The Perfect Fan: 10 Fans Share Stories About Their BSB Loving Moms

For this Mother’s Day, we asked fans to share stories of their Perfect Fans aka Moms. From taking us to concerts, buying us CDs, going on cruises and VIPs with us, the Backstreet Boys have brought some of us closer to our moms through the years and some have even made US into fans.

“My mom and I always loved the Backstreet Boys. As far as I remember, we were dancing for hours in the living room, and the teenager I was, dreamed about the guys, especially about Nick. As a French Canadian, I’ve learned English by listening to Backstreet Boys music, looking for the lyrics on the net and translating them. I went to my first Backstreet Boys concert with my mom, and if her work schedule would permit, she would have come to cruise with me. Now, I instantly send her pictures of my meet and greet to get her informed how I’m lucky!” – Vanessa Martin Roy

“My mum has always been a BSB fan, but since I was MJ obsessed 6 years ago, she would not let me know who the BSB were. One day, in the summer of 2013, I was watching a PTX (Pentatonix) video on youtube, where they were doing the Evolution of Music and I heard “I want it that way.” I went to watch the video of that song, but the guys didn’t catch me very much. Then, what happened? After a year, my mum came to me and made me watch the same video. I re-watched the BSB video, and on July 23rd, 2014, I was at the BSB concert in Lucca. So, I have to thank mom if for my love of the BSB now, and I’m going to the cruise.” – Gaia Ugoletti

“I have a couple stories that my mom has done to help support my love for the Boys. Backstreet Boys were in Chicago for their Millennium tour 3 days in a row. I attended all 3 shows, one with friends in a sky box, then the next 2 days my mom got us tickets each night a little closer. I thought she was a trooper just for coming with! Let alone, spending $200 a ticket to only get as close as 15th row! Also, for that tour, the BSB had a contest going with Burger King that whoever sends in the most BK labels wins a limo ride, meeting them and tickets to the show. For weeks, my mom and I would get Burger King’s garbage bags, dug through them and found labels, cleaned them, then cut the labels out. Unfortunately My 6,636 labels didn’t win. But what my mom wouldn’t do to get my opportunity to meet them! She is my perfect fan!” – Kym McMillen

“My mum has always enjoyed the Backstreet Boys music as much as I have, so when their In a World Like This tour stopped in Winnipeg, MB last May, I knew we had to go together. The show was actually on Mother’s Day, so that made it even more special! We did a gold VIP together, and she was just beside herself meeting them. When she was walking through the line to shake the guy’s hands she was so excited and she told them “I’m here with my daughter!” They were super sweet of course, and wished her a happy Mother’s Day. We had amazing seats for the concert – front row center! The boys were amazing and Howie bent down and wished her a happy mother’s day from the stage. She really enjoyed the concert and wore her BSB t-shirt to work the next day proudly, telling everyone how much fun she had. It was such a great experience!!” – @sakabelle

“Since 1995, my mum and I have been huge BSB fans. Unfortunately, the boys never included Scotland in their tours back in the early days and it wasn’t an option for us to travel to see them in England at that time. I remember being so upset at a young age that I’d never get to see the boys and my mum equally gutted. As time went on, I didn’t follow the boys as much (grew up and focused my energy on other things). However, we still loved their songs and said when Kevin left thought we would never get a chance to see all 5 guys….until 2013 when we saw an announcement that all 5 Backstreet Boys were going on tour and they were coming to Scotland!!! Tickets were purchased and after 18 years we both finally saw our boys….lots of tears were shed. The Glasgow, Scotland concert reignited my BSB love and since then, me and my sister have traveled to see the boys many times. We also attended the 2014 cruise and will be on the 2016 cruise next week. Thank you BSB for making me feel 9 years old again and thank you to my mum for attending our 1st BSB Concert together.” – @sexykelz86

“My mom loves BSB. When I was a teenager my mom took me to two BSB concerts. To make me happy, we would listen to BSB songs in the car. I am 33 years old and my mom is my best friend and a BSB fan. She is the only mom I know that’s a fan. She got me BSB CDs because she knew how much I loved them. My mom is my biggest fan – love her and love BSB.” – Rebecca McLachlan

“My mom and I were planning to drive to Atlanta to see some relatives (and Brian if we got lucky, haha). That was an 8-hour drive from where we lived, and my mom was cool with me playing my Backstreet Boys CDs the entire drive there AND back! Also, this was back when I only had the first three albums and the For the Fans CDs, so you can imagine how many times we listened to the same songs over and over again. My mother is a very patient woman.” – Rebecca Peter

“My mom was a closet Backstreet Boys fan in 98/99. I recently became a fan and got her to embrace her Backstreet pride. We went to see Nick Carter on his All American tour and we both had a great time.” – Rayanne Tijan
“My favorite moments with my mom were when we ran into the Backstreet Boys in Kansas City. She was so mad that she was upstairs taking a shower instead of getting to meet them. My mom was of the mind if you can’t beat them join them so at every concert she would sing along cheer and scream just like us girls. She drove us from city to city so we could live out our dream but in the process she became a huge Kevin and AJ fan. My fave memories of my mom involve the Backstreet Boys and when I lost her in 2013 I got back into the Backstreet Boys scene that way I could feel closer to my mom. It’s often hard and it brings back a flood of memories of my mom and me, which is bittersweet. Thanks Mom and Happy Mother’s Day – I miss you everyday. Love your little overly obsessed daughter Carrie.” – @CarrieLGraham85

“I’ve been a BSB fan since I was 13 years old and because of that my mom always listened to their music with me. Every time we went out it was their CD that was blasting on my mom’s car. Her first BSB concert and VIP experience was back in 2012 during NKOTBSB tour. We were traveling on vacations and I told her I’d go to the concert and that she could wait for me in our hotel and she was like “no way, I’m going with you”. Now she’s going with me on my first BSB cruise and is all excited because her new photo will have all 5 boys together again. My mom rocks!” – @DannynhaMansani


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