10 Dos and Don’ts of Backstreet Boys Cruise Door Decorating

The Backstreet Boys cruise is just over a week away! Cruisegoers are packing their bags, have every theme night outfit set, camera battery charged, and roommates in a group text. One thing that might be forgotten until last minute is the decorating of cruise doors! Kristie and I have collaborate to bring you to the top 5 dos and don’ts of cruise door decorating – just in case you need a little help.


1. DO Make It Funny. Have fun with it- remember the BSB cruise is one big, fun, party and your door should be a part of that. Themes are even better.

2. DO Make It Large. You can take up door AND surrounding area so make it larger than life! (Pun intended.)

3. DO Make It Personal. Your door decor is meant to best represent YOU and your roommates. Use pictures of you and your roommates (and the Backstreet Boys, of course).

4.  DO Make It Loud. You want to win, right? Make sure you’re going to catch everyone’s eye. You never know who could be looking at your door.

5. DO Make It Collapsible. Remember, you have to get it to Barcelona and onto the boat. You don’t want any bent Boys.


1. DON’T Be Inappropriate. You want to grab everyone’s attention for the right reasons!

2. DON’T Be Basic. Like we said, make it loud and be creative. This is the time to show off your wild side. Unless you have pictures of Nick in yoga pants and AJ with his Starbucks frap, basic is not your friend on this occasion.

3. DON’T Skip Decorating! You never know what could happen until you try. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to win – you just have to put a little effort into it.

4. DON’T Stress. Everyone on the cruise is there to have fun. While you should definitely decorate, if it’s not exactly how you pictured, don’t stress about it. There’s always next time.

5. DON’T Hate. Make friends on the cruise and compliment other peoples’ doors if you like them. You may be trying to win, but if you’re hating on others’ efforts, it’s a losing situation for everyone.

If you want to share sneak peeks of your #BSBCruise2016 door on Twitter, use the hashtag #BSBDoorSneakPeek and we’ll retweet! Happy Sailing!


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