8 Reasons To See Some Backstreet Boys At A Con

Who knew wandering around an exposition center for a weekend could be so fun? We definitely didn’t know. Don’t knock it ’til you try it! So here are some reasons you should consider going to the next comic con in your area.

1. Backstreet Boys.

Isn’t this reason enough? We know you are ready and willing to fill your Backstreet void while the boys are off tour. You’ll get to to hang out with and converse with them any time you want (I’m looking at YOU- Nick Carter) (pending there’s no line). YES – you just walk up to a table that your favorite Backstreet Boys are sitting at!

…and maybe you’ll even find out insider information.



2. Other Boyband Members.

Who knows– you might end up being pleasantly surprised. From personal experience, they all are pretty awesome! At least those in the Dead 7 cast. (Forgive us for the following gif)



3. Other Celebrities.

The fans in us are always down for meeting other celebs– you can’t even pretend that you’re not. My personal fave? 90’s hearthrob Jason Priestly from Beverly Hills 90210 *swooooooon*



4. Professional Photos.

…With a potentially cheesy background, buttttt they DO come out flawless. Seriously. You look airbrushed. Also, endless selfies and autographs! How can you go wrong?



5. Panels.

Panels are where actors talk about their movies, and you as a con guest get to attend as many as you want. Our personal favorite is Dead 7’s panel, but we may be justttttttt a little biased.



6. Parties.

At certain cons, there are VIP after parties. These are subject to change at each con, however if boyband members are involved, it is bound to be a good time, and maybe even get a little wild and crazy. Need I say “There ain’t no party like a Backstreet party, cause the Backstreet party don’t stop”? Well, I just did.



7. Cosplay (as the con-folk call it).

Cosplay is where people dress up as characters from various movies, comics, books and such. Guess what!? You get to as well (if that’s something you’re into).

It’s like Halloween, but without the October… and the trick-or-treating.



8. Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Sure, if it’s your first time at a con, you’ll wander around aimlessly trying to figure out where you are, while also potentially wanting to hide in a corner from people in costumes walking around with chainsaws. You’ll get to step outside of your comfort zone, and into someone else’s fan world. And it could wind up being pretty fantastic. Just another weekend in the life of a fangirl, right?



10 Things Every Backstreet Boys Fan Has Done At A Concert (And We Don’t Know Why)

Whether you’ve attended 1 or 501 Backstreet Boys concerts, you WILL find more than one thing in the following post that makes you say “YAAAASSS!” or, if you’re of the more sophisticated type, “Yep. So me.” Either way, you’ve done these things and on a normal day, you find yourself questioning why.

Let’s talk about it.

1.Scream Uncontrollably.


You could be mid rant about how you’ve been waiting an hour for the Boys come out, about how you really need to pee, about how you’re friend Becky backed out last minute and you’re really sick of –

And then the lights go down.

And your brain comes out of your mouth. The screams that come out of your body are literally the sound of your brain and your heart colliding and try to escape your being all at once.


Then the screen lights up to remind you. OH MY GOD IT’S THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

You act like you did not even know they were coming. Like this is all happenstance.

Backstreet Boy. SCREAM.

Backstreet Boy. SCREAM.


Backstreet Boy. SCREAM.

Backstreet Boy. SCREAM (and you don’t even really care about that one)!

We are all intelligent humans. Why can we not simply think / say “Woohoo! Glad I’m here!”

What IS that? We’re animals.

2. Say “YEAAAAHHH!” Everytime Nick Asks If He’s Sexual.


Am I sexual?


If your man came into your bedroom and asked you if he’s sexual, you’d look at him like he’s a lunatic and forever make fun of him.

However, everytime Nick Carter asks us, we yell “YEEAHHH!” Sometimes we don’t even make it that far. Sometimes we’re so prepared that when he starts swiveling his hips around like new-Elvis, we are saying unintelligible responses that don’t even fit into the song.

Even though we’ve all discussed in conversations with friends outside of the event, “What if he asks if he’s sexual and we’re all just like…no.”

And while we’re at it, what does “Am I original?” and “Am I the only one?” even have to do with the rest of the song? WHY ARE WE SAYING YEAH WITHOUT QUESTION?

3. Sing Along To “I Want It That Way” Like It’s The Best Song Ever Written.


We’ve all skipped it on the CD and on our iPods. There’s maybe 5% of us that actually favor “I Want It That Way”. To be honest, we get annoyed when the nostalgia fans behind us before the show shriek, “I hope that play ‘I Want It That Way’!”

But those first few notes play and we’re done for. We sing every word Brian wants us to sing. We ask our friends to tell us why. We are singing along like our lives depend on it.

4. Insist That One Of The Boys Pointed To / Stared At / Sang To You.


You could be front row. You could be nosebleeds. But at some point in your fangirling concert-going life, you’re going to be absolutely convinced that Nick, Brian, Howie, AJ or Kevin looked directly at you, sang directly to you, and wanted to personally invite you to the afterparty.

But if by chance one of them did look at you and sing to you, you will make it your mission to find a video of it online. Chances are, however, that you will spend the 5 minute video asking yourself “wait – was that it?”. Because you could have SWORN that moment last 10 minutes, not 10 seconds.

5. Scream Louder When They Say They Can’t Hear Us.


We KNOW they can hear us. They aren’t THAT old. But we continue to indulge them anyway.

“[City that they’ll later name the best city ever], how you doin’ tonight?”


“I can’t hear you. I SAID HOW YOU DOIN’ TONIGHT!?”

“*screams until our vocal cords are permanently damaged*”

….Or maybe we’re screaming out of fright from the louder screams behind us. Who really knows?

In what world is it acceptable to scream when someone asks you how you are do you respond with a scream? I don’t suggest doing it in the workplace, you guys.

6. Take A Million Videos Of The Same Song.






Two years later, you will not understand half of the things you took a picture of and/or recorded. But just in case….

7. Cry.


At some point, the screams will melt your eyeballs and your eyes will start to run down your face. Hold onto your eyelashes, ladies. You won’t be able to explain why, but those high emotions you’ve been holding in since you bought the tickets are finally getting to you. You are sharing oxygen with the Backstreet Boys. They are singing all of the songs. THEY LOOK SO GOOD. They are changing your life.

8. Take Selfies With A Backstreet Blur.


Sure, you paid for VIP and got a professional photo with the Boys. You might have even waited at the airport for a glimpse and gotten a selfie with 2/5 of them. Those things will not stop you from turning your back to the stage during the concert and trying to catch them in a pose behind you. You try to do it in a way that’s inconspicuous and quick – but when does ANYONE take a quick selfie? And WHYYYY can’t the Backstreet Boys be still?! God bless Brian for laying down on stage and taking a few fan phones.

But that still won’t stop us. “See that bearded blur?! AJ.”

9. Act Possessed For No Apparent Reason.


Most of us have actually stopped at one point during the concert and asked ourselves “Who AM I?” You’ve either made friends with the people around you or they’re your mortal enemies for trying to steal your spot. Sometimes, you even strike up deals. You’ve been drinking for three hours but for some reason, you don’t have to run to the restroom. You’re wearing shoes that you’re going to regret but you feel no pain. Your boob could be out – you wouldn’t know. Your head is about to spin off of your body and there’s nothing you can do to stop you.

You can NOT be held accountable for your actions while you are Backstreet drunk. Not even that text to your husband saying “WHY ARE YOU NOT KEVIN RICHARDSON?”

10. Google More Tour Dates During The Encore. 


Because we all know what the last song is before we even got there. Panic sets in. This can’t be it. Even though we’re going to 54 more shows and the Backstreet Boys promised as long as there’ll be music, they’ll be coming back….We feel the need to see them again immediately (See #9).

We innocently tap our friend’s shoulder and show them the next tour date to which he/she responds “if we leave RIGHT now, we can make it.” Because he/she, too, is under the spell.

And that’s how the best memories are made.

We bet you’re saying….


45(ish) Epic Fan Photos With The Backstreet Boys

Everytime new Backstreet Boys tours, events and general appearances come about, fans keep their eyes peeled for new photos. We also depend on our fellow fans to share their experiences and of course, their pictures with the Boys. What we especially love is when things get spiced up and fans stray from the norm. With VIP photos, snapchats, and selfies (oh my!) getting better and better, we asked you guys to share some of your silliest, funny, and different photos with Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick.

Here are some things we learned:

  • AJ doesn’t like to take normal pics and tells fans such.
  • There are a lot of Kevin girls that wish Nick was Kevin.
  • @nickytoronto, @sv02, and @FBTeam are REALLY good at this!

Check out the goods below!


Kristie has no story for this photo other than the Backstreet Boys played a Christmas show at her college and she was stoked about it …and so was Kevin. Obviously the mistletoe, Santa hats, and Towson sign were her ideas. What Howie is doing was not nor Kevin holding the mistletoe (Nick handed it to him due to he being the only BSB able to reach over Nick). Or the fact that it looks like her feet disappeared.



“This is, hands down, the best M&G photo I’ve ever been in.” – @alyssajenS


“This is me with Backstreet Boys in Israel. Each one is holding a picture of his that my daughter drew of them with each of their names in Hebrew.” – @yael1983s


“He said ‘let’s make funny faces’.” – @yahtzee27


“I love Nick. Flew from one side of Canada to the other for him. But in Chicago I presented him with this.” – @andieyammine


“Dressed like this to see nick. I did ask him first and he thought it would be funny.” – @nickytoronto


“Nick spent the rest of the time trying to convert me.” – @evilsnugglybuns


“I told them to fight over me. Nick didn’t get the memo or thought he won.” – @swayshay


“I asked for a hug pic, a booty smack, and a funny face (undies optional!).” – @nickytoronto


“Nick sat on me at lunch.” – @nickytoronto


“At NKOTBSB VIP, my cousin and I wanted Kevin and NKOTB in our pic… so we worked it out.” – @nickytoronto

“I got Kevin to sign my arm so I can get a tattoo.” – @nickytoronto


“I was stressing out if I would look like an idiot in this kevin dress and he shows up dressed as a bag.” – @nickytoronto


“Trying to figure out something on my camera…. got this beauty.” – @nickytoronto


“AJ blinked.” – @yahtzee27


“Bowling with Brian. He was excited he bowled a strike.” – @yahtzee27


“BSB Cruise 2013 . I almost died suffocating on this palm tree but it’s a good memory.” – @looloot23


“There’s this one of Nick Carter being a good sport.” – @serialcinz


“After 3 weeks of rehearsing the question I dared to ask at my first golden VIP ever: can I get a crazy pic? Kevin said, are you sure? Yes! Best choice ever…it’s one picture instead of 6 faced who are posing! Still in love with this picture!” – @estherbaas


“So on the 2014 cruise I was extremely lucky to get one on one time with all the guys, I think it was the universe’s 30th birthday present to me. Anyways, I was heading back early from the beach party to the boat and overheard Nick and Brian playing volleyball. I’m so glad I peeked in and found that they were playing with teams of three fans each and the winner of the round got to stay and play against the next rotation of fans. I was going to hand back and just enjoy the view because I didn’t have anyone to play with but, then two girls in front of me started talking a good game. We teamed up and got selected to play next, awesome! Except as we’re running out onto the court I find out they’ve never played volleyball in their lives. Well, I figure, I got this, I’m a decent player and Nick is good, we can at least hold our own. I didn’t have it, it was a total loss. But that didn’t stop me from diving left and right into the sand for the ball. When we switched side of the net it got even worse! The sun in my eyes I got a volleyball to my face and almost broke my glasses. Nick asks if I’m alright and I am just super embarrassed. He asks again and I figure the bravado has been working for me so far, so I rip of my glasses and fling them to the side declaring “I’m good!” And we get back to the game. Taking off the glasses was the smartest and dumbest move ever because my depth perception was screwed from then on but the glasses cost $700 dollars so… With a final desperate dive I completely miss the ball and it’s the end of the game. I decide to just sit there for a sec because this has been unreal and I’m giddy and embarrassed but really couldn’t care less that we lost even knowing how competitive Nick can be (he totally wasn’t). He, ever the gentlemen came over to make sure I was alright and helped me up. I’m so glad someone got this picture and was able to find me on Twitter. It’s been my phone’s background ever since. You’d think the story ended there but there was a bit more to it. After the game I went back to my cabin to take a shower and get ready for a massage. I was one of the lucky girls staying in their hallway and had my door propped open as much as possible. So still completely covered in sand I see Nick passing by my room. He looks in, we laugh and he says the usual sportsmen kudos of “good game”. On cloud nine, I take my shower and head up to the spa where I’m joined by Kevin and Howie in the waiting area and Get to talk to them and AJ swings by as well but just to say hi to them and pop out.” – @waterunleashed


“Asking nick the All American tour VIP to do a funny pose. Had no idea if he did it because it went by so fast. But after when I saw this picture I was so satisfied that it came out the way it did.” – @Brok_Vanessa21


“AJ told me to do a funny pic cause he doesn’t like to be ‘casual’. So I made the 1st one bride to be cause I was getting married 1 month later this pic. The 2nd one with AJ was leather and lace. I told him “do u trust me?” And he said yes to me. And I put him the handcuff but I didn’t have any keys (haha). And he found the idea of the pic. But the handcuff didn’t need any keys to open 😉 so he really trusted me that day 🙂 and I told him: next pic I need to be pregnant!”

“Calm your titties pic is a joke between my UK friend and French fans. You know, we tried to learn some funny expression and that one was so funny. So we decided to do this pic. And choose Howie to be the one we will be around cause he is the nicest. ‘Boobies For Howie’ – his face was so embarrassed but happy at the same time.” – @FBTeam


“My very first VIP photo during the Unbreakable tour in Belgium! It was way too crowded and I was supposed to have my VIP the day before in Luxemburg, but there was a fire at the venue so the concert got cancelled and all the VIP were put together. Something with nerves again and I blurted out i wanted a crazy picture. Well… I think only nick heard me…. and Q held the rose in the picture because he thought it would look nice on the photo.” – @Utchie_debo


“I flew from SF to NC for just one day to attend AJs vape east coast launch. I ended up playing poker with him for an hour along with the rest of the people in the picture and I ended up kicking his butt and took all of his poker chips haha.So he made everyone point at me in this photo cuz I won.” – @blacknbluerocks


“At Jones Beach during the first IAWLT US leg, the forecast was rain…then proceeded to be all sun. We were melting in the heat during soundcheck; I was overheated in my my silly hot rainbows and was lugging around an umbrella (first world problems, yes!)…last minute I told them that happened and asked if I could use my umbrella in the picture…. and they said sure!!” – @sv02


“Before my most recent pic with Kevin (below) this is my favorite VIP pic, from  IAWLT in Concord, CA. Soundcheck started late, they held the venue off from opening until ~15 min before openers, so pix were super rushed/moved backstage…crazytown chaos trying to get us through while the venue was getting filled up, but mad brownie points Brian & Kev (and AJ kinda?) for actually getting air when I asked if they’d be willing to do a jumping picture! We counted off, but maybe Nick didn’t hear and Howie didn’t think it would work, I can’t tell. Bless Justin for doing a burst photo in case only one would work out 🙂 After we landed, Kevin said “I think that’s the first time we’ve ever done that!” and I was so happy I was speechless!” – @sv02

Nick and Brian signed their snaps! “Nick was like ‘huh? Oh dope!'” – @sv02


“Favorite of all time: I was afraid the filters would suck up time/fail, since the signatures were already stressful…it almost did…but when his tongue didn’t come out the second attempt, Kevin WOOFED. Adorable.” – @sv02


“We somehow figured out / guessed correctly what hotel the boys were staying at before GMA / other show appearances in 2012-2013…. Having been lucky to get normal pictures in the past, we joked about getting silly faces…little did we know that the Boys would be into it! Even Q!! The last hotel shot, I only caught Brian…I had hauled it uptown after a boxing class, so he appropriately posed to match my sweaty getup.” – @sv02


“NKOTBSB Tour, Toronto. This was after the Platinum VIP backstage tour. AJ told us he was sick of taking plain pictures and wanted us to come up with a unique idea for a photo. So I asked him if we could do a classic boyband photoshoot picture and he was totally into it! He was like “you guys have no idea how many photoshoots we had to do like that.” Oh AJ… yes we do lol.” – Stephanie Ives


“I went to Mexico 2015 and took this selfie without realizing that Nick, Brian, & Howie were in the background of my photo!!! (You can see Leigh, Leighanne, Lauren, Drew, Keith, Mike, Aaron there too). And then when I posted it on instagram that day… I basically wrote I didn’t realize BSB were behind me in this selfie I took! AJ had seen this pic (bcuz he follows me on Instagram) And the very next day i had VIP for their IAWLT Mexico show
And at soundcheck…AJ brought it up and talked about my selfie! He said it was awesome that I didn’t know Brian Nick and Howie were in my selfie until later on when I looked back at my pictures.” – @blackandbluerocks

About Lou Pearlman…

Tonight, news hit that Lou Pearlman, creator of the Backstreet Boys, NSync, Otown, and more had passed away in jail, serving a sentence for playing part in a massive ponzi scheme – one that had affected our Boys directly.

And the truth is… that we don’t know how to feel.

We watched the Backstreet Boys movie last year and perhaps for the first time in (then) 22 years, we saw how deeply affected Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick were affected by what had happened and the downfall of the man that had brought them together – the man that some of them looked up to as a father figure.

As fans, we get fiercely protective of the bands and men that we love and care about. It hurts us that someone would hurt them. We also need to remember that we don’t know everything and that sometimes, we need to take a step back and watch what we say about people and situations we don’t know about. We need to remember that we have very little right to talk about a human that we hardly know.

What we do know is that he brought Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick together as the Backstreet Boys. He took care of them for some time and he pushed them to be the best they could be in the beginning.

We are all in agreement that the things he did beyond that were despicable.

But I believe we’re also in agreement that because of what he did, the Backstreet Boys worked harder, their bond grew deeper, and they truly solidified themselves as a family who had been through things together that no one else could have experienced. The case of Lou Pearlman only added another triumph over heartache to their list. It only made them stronger.

Every human has a purpose in life. Every human is put on Earth for a reason and tonight, I’d like to believe that while Lou Pearlman was a detestable businessman and who knows what else (we really don’t know), he was put here to bring us the band that would change most of our lives. It’s honestly a shame that because of his actions, we can’t focus on what a music business success he once was and could have been.

We implore you not to use this time to argue among people about what “true fans” should believe, should feel or should think.  It is not fair either for us to put words into the mouths of the Backstreet Boys. Use this time, rather, to see the good in the life of every human’s existence. The Backstreet Boys changed our world and for that, we have to at least be a little grateful.

Rest in Peace, Lou Pearlman. We wish we could say more.



The 20 Stages of Backstreet Boys VIP… As Told By Friends GIFs

1. You wake up on the day of your VIP/concert


2. You tell your family and non-BSB friends that you’re going to yet another BSB event…


3. Getting ready never goes as planned…


4. You rush to get to VIP because you think you’re going to be late for check-in…


5. But then VIP is running 2 hours late anyway…


6. When you first see BSB walk into the same room as you!


7. It always feels like the first time…


8. Wait, Wait, Waiting in the VIP line…


9. Talking to your friends about what you’re going to talk to BSB about during your M&G while you wait in this FOREVER line…


10. Then you’re next in line to meet BSB!


11. When you finally get to hug your favorite BSB…(Even though security said no)


12. This is what you think you look like talking to your favorite Backstreet Boy #wordvomit


13. But no worries – This is what you actually look like talking to your favorite Backstreet Boy!


14. And then… there is your blur of a memory of your meet and greet. Did you black out? I know I always do.


15. And then security yells “Turn around for your picture!” (Cue Kevin Hart’s “She wasn’t readyyyyyyyyyy….”)


16. What you think you look like in your picture, since you’re probably still in the process of turning around/talking.


17. What you actually look like in your picture. Bet you you’ve never smiled that big before


18. Then you walk away from the boys, hoping you didn’t say anything too stupid!


19. Turn around and watch your friends go through their meet and greets…


So you can celebrate the success later!


20. For the rest of your life, you’re going to feel like this about the whole experience. And you’re probably not going to be able to stop.


To Kevin and Kristin Richardson, Thank You For Sharing


A few months ago, we posted about If I Could Tell Youa short film featuring Kevin Richardson as one of the main characters. We knew it was a story of a couple’s struggle with infertility and how far is too far.

What we knew very little about is the fact that Kevin and Kristin had faced this struggle as well.

A bit of their story had been shared in the Pushing Motherhood documentary, but we learned even more details about their battle and ultimate victory in an interview Kevin did with Entertainment Tonight this past week during the LA premiere event for If I Could Tell You. 

In reading their story, we felt compelled to tell them thank you.

In a world where everyone seems to project a perfect life via social media, no one wants to share the battles they fought to get to their happy. No one wants to talk about the hard times or the times they thought things weren’t going to happen – but the Richardsons have chosen to share theirs.

They’ve chosen to let us in on a very private time in their lives in hopes to open the conversation about infertility. They’ve chosen to share with us that everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but every battle is worth fighting. In sharing their story, they’ve inspired us to listen to our bodies, that it’s okay to choose your own path, and that patience is sometimes necessary.

While many of us spend time at Backstreet Boys concerts and events, traveling with our friends, and having a great time, there are plenty of us also being silent about personal struggles. Whether it be infertility or something else, Kevin and Kristin have been shining examples of the fact that you should be in control of your own life, your own story, what’s good for you and what’s not.

Everything they have shared has made a lot of us feel less alone. It has inspired us to be their for our friends who are going through the struggle and to celebrate their victories a little louder.

Thank you, Kevin and Kristin, for using your platform as public figures to open our eyes and help us understand, to help make something such as infertility something that’s okay to talk about, for sharing your story so openly, and for giving those of us dealing with similar situations renewed hope and belief that the most beautiful things are always worth the wait.

The two of you are absolutely beautiful souls, incredible parents, and amazing humans. Your boys are lucky that you were chosen as theirs. We can’t wait to watch your family achieve great things!


10 Things We Learned At FandomFest With Nick Carter and AJ McLean

On July 29th, we (Sara and Kristie) descended upon FandomFest in Louisville, KY where Nick, AJ, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick were all in attendance. Normally, we would have written this by now, but a week later, we’ve only just now recovered ….kind of.

We really shouldn’t procrastinate much longer. So here goes nothing. Let’s talk about musical chairs. And nuts. And what might actually be inside Dora’s.. Um… Nick’s backpack. Here’s all the things you should know:

1. Nick’s Wardrobe Theory

Whilst perusing What Happens On The Backstreet on his phone (his idea, not ours.. on Friday night.. because he had nothing better to do or because he likes to freak us out), Nick discovers that in a photo in Kristie’s Ultimates post, he is wearing the same hoodie that he was wearing that night. Although he seemed shocked by this discovery, he also gave us some insight as to why his wardrobe selection is narrow.

Not that he was comparing himself to Steve Jobs and like minded inventors, but Nick read that these people had a smaller selection of clothes because a larger selection proved to be an unnecessary distraction to the bigger ideas going on in their minds…. and it seems to be working out for him.

Note to fans: Don’t worry about what you wear to VIP with Nick! Literally no judging because you just might be a genius with a lot to think about. Thanks for the excuse, Mr. Carter.

2. AJ’s (Potential) Solo Not-VIP VIP Experience

Fandomfest VIP party got the only chance (besides the BSB Cruise) to hear AJ’s new music. This was just one of the many spontaneous events that happened over the course of the weekend.

In addition to this, it is rumored that AJ’s VIPs for his new tour will not necessarily feel extra VIP-ish, but more like being part of a group of AJ’s friends. Although the plan is not yet put into motion, as AJ has not yet started touring, he reported that he would like his “VIP” to be more laid back and relaxed, and just all around FUN. This may not come as a shock to you, considering AJ’s personality, however it was refreshing to hear him wanting his VIP to be more of a “hangout”, rather than just lines of people waiting for pictures.

We really hope he goes through with this idea.. Because it sounds AWESOME (just like his new music)! Can’t wait for the new album and tour!

3. Blame It On The Kevin. 

By now, the story has semi made it’s rounds around social media. Nick and AJ mentioned that Kevin being Kevin is the reason for the delay on the upcoming Backstreet Boys album.

Is anyone surprised though? 23 years later, we all know to expect Kevin’s perfectionism to play into things.

We only include this, not to incite any drama / arguments, but to defend those who have repeated over and over again that Nick and AJ doing solo projects is inhibiting the Backstreet Boys from doing work together and entering the studio.

That is 100% wrong. Both AJ and Nick have made it very clear in multiple interviews and even last weekend that their #1 priority is finishing the Backstreet Boys album and getting it out to fans who they are very aware are chomping at the bit for it.

Again, we aren’t REALLY looking to place blame, we just feel an allegiance to inform everyone. We love all Backstreet Boys!

4. Nick Has A Backpack Attachment

In addition to his wardrobe, Nick also has a very real attachment to his backpack.

What was in it?!

Did it include a special map of the comic con? [Where are we going? TO FANDOMFEST!]

Did it magically talk?

Was he warming up for the next season of Amazing Race (which we would love to see him on)?

Was Odin in there?!

We’re actually pretty positive that it was his laptop and other life necessities, but we can’t help but sing the Dora The Explorer ‘Backpack, Backpack’. And now you’re singing it too. You’re welcome.

5. Upcoming BSB Events 

Due to the delay of the impending BSB album, rumor (rumor’s name rhymes with smay-hay bic-queen) has it that there will not be a 2017 cruise, however there will be Vegas in March.

This is not officially confirmed, however it was said by a fairly reliable source (maybe a Backstreet Boy…. maybe a member of N*Sync).

But it wasn’t Nick that said it. HE DIDN’T BREAK HIS RULES.

6. We Love Chris Kirkpatrick.

Before you throw tomatoes…

We learned that NSYNC, contrary to our 90s self beliefs, really aren’t all that bad. Gone are the times of NSYNC vs BSB; it’s now more like NSYNC AND BSB. Together. In one room.

For a WHOLE weekend?! WHAT?! Yes, you heard right. And it was a blast.

Who knew Chris was going to be the dark horse that kept us laughing all weekend?! Not us. NOT. US. We even forgive him for almost running over Kristie, but that’s a different story. 

7. AJ still doesn’t know the words to “In The End” (BUT CHRIS KIRKPATRICK DOES).

While AJ originally wasn’t going to perform and Chris seemed to have no idea about the VIP party performance, they showed up in the end (no pun intended)… even though AJ had to read the lyrics from a paper he pulled out from his pocket. 

Not only did they sing “In The End”, the song from Dead 7, they also engaged in a little musical chairs with fans (which was more fun than it sounds and ended in battle scars for one of us), karaoke, and a little throwback choreography from the 90s videos being played on the big screens.

8. In Case Anyone Was Wondering, Joey Fatone Has Nick Lachey on Speed Dial.

Just including this because it’s a fun fact that everyone should know. He called Nick when 98 Degrees started playing. No. Big. Deal.

Or at least he said he did. He might have actually been calling Nick Carter……who seems to be called / texted by everyone. No shade.

9. They’re Snap Pros.

We should have known that Nick and AJ would be OBSESSED with face swap (I mean, who isn’t?!). We’ve never seen anyone select a filter so carefully as AJ though… and then INSIST that you post it.


We thought we’d had a good time with the Backstreet Boys and friends before but no… we hadn’t been to a comic con type deal before. The conversations, the hanging with our friends, the parties and the photos are things that we couldn’t imagine somewhere else and we’re DYING to go again.

Thank you AJ, Nick, Chris and Joey for the best weekend ever…so far.

If you get the chance, GO! And tell us all about it.

A Few Other Tidbits:

  • AJ is on a strict diet because he is slated to do two feature films – on this year and one next year.
  • The Backstreet Boys are back in the studio in Nashville next week.
  • Nick has been in contact with Danny Roew to start the screenplay for his next movie, which he described as Silence of The Lambs meets Ace Ventura. He would like it to involve the kidnapping of boyband members. Basically, he read someone’s fanfiction… but we’re excited about it!
  • Chris Kirkpatrick’s schedule is wide open and he is available for wedding, bar mitzvahs, etc.
  • If the Backstreet Boys were animals, Kevin would be a llama, Howie would be a goat, Brian would be a cute pig, and Nick would be a baboon. Or something like that.
  • AJ’s favorite condiment is popcorn. We don’t know know. That’s what he said.
  • Thanks to fans, Nick and AJ now know what RBF (Resting Bitch Face) is and can’t wait to tell Kevin that he has it. That would be in addition to his JSM face, which stands for Just Shit Myself and is something that Nick made up.

Check out our photo collection below! And the video of AJ doing his LTL and Johnny V laugh here.