might be a genius with a lot to think about. Thanks for the excuse, Mr. Carter.

2. AJ’s (Potential) Solo Not-VIP VIP Experience

Fandomfest VIP party got the only chance (besides the BSB Cruise) to hear AJ’s new music. This was just one of the many spontaneous events that happened over the course of the weekend.

In addition to this, it is rumored that AJ’s VIPs for his new tour will not necessarily feel extra VIP-ish, but more like being part of a group of AJ’s friends. Although the plan is not yet put into motion, as AJ has not yet started touring, he reported that he would like his “VIP” to be more laid back and relaxed, and just all around FUN. This may not come as a shock to you, considering AJ’s personality, however it was refreshing to hear him wanting his VIP to be more of a “hangout”, rather than just lines of people waiting for pictures.

We really hope he goes through with this idea.. Because it sounds AWESOME (just like his new music)! Can’t wait for the new album and tour!

3. Blame It On The Kevin. 

By now, the story has semi made it’s rounds around social media. Nick and AJ mentioned that Kevin being Kevin is the reason for the delay on the upcoming Backstreet Boys album.

Is anyone surprised though? 23 years later, we all know to expect Kevin’s perfectionism to play into things.

We only include this, not to incite any drama / arguments, but to defend those who have repeated over and over again that Nick and AJ doing solo projects is inhibiting the Backstreet Boys from doing work together and entering the studio.

That is 100% wrong. Both AJ and Nick have made it very clear in multiple interviews and even last weekend that their #1 priority is finishing the Backstreet Boys album and getting it out to fans who they are very aware are chomping at the bit for it.

Again, we aren’t REALLY looking to place blame, we just feel an allegiance to inform everyone. We love all Backstreet Boys!

4. Nick Has A Backpack Attachment

In addition to his wardrobe, Nick also has a very real attachment to his backpack.

What was in it?!

Did it include a special map of the comic con? [Where are we going? TO FANDOMFEST!]

Did it magically talk?

Was he warming up for the next season of Amazing Race (which we would love to see him on)?

Was Odin in there?!

We’re actually pretty positive that it was his laptop and other life necessities, but we can’t help but sing the Dora The Explorer ‘Backpack, Backpack’. And now you’re singing it too. You’re welcome.

5. Upcoming BSB Events 

Due to the delay of the impending BSB album, rumor (rumor’s name rhymes with smay-hay bic-queen) has it that there will not be a 2017 cruise, however there will be Vegas in March.

This is not officially confirmed, however it was said by a fairly reliable source (maybe a Backstreet Boy…. maybe a member of N*Sync).

But it wasn’t Nick that said it. HE DIDN’T BREAK HIS RULES.

6. We Love Chris Kirkpatrick.

Before you throw tomatoes…

We learned that NSYNC, contrary to our 90s self beliefs, really aren’t all that bad. Gone are the times of NSYNC vs BSB; it’s now more like NSYNC AND BSB. Together. In one room.

For a WHOLE weekend?! WHAT?! Yes, you heard right. And it was a blast.

Who knew Chris was going to be the dark horse that kept us laughing all weekend?! Not us. NOT. US. We even forgive him for almost running over Kristie, but that’s a different story. 

7. AJ still doesn’t know the words to “In The End” (BUT CHRIS KIRKPATRICK DOES).

While AJ originally wasn’t going to perform and Chris seemed to have no idea about the VIP party performance, they showed up in the end (no pun intended)… even though AJ had to read the lyrics from a paper he pulled out from his pocket. 

Not only did they sing “In The End”, the song from Dead 7, they also engaged in a little musical chairs with fans (which was more fun than it sounds and ended in battle scars for one of us), karaoke, and a little throwback choreography from the 90s videos being played on the big screens.

8. In Case Anyone Was Wondering, Joey Fatone Has Nick Lachey on Speed Dial.

Just including this because it’s a fun fact that everyone should know. He called Nick when 98 Degrees started playing. No. Big. Deal.

Or at least he said he did. He might have actually been calling Nick Carter……who seems to be called / texted by everyone. No shade.

9. They’re Snap Pros.

We should have known that Nick and AJ would be OBSESSED with face swap (I mean, who isn’t?!). We’ve never seen anyone select a filter so carefully as AJ though… and then INSIST that you post it.


We thought we’d had a good time with the Backstreet Boys and friends before but no… we hadn’t been to a comic con type deal before. The conversations, the hanging with our friends, the parties and the photos are things that we couldn’t imagine somewhere else and we’re DYING to go again.

Thank you AJ, Nick, Chris and Joey for the best weekend ever…so far.

If you get the chance, GO! And tell us all about it.

A Few Other Tidbits:

  • AJ is on a strict diet because he is slated to do two feature films – on this year and one next year.
  • The Backstreet Boys are back in the studio in Nashville next week.
  • Nick has been in contact with Danny Roew to start the screenplay for his next movie, which he described as Silence of The Lambs meets Ace Ventura. He would like it to involve the kidnapping of boyband members. Basically, he read someone’s fanfiction… but we’re excited about it!
  • Chris Kirkpatrick’s schedule is wide open and he is available for wedding, bar mitzvahs, etc.
  • If the Backstreet Boys were animals, Kevin would be a llama, Howie would be a goat, Brian would be a cute pig, and Nick would be a baboon. Or something like that.
  • AJ’s favorite condiment is popcorn. We don’t know know. That’s what he said.
  • Thanks to fans, Nick and AJ now know what RBF (Resting Bitch Face) is and can’t wait to tell Kevin that he has it. That would be in addition to his JSM face, which stands for Just Shit Myself and is something that Nick made up.

Check out our photo collection below! And the video of AJ doing his LTL and Johnny V laugh here.


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