So You’re Not Going On The Backstreet Boys Cruise: 9 Other Things To Do

In an effort to help soften the blow of not being on the Backstreet Boys 2016 Cruise, here is a list of things to keep you busy until the ship comes back. At that point, you will turn into a zombie, trying to soak up every bit of information about what happened on the boat that you weren’t on. For now though…

1. Follow all your friends that are on the cruise like an expert stalker.


Spend an hour commenting “Have fun!”, “Wish I was there :(“, “Take me withhhh yooouuu”

…. then unfollow those suckers. You don’t need that kind of heartache. (Because it ain’t nothin’ but a heartache…)

2. Find your group of non-cruisers.


Talk about how the cruise is going to suck for everyone because you’re not on it, talk about past cruises/events you’ve been to….then eventually cry together. “WHHHYYY GOD, WHHYYY?!”

3. Tweet the Backstreet Boys account about how you’re so excited for them and hope they have a GREAT time.


For some reason, we all have guilt about not going – like out of the 3,000,000 on the boat, they’re going to know YOU aren’t there and ban you for life from anything else.


4. Tell yourself that there will be fun events next year!


Grab the aforementioned non-cruising group and plan your hypothetical trip to Vegas during the unknown-dates in January for the residency test run. If you’re into Nick and AJ, check out all of the events they’re doing this year as well (Walker Stalker Con, Rewind Con, Fandom Fest, more of the All American tour…)

5. Tweet the NKOTB.


This may not work for everyone. We’re bi-boyband fangirls. And yes, we cheat on cruises. Maybe just tweet Jordan about Nick?

6. Be glad you’re not stuck on a boat with some of the people that are on the boat.


Don’t act like you don’t know….you’re picturing someone RIGHT now.

7. Feel in solidarity with 4/5 of the BSB wives.


Yeah girls, we TOTALLY wouldn’t want to be on that boat either. Woah. Yeah. Okay.

8. Live BSB-Free for a few days.


This is only for your health, guys. You can have your Boys back in four days. And a whole lot of “nauti” stories.

9. Eff everything on this list and keep up with all of the latest Cruise News. 


Follow live tweets from the boat on @WHOthebckstreet and updates on the Couch Cruise!


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