5 Thoughts We’re Having About Kevin’s Man Bun


We should have seen it coming. No, not the return of the IAWLT red pants (which we’re thrilled about). We’re obviously referring to Kevin’s new hairdo – the talk of the Backstreet fans for the past 48 hours. The last time he grew his hair out, it was styled onstage and this time was no different. The oldest Backstreet Boy has become the trendiest, sporting a man bun that will make you say ZAYN MALIK WHO?! We know Kevin though and we know that this is not for trend. No – this hairstyle has definitely made us think…and here’s a few thoughts.

1. Should We Expect Cornrows Soon?


We allllll remember the last time Kevin started growing out his hair and styling it (which happened to be the time that my mother proclaimed that Kevin must be my favorite because “he looks like Jesus”). It went from flat ironed, to flipped out, the… corn rows. That’s right, Kevin Richardson rocked those cornrows so hard during the Black & Blue tour and as his hair got longer, his biceps got bigger. Perhaps the man bun is the new cornrow.

2. Are Nick and Kevin in a Secret Hair Battle?


We all know that Nick loves attention for his follicle styling. Have we ever considered the fact that Nick seems to adopt Kevin’s hair styles shortly after Kevin’s had them for a while….and then points it out repeatedly until we love it on him too? The infamous Nick Carter banana split hair made a transition to short and spiky after Kevin’s Millennium look. Most recently, it’s been a battle of the slicked back hair and vintage poof on top.

Nick, if you’re reading this, leave Kevin to the man bun. We won’t tolerate this behavior out of you.

3. Why Does He Look Like A Wise Ninja?

Was he inspired by Dead 7? As trendy as the man bun has been in the past year, something about Kevin with one makes us feel like we should ask him things – the great mysteries of the world. Like we should be doing yoga with him on a mountainside while drinking hot tea and absorbing the Earth.

4. Should We Buy Him Bobby Pins?

Ladies – we all have had our own man buns that we refer to has top knots or messy buns. We also know that if you’re hair is layered, bobby pins are life savers. Is Kevin aware of the magic that are bobby pins? Should we gift him next VIP experience? WHAT KIND OF HAIR TIES IS HE USING?! Is he that magical that he’s not even using anything? Ugh. The mystery and power that is Kevin.

5. Why Does This Man Have SO MUCH Hair?

The hair on his head grows like he’s been eating magic beans. Don’t even get us started on his eyebrows. It’s obviously not hereditary (Sorry, Brian…). So, what gives?! If he didn’t shave, would he actually be just a furball? The questions are actually endless.

One thing is for sure, whatever Kevin does with his hair, he does it like a boss. You better WERK, Mr. Richardson.



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