The Reason Brian Littrell’s ‘Welcome Home’ Was A Game Changer


10 years ago today, Brian Littrell released Welcome Home, his first and only solo album to date.

And he changed the game and broke the boundaries of what a “pop star” could be.

While still successful in the Backstreet Boys’ career, Brian poured his heart out in a predominantly Christian album that had critics talking. They expected bubblegum pop, love songs similar to what he had been singing for the previous 13 years, maybe even country… but who was this “teen idol” singing about his faith? Didn’t that break every rule in Hollywood?

But he did it anyway. And people loved it.

Actually people more than loved it. We felt it in our souls. There’s not one of us that didn’t (still doesn’t) cry listening to “Gone Without Goodbye” and most of us had someone in mind upon hearing “Angels and Heroes”. Most of all, we felt Brian’s soul. His passion is so evident in his voice, enough to make all of us feel something…. and isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Brian Littrell, with a single album, succeeded in inspiring us, in moving us, and in giving us music that, 10 years later, still resonates deep inside all of us. There is something for everyone on Welcome Home and if he never recorded another solo album in his life (although we’d love for him to), we have all been blessed to be able to hear his heart through music at least once in our lifetime.

10 years later, there are still fans talking about this album, listening to it daily, searching for something they might have lost. Personally speaking, this album was something I didn’t even know I needed when it came out. It brought me out of a dark time and I know that I’m not alone.

Thank you, Brian Littrell, for always being real, staying true to yourself, and making music that will last until the end of time.

Happy 10th Birthday, Welcome Home – you’re a beauty!




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