7 Reasons We Should Vote Kevin Richardson For President


Election coverage is sweeping the United States and it makes us think – what if the Backstreet Boys were to run for president? Look no further than What Happens On The Backstreet for all of the BSB presidential campaigns you didn’t know you needed.

Let’s start with Kevin. If Kevin were to run for president, we know he would obviously win, so what would the White House be like with Mr. Richardson in it? Let’s talk about it.

1. The White House would have a lot more soul and swag.

Everyone that has eyes knows that there’s something about Kevin that draws you to him. Most of know that it’s his enormous amount of swag. I mean, look at him in every group situation – standing tall, confident, walking with an air that you don’t mess with. Every man wants to be him, every woman wants to be with him (admit it!). He wore a SKIRT on national television, for Pete’s sake, and no one holds it against him. Swag for days. I mean, he even made Abraham Lincoln swaggy (as seen on the 2016 BSB Cruise).

2. Everyone would be chill.

Kevin is as zen as they come. If you have any intention of telling him off during a chance meeting with him, WRONG. You will leave him feeling like you just left a high dollar spa. Those that try to say he did something wrong? Nope. He shuts it down. You will NOT run his name through the mud (we’ve seen this happen on Twitter). CHILL OUT, AMERICA. That might actually be the new “Yes We Can”.

3. That First Lady though…

Can you IMAGINE how enamored the country would be with Kristin? There isn’t one person in the sea of Backstreet fans that has something bad to say about her, so imagine how the entire country would feel. William and Kate WHO?!

4. The entire college football season would be declared a national holiday.

…Because you know your boy isn’t doing ANY work on Saturdays that Kentucky is playing.

5. The Snoop Dogg conspiracy would be OUT of control.

The “are Kevin and Snoop Dogg related?” question has actually traveled a little bit outside of the fandom and to Snoop himself, but can you imagine a country full of people that will see it immediately? So many memes.

6. There would be a lot more trees.

Anyone that knows Kevin knows that he his concern for preserving the environment runs deep and this would be a huge part of his presidency. He’s out to literally save the world and we have every bit of faith that he probably could. YOU GET A TREE! YOU GET A TREE! That’s right – Kevin is the presidential Oprah Winfrey.

7. He has good relations worldwide.

You know there are world leaders that are Backstreet Boys fans. There have to be SOME world issues that can be solved with free VIP, right? That’s what we thought.




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