63 Thoughts We All Have Watching The “As Long As You Love Me” Video

 In honor of the video’s 19th anniversary, we present all the thoughts you’ll have watching the infamous “As Long As You Love Me” music video.

1. Why does Nick have a baseball bat? Is he security?
2. Who is the random old guy in the middle of the young nerds? Is he here to fix something?
3. Howie perfected the manbun before it was even cool, as evidenced in this video.

4. Is anyone else confused as to why all of these people are in one room and appear to not be on the same page about anyone of it?

5. Nick is still holding onto that bat for dear life.

6. “Give me your bat and let me make you look spiffy, young grasshopper.” – Brian

7. What are they even auditioning for? Is this some weird kind of porn?

8. Nearly 30 seconds into this video and all Kevin has done is look like he’s too sexy to be in this video.

9. How many layers does Nick have on?

10. Why is Howie STILL on the phone? Howie D. Wheelin’ and dealin’.

11. What if Howie is talking to the girl on the phone behind the girl with the camera? Wait. Why does she look familiar?

12. Where did those headshots end up?

13. That awkward moment when Nick’s voice is still playing but he’s walking away from the mic.

14. Anyone else think Nick’s hair looks better looking electrocuted?

15. Pause at 42 seconds – is AJ shooting pool off a car?

16. Enter Brian, bouncing a ball and coming to sing a line and look hot doing it. Oh yeah…

17. And then he drops the ball…as if to signify which one of the two has gone through puberty. I mean, what?

18. Where do we get this magical remote that changes Backstreet Boys?

19. Moment of silence for the chair dance.

20. I, too, want to control Backstreet Boys with a remote! Can I get this on Ebay?

21- 25. Blue eyes. Brian’s. Can’t function. Four thoughts for this.

26. These mysterious ladies are really fixated on Brian’s headshot.

27. Awww, yeah. Look at those cousins.

28. 1:30 – Nick and Howie spin in an unchoreographed circle at the same time.

29. Howie’s phone = Still in his hand. He probably won’t get this gig.

30. Who skateboards in leather pants? Brian Littrell.

31. I’ve never seen anyone dressed like Howie is dressed…with a drill. I guess we’re stressing the “I don’t care what you did” part here, because I’m pretty sure he’s demented.

32. I would totally trust a man driving an imaginary car in a plastic jacket who goes by “Bone”. Totally.

33. Again, Kevin isn’t even here to do anything. He’s not trying to impress. He literally wants to just scream “look at me! I don’t HAVE to do anything. You’re going to love me.”

34. Girl from Lenscrafter commercial totally digs Kevin. She’s probably looking for his headshot now.

35. Please note that the weird guys are still in the background.

36. Group shot! AJ is still sitting down. Is it a chair or is it a car?

37. Girl tapping the TV is totally not ok with AJ in the chair.

38. The morphing REALLY freaks me out. Anyone want to see them morph now?

39. The Backstreet Boys are so hot.

40. Uh oh…they’re going somewhere…

41. Who thought six girls for five boys was a good idea? Does that bother anyone else?


43. Is this remote in a Hall of Fame somewhere?

44. 2:09 – all of their faces say “we’re about to eff this up.” Except Nick. He’s pouting like a man child.

45. BREAKING NEWS: Magic Remote also changes the ladies to the ….Spice Girls?

46. You sit in that chair, Brian! Own it. Be the boss. We like it.

47. Donna?! “Donna” looks familiar…

48. This girl has a tennis racket. What is with the random assortment of sport equipment with no balls except Brian’s? No pun intended. Kind of.

49. Uhh, has anyone seen Nick?

50. Kevin wanders this ENTIRE video.

51. Seriously. Nick is gone. Was he not allowed around the breakables and the magic remote?

52. Have you ever felt your heart smile? Watch Brian at 2:30. Bless his face.

53. They’re ALL SO PRETTY. Why isn’t there a ALAYLM filter on Instagram that makes everyone pretty?

54. Nick’s back for that high note though…

55. ….And he brought his pouty lips with him.

56. Hey! This girl found Brian’s ball! Bet “Donna” was looking for that…

57. Kevin knows the power of the Magic Remote. Look at his face.

58. Andddd a pool stick…

59. Nick looks like he doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to be looking at. Neither do we, Nick.

60. Does anyone ever get enough of AJ looking over the top of his sunglasses?

61. So wait…they’re just going to leave? Did they get the job or…?

62. What happened to the rando guys?

63. So, in the end, you can have multiple personalities, sports equipment with no balls, literally morph into other people…and the Backstreet Boys are going to love you. Ok, got it.


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