34 Questions We Have Listening To The ‘In A World Like This’ Album


It’s the latest album from the Backstreet Boys that we’ve kept on repeat for the past 3 years. For some of us, this album marked an era of many firsts with the Boys on tour. For others, it marks the significant return of all five BSB back together again. All of us though, whether you admit it or not, have sung along mindlessly only to tune in mid-song…and ask WTF does that mean? Let’s reflect.

“In A World Like This”

The title track isn’t THAT questionable, but still, we have to ask:

1. How does one free fall into someone’s eyes? Ouch.

2. Free falling by your side also sounds not that great.

3. Anyone else hear the similarities between “In a world like this, I’ve got you” and “The world on the outside tries to pull me in, but they can’t stop me, cause I’ve got you”?

4. Does “you’ve got me wide open” not visually appeal to anyone else?

“Permanent Stain”

The song with an extremely questionable title is actually not THAT bad, but it’s definitely not a title we like telling other people.

5. Could there not be a better title for this song?


Love it but…

6. Why does Brian sound like he’s drowning in the beginning? Because he literally can’t breathe?



The song touched all of us, especially if you were lucky enough to see it performed live. We love the sentiment and the feeling behind it but..

8. Why Madeleine? Who is this girl? Just curious.

9. “What’s up with those tears…?” sounds very…Nick.

“Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”

We really have no questions about this song. Every word is poetic and beautiful. The only question we have is why were their children, who the song was inspired by, not involved in the music video? We did appreciate shirtless Brian though.

“Make Believe”

This is different.

10. Why are we going to burn the sky then say goodbye? Just because it rhymes? (Even though it’s my favorite line)

11. Does anyone else picture a video game music video? Just me? Cool.


There’s really nothing questionable about this song. The simplicity is refreshing. I can’t even TRY to ask questions.

See what I did there?

“Trust Me”


12. This girl must REALLY have moves if we’re going to have “hold him back”.

13. Wait. Hold him back, but then take him to a “disco” (wtf?) and “make [him] dance”? I just…what?

14. How does a queen spin? I’m actually picturing Ru Paul.

15. No one calls back anymore. The Backstreet Boys are liars. They rarely even TWEET back!

16. “Hold me, whenever you’re alone” – if I am alone, how is one going to hold you? Is this some secret code?

17. “Baby, even when you’re crazy…” – I don’t think that’s a way to get loved back, Boys.

18. “Kissing, loving, making sweet sexy babies…” – WHAT ARE SEXY BABIES?!

19. What does a butterfly have to do with blue eyes?

20. Just….what? BUT WE ALL SING ALONG!

“Love Somebody”

This album just gets more question-y.

21. You’re the reason why cavemen drew on the walls? Umm, to tell his cave buddies about you? That’s…sweet.

22. The reason why after ever Summer we fall? A play on words that makes no sense, I guess.

23. WHO HAS PURPLE JEANS?! Are they universally sexy?

24. Is everyone in agreement that this song wasn’t a favorite until we saw it live?

“One Phone Call”

Almost done now and we’re starting to make a *little* more sense…

25. Does anyone else automatically picture them singing this from jail?

26. In 10 years, are people going to know that that tone noise is?

27. So what WAS the message he left because….?

“Feels Like Home”

28. Aren’t girls homegrown everywhere?

29. Bangkok. Haaaa! (I know this isn’t a question, but you’re ALL thinking it.)

30. Do people really dance in the street like freaks there?


Thanks to the BSB Movie, we all feel touchy about this song. Should we even question it? Yes, for Brian’s sake!

31. You wanna save my life, but all you wanna do is hold me? I don’t think that’s going to do much.

32. Someone shot you down, but all he wants to do is hold you!

33. Soldiers fix scars? Thought that was a nurse, but okay.

34. Who knew soldiers could do so much?! Thanks for the info, Backstreet Boys!


We can’t wait for the new album!





One thought on “34 Questions We Have Listening To The ‘In A World Like This’ Album

  1. Hii!!

    This post literally made my morning and I loved it! This is one of the albums I listen to in the car, on my way home from work. I agree with you about “Make Believe” does have a video/ game music video vibe. 🙂😂😎 And yes, I’ve also wonder about the sexy babies. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard that line was the dancing “baby” on Ally McBeal and that’s creepy. Lol! .

    Liked by 1 person

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