Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Backstreet Boys Album (+ The Updates)


On June 27, 2015, the Backstreet Boys officially ended their 2 year worldwide In A World Like This tour. Fast forward (a very slow forward for all of us anxiously waiting) a year and they’re in the studio on the 4th day of their summer recording session to finish their 10th studio album.

Can’t keep up? Have no fear – What Happens On The Backstreet Is Here! We’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know in regards to the studio situation, release dates and more. We’ll be using the hashtag #BSBStudio2016 on our social media with updates as well.

Potential Release Dates

Spring 2016

Summer 2016

Spring 2017 

Fall 2018

Tour Plans

– As of June 2016, the Boys will kick off a world tour after the new album release, potentially planned for next summer. As most of you know already, the Boys have signed a deal last year (2015) with LiveNation to complete 150 shows in the next three years.

– A possible Backstreet Vegas residency has been discussed, but has not yet officially been announced and the Boys themselves are no longer allowed to speak on the situation. Before they were silenced, we learned that there will possibly be a 9 show “test run” in January / early 2017 to see how it would work out for them. Let’s be clear – these 9 shows are not the ACTUAL residency.

– UPDATE (6/2018): Because of ALL THE THINGS happening, we’ve slacked on this post, but in the interest of people googling the Backstreet Boys upcoming album / tour — here’s what we know.

By now, everyone knows  or has been to a BSB Vegas show. Shows are scheduled for July, August, October, and November and are on sale now. The plan for tour is to start in March(ish) of 2019 overseas and come back to the U.S. for Summer. The rumor is that there will be Vegas shows in February, but this is not confirmed.

The Making Of The Album

December 2015

Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Howie shocked all of us when they convened in LA for what would be a week long recording session for what we would later find out is the first few songs recorded for the album. Nick was in Florida with the family, but also put in separate studio time, as we found out during interviews while he was on the U.S. leg of the All American tour. They was mention of working with a few different producers who have a fantastic history with other artists, but for lack of confirmation at this point, we’re not going to name drop.

We know how testy everyone gets when they work with people that we never hear about again… 😉

June 2016

After lightyears months of waiting, millions of promises of returning to the studio, and lots of tracking which Backstreet Boys were where… it happened. On an unsuspecting Wednesday morning, Brian Littrell posted a photo of his plane leaving the runway to go to work and hours later….


“Day One” began with Frick and Frack. With Nick actually hashtagging #FrickandFrack. How am I even writing this? Because I’m still a little bit dead from this unexpected delight.

Day One (6/22/16):


Nick was intensely singing (so nothing unusual…)

Feeling this new song were recording for the next @backstreetboys album. #backstreetboys #newmusic

A photo posted by Nick Carter (@nickcarter) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:29pm PDT


Brian was blessing us with selfies.

In the Lab….. This light reminds me of the skating rink, back in the 80’s

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:25pm PDT


Kevin was touching himself. Uhh, we want to hear this song, specifically.

Caught Nick taking a photo of Kev in the booth… Kids look away…. Hahaha

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 22, 2016 at 5:38pm PDT


….And then he listened to the crotch-grab-inducing song.

Mr Richardson listening intently to the first new song were cooking up in the studio. #bsbalbumcomingsoon

A photo posted by Aj mclean (@skulleeroz) on Jun 22, 2016 at 3:43pm PDT



And for everyone worried, Howie WAS there!

Day Two (6/23/16):

Not much happened on “Day Two”, besides Nick posting that he was doing squats in order to get ready for the new album (it’s very physical, guys) and Kevin establishing his #newbsb hashtag. Also, can we get a picture of Nick’s teeth under these black lights?

#Newbsb day 2

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 23, 2016 at 5:26pm PDT


Day 3 (6/24/16):

Working….. 👍🏻

A photo posted by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:28pm PDT


Day 3 in the studio! This new album will be next level!! #bsbalbumcomingsoon

A photo posted by Aj mclean (@skulleeroz) on Jun 24, 2016 at 2:16pm PDT


Day Four (6/27/16):

And on this day, the BSB announced that they would be participating in a career first – a proper collaboration with another group. It’s no secret that Nick has been friends with the boys of Florida Georgia Line for a while and so this duet didn’t really come as a surprise. With Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, and Pharell all gracing the country music stages in Nashville lately, this move is a fantastic one for our Boys! You may remember Florida Georgia Line also collaborated with rapper Nelly on their hit single “Cruise” a few years ago, turning them into a crossover group and benefiting all artists involved. We can’t wait!

From what was posted, it sounds like the track the Boys will be featured on Florida Georgia Line’s upcoming album Dig Your Roots, which drops August 26th.

UPDATE (6/30): Florida Georgia Line posted this tweet, which reveals that the title of the song they collaborated on is entitled “God, Your Mama, and Me”.



#Newbsb day 4 #BSBSurpriseCollaboration

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 27, 2016 at 3:35pm PDT


#Newbsb #BSBSurpriseCollaboration

A photo posted by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on Jun 27, 2016 at 6:59pm PDT


In the studio again with my boys. Do I hear a Backstreet Boys/Florida Georgia Line duet….

A photo posted by howie dorough (@howie_dorough) on Jun 27, 2016 at 5:47pm PDT



Day Four also revealed that the Boys were working with producer Andrew Cedar. Andrew is a producer from Artist Publishing Group, an independent music publishing company, who was recently nominated for his work with Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth) in “See You Again”, the theme from Fast And The Furious. This is especially interesting considering there have been rumors that the Boys could be working with hit artist Charlie Puth.

Awesome week working with these legends! Backstreet’s back!!!

A photo posted by Andrew Cedar (@andrewcedar) on Jun 25, 2016 at 2:40pm PDT


UPDATE (6/30): Florida Georgia Line posted this tweet, which reveals that the title of the song they collaborated on is entitled “God, Your Mama, and Me”.

UPDATE (7/9/16): FGL released the tracklist for their Dig Your Roots album and revealed that they’re thrilled to work with the Backstreet Boys. Read more here.

UPDATE (7/10/16): At Nick’s solo lunch event today, he revealed that the Boys’ will be recording the new album through the end of the year and that the FGL track they collaborated on actually sounds very BSB Millennium-ish. He also said that while they could opt to release unreleased tracks, they feel that the songs they’ve record for the new album so far are really, really good and they’re happy with them. They’ve decided to ditch the big name producers who they didn’t feel were giving them their best work and bring in young, hot producers and such. We can’t wait!

Oh, and he’s definitely still not allowed to talk about Vegas. Blah, blah, blah.

UPDATE (8/11/16): The Backstreet Boys reconvened in Nashville at Big Loud Studio to get pitched a few songs and also do a little recording. They were there (here!) throughout the weekend but not much is known about what was accomplished.



UPDATE (8/14/16): We’re not sure if the Backstreet Boys are in LA or Nashville, but baby Odin came to the studio and we feel like it should be posted!


UPDATE (8/15/16): The Boys started the week off on a completely different coast – the West one! Oh, and the blue light affect has returned.


The cousins were there. Brian with a Tree Vibez hat (Florida Georgia Line’s production company) and Kevin with his face.


Brian was getting jiggy with it….


….But also being chill.

And Nick was working super hard!

UPDATE (8/18/16): Nick told fans a few weeks ago that he was getting in shape for an upcoming Backstreet Boys photoshoot. Today, that’s exactly what they did!


Also, Florida Georgia Line released a snippet of “God + Your Momma + Me”, the track featuring the Boys. You can’t really hear them on the small sound byte, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

JUNE 2018:

Geez. Since the last update so much has happened.

“God, Your Mama, and Me” hit #1 on Country radio and earned the Boys their first CMT Music Award.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” landed the Boys back on American Top 40, where they are currently still hanging out as well as multiple other charts.

The new album is still being recorded and slated for release in Fall 2018 as well another new single.

We promise to start updating this post again!


The Backstreet Boys Are Back In The Studio With Surprise Collaborators (via MTV.com)



10 Things Seeing The Backstreet Boys Back In The Studio Feels Like


On Wednesday, June 22nd, it happened again. For the first time since December, there was a blue moon  pigs were flying  the BACKSTREET BOYS WERE BACK IN THE STUDIO.

We were all milling about the internet, looking for something to argue about discuss passionately in the absence of Backstreet Boy activity when BOOM…


Nick Carter dropped this hot bomb like it was NO BIG DEAL. We ran off the road, dinner fell out of our faces, eyeballs exploded and they were acting like it was NO BIG DEAL. “Of course we’re recording the album like we said we are,” they seemed to say. Meanwhile, the fans continue to lose one of their 9 lives because it didn’t stop!

The Bluestreet Boys kept ’em coming, punching us in the face with pleasure.

So. many. feelings.

What does it feel like to see the Boys back in the studio? Let me tell you.

1. Like finally pulling up your socks that have been sliding down in your shoes all day.

2. Like drinking an entire Redbull in 30 seconds.

3. Like seeing fireworks for the first time.

4. Like being tucked into bed under your favorite blanket.

5. Like rainbows are coming out of your eyes.

6. Like an unsuspecting Wednesday afternoon.

7. Like you can feel your soul in your ears.

8. Like the world set on fire.

9. Like you couldn’t love anything more.

10. Like finally coming home.

If you understood all of that, you might be a Backstreet Boys lover. Because, at this point, fan isn’t a strong enough word.

Keep it comin’, Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick… we can’t wait to see what’s next!


63 Thoughts We All Have Watching The “As Long As You Love Me” Video

 In honor of the video’s 19th anniversary, we present all the thoughts you’ll have watching the infamous “As Long As You Love Me” music video.

1. Why does Nick have a baseball bat? Is he security?
2. Who is the random old guy in the middle of the young nerds? Is he here to fix something?
3. Howie perfected the manbun before it was even cool, as evidenced in this video.

4. Is anyone else confused as to why all of these people are in one room and appear to not be on the same page about anyone of it?

5. Nick is still holding onto that bat for dear life.

6. “Give me your bat and let me make you look spiffy, young grasshopper.” – Brian

7. What are they even auditioning for? Is this some weird kind of porn?

8. Nearly 30 seconds into this video and all Kevin has done is look like he’s too sexy to be in this video.

9. How many layers does Nick have on?

10. Why is Howie STILL on the phone? Howie D. Wheelin’ and dealin’.

11. What if Howie is talking to the girl on the phone behind the girl with the camera? Wait. Why does she look familiar?

12. Where did those headshots end up?

13. That awkward moment when Nick’s voice is still playing but he’s walking away from the mic.

14. Anyone else think Nick’s hair looks better looking electrocuted?

15. Pause at 42 seconds – is AJ shooting pool off a car?

16. Enter Brian, bouncing a ball and coming to sing a line and look hot doing it. Oh yeah…

17. And then he drops the ball…as if to signify which one of the two has gone through puberty. I mean, what?

18. Where do we get this magical remote that changes Backstreet Boys?

19. Moment of silence for the chair dance.

20. I, too, want to control Backstreet Boys with a remote! Can I get this on Ebay?

21- 25. Blue eyes. Brian’s. Can’t function. Four thoughts for this.

26. These mysterious ladies are really fixated on Brian’s headshot.

27. Awww, yeah. Look at those cousins.

28. 1:30 – Nick and Howie spin in an unchoreographed circle at the same time.

29. Howie’s phone = Still in his hand. He probably won’t get this gig.

30. Who skateboards in leather pants? Brian Littrell.

31. I’ve never seen anyone dressed like Howie is dressed…with a drill. I guess we’re stressing the “I don’t care what you did” part here, because I’m pretty sure he’s demented.

32. I would totally trust a man driving an imaginary car in a plastic jacket who goes by “Bone”. Totally.

33. Again, Kevin isn’t even here to do anything. He’s not trying to impress. He literally wants to just scream “look at me! I don’t HAVE to do anything. You’re going to love me.”

34. Girl from Lenscrafter commercial totally digs Kevin. She’s probably looking for his headshot now.

35. Please note that the weird guys are still in the background.

36. Group shot! AJ is still sitting down. Is it a chair or is it a car?

37. Girl tapping the TV is totally not ok with AJ in the chair.

38. The morphing REALLY freaks me out. Anyone want to see them morph now?

39. The Backstreet Boys are so hot.

40. Uh oh…they’re going somewhere…

41. Who thought six girls for five boys was a good idea? Does that bother anyone else?


43. Is this remote in a Hall of Fame somewhere?

44. 2:09 – all of their faces say “we’re about to eff this up.” Except Nick. He’s pouting like a man child.

45. BREAKING NEWS: Magic Remote also changes the ladies to the ….Spice Girls?

46. You sit in that chair, Brian! Own it. Be the boss. We like it.

47. Donna?! “Donna” looks familiar…

48. This girl has a tennis racket. What is with the random assortment of sport equipment with no balls except Brian’s? No pun intended. Kind of.

49. Uhh, has anyone seen Nick?

50. Kevin wanders this ENTIRE video.

51. Seriously. Nick is gone. Was he not allowed around the breakables and the magic remote?

52. Have you ever felt your heart smile? Watch Brian at 2:30. Bless his face.

53. They’re ALL SO PRETTY. Why isn’t there a ALAYLM filter on Instagram that makes everyone pretty?

54. Nick’s back for that high note though…

55. ….And he brought his pouty lips with him.

56. Hey! This girl found Brian’s ball! Bet “Donna” was looking for that…

57. Kevin knows the power of the Magic Remote. Look at his face.

58. Andddd a pool stick…

59. Nick looks like he doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to be looking at. Neither do we, Nick.

60. Does anyone ever get enough of AJ looking over the top of his sunglasses?

61. So wait…they’re just going to leave? Did they get the job or…?

62. What happened to the rando guys?

63. So, in the end, you can have multiple personalities, sports equipment with no balls, literally morph into other people…and the Backstreet Boys are going to love you. Ok, got it.

In A World Like This… – An Open Letter Of Gratitude


On June 10th, after performing a concert for fans in her hometown of Orlando, FL, 22-year-old Christina Grimmie was shot and killed by a deranged man with a gun. She was harmed while doing her job, while living her dreams, while signing autographs and taking photos with fans. The world is in shock, disbelief, and mourning the loss of a talented woman taken far too soon.

As fans, we can’t help but think of the “what if..?” when something like this happens. It hits so close to home and it makes us rethink things. We’ve spent 23 years knowing everything we can about Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick, enjoying their music, growing up with them, watching their families grow, making memories…

But have we been thankful enough? Have we enjoyed every moment that we’ve been blessed to have? Have we acknowledged just how lucky we are?

At the end of the day, it’s not about the selfies, the social media interactions, the way we think things should be or the way things are; it’s about enjoying every single moment that we are lucky enough to have with the people that have changed our lives. Whether that be the Backstreet Boys, the friends you have made because of them, or family you’ve created for yourself out of those friends, let them know now. Forever isn’t guaranteed.

Be mindful of the words you put out into the world, but also be mindful of what you aren’t saying and take the time to say it. Tell someone you love that you love him or her. Thank somebody for what they have given you. Acknowledge and be kind. Live with no regrets.

To AJ, Brian, Kevin, Howie and Nick — thank you is not and will never be enough for all that you have done for us. We say it time and time again, but it’s never enough. Thank you for inspiring us, for being our happy place, for being here, for sharing, for everything. There’s not a strong enough word for how you’ve made us feel for years, but it’s so deeply appreciated. Through following your own dreams, you’ve inspired us to create our own, you’ve awakened dreams in us we didn’t even know we had, and you’ve given us new life to some of us that we didn’t know we wanted to live.

To fellow fans — there is no better feeling that being in a venue, big or small, with 100s or 1000s of other human beings who share the same indescribable feelings we do. To look around and, after 20+ years, still see the same look on each other’s faces. We’re all on the same team. We’re all rooting for the same guys. Be kind to one another – we’re all we’ve got. Support one another. Words leave scars and scars consume people. Spread love. Thank you for supporting this site, supporting each other, and for being a force in the world.

Don’t let it be too late.

There has been a gofundme account set up to help Christina Grimmie’s family process this tragedy without financial burden. If you can not afford to give, please share it. ❤

Sending love and light.

UPDATE:Hours after this post was published, a mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando sent shockwaves worldwide as the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. Please, if you can, set up an appointment to donate blood (details here). Again, hug your loved ones, tell them how you feel, and send positive vibes into the world. It’s needed now more than ever.


7 Reasons We Should Vote Kevin Richardson For President


Election coverage is sweeping the United States and it makes us think – what if the Backstreet Boys were to run for president? Look no further than What Happens On The Backstreet for all of the BSB presidential campaigns you didn’t know you needed.

Let’s start with Kevin. If Kevin were to run for president, we know he would obviously win, so what would the White House be like with Mr. Richardson in it? Let’s talk about it.

1. The White House would have a lot more soul and swag.

Everyone that has eyes knows that there’s something about Kevin that draws you to him. Most of know that it’s his enormous amount of swag. I mean, look at him in every group situation – standing tall, confident, walking with an air that you don’t mess with. Every man wants to be him, every woman wants to be with him (admit it!). He wore a SKIRT on national television, for Pete’s sake, and no one holds it against him. Swag for days. I mean, he even made Abraham Lincoln swaggy (as seen on the 2016 BSB Cruise).

2. Everyone would be chill.

Kevin is as zen as they come. If you have any intention of telling him off during a chance meeting with him, WRONG. You will leave him feeling like you just left a high dollar spa. Those that try to say he did something wrong? Nope. He shuts it down. You will NOT run his name through the mud (we’ve seen this happen on Twitter). CHILL OUT, AMERICA. That might actually be the new “Yes We Can”.

3. That First Lady though…

Can you IMAGINE how enamored the country would be with Kristin? There isn’t one person in the sea of Backstreet fans that has something bad to say about her, so imagine how the entire country would feel. William and Kate WHO?!

4. The entire college football season would be declared a national holiday.

…Because you know your boy isn’t doing ANY work on Saturdays that Kentucky is playing.

5. The Snoop Dogg conspiracy would be OUT of control.

The “are Kevin and Snoop Dogg related?” question has actually traveled a little bit outside of the fandom and to Snoop himself, but can you imagine a country full of people that will see it immediately? So many memes.

6. There would be a lot more trees.

Anyone that knows Kevin knows that he his concern for preserving the environment runs deep and this would be a huge part of his presidency. He’s out to literally save the world and we have every bit of faith that he probably could. YOU GET A TREE! YOU GET A TREE! That’s right – Kevin is the presidential Oprah Winfrey.

7. He has good relations worldwide.

You know there are world leaders that are Backstreet Boys fans. There have to be SOME world issues that can be solved with free VIP, right? That’s what we thought.