15 Fans Who Have Done Crazy Things To See The Backstreet Boys

As Backstreet Boys fans, nearly all of us have a story. These stories are different levels of extreme for each of us and usually, we look back on them, questioning our sanity…..before we do it again next tour. I asked you to share your craziest stories of what you’ve done to see the Backstreet Boys, to catch a glimpse of them, or even just a chance that you might get lucky. No surprise here – none of us are alone in our crazy!

“The craziest thing I’ve done to see BSB was pay the gas, hotel and ticket money when I was 12 so my parents would drive me across the state of Oregon to go see BSB in 1998. I raised pigs in 4H (which made Kevin’s last Tweet really make me laugh) and used the money so we could make it. My parents wouldn’t drive me unless I paid for it, and it was a 6 hour drive across the state.” – @SweetT422

“I wouldn’t call it crazy now, but at the time I felt like I was the smartest person in town. The first time they came to Brazil, I was like 16 years old and I was the one in charge to buy mine and my friends’ tickets. Ticketmaster would start to sell it at 9am and I was supposed to be in class at that time. So I waited for my mom to leave to work and called my building receptionist asking him to let my school bus driver know that I wasn’t feeling well so I wouldn’t go to school that day. Yep, I totally skipped school to buy my tickets. And I did!” – @DannynhaMansani

“In 2014, I drove from Memphis, TN to Houston just so I could finally see them in concert after years of dreaming and being broke…one of the nights and road trips ever!” – @Neek243

“lt was not really for me since I had already my tickets, but my friends couldn’t afford tickets to the second NKOTBSB show in Montreal and one website here in Montreal was giving away tickets. We were asked to do the craziest thing to win them, so we made signs, shirts and we stood at a really busy corner in my hometown. We put ‘Don’t Turn Off The Lights’ on and we dance on there on the corner of the street ….And yup we won the tickets for my friends.” – @girlygirlstefie

“I spent a day in front of some studios when I was 12 and then, when they told us they got in, I climbed the fence and my father was so scared for me that he got me in his shoulders… I have a picture of that day! I didn’t get the chance to see them but it was a great day of bonding with my fellow fans!!!” – @AlexSeiya_

“The craziest thing I’ve done to see the boys… Let me see… Does stalking count?  Fellow Backstreet fans and I (complete strangers at the time this happened) followed the boys everywhere on the first day of their visit to Israel. When they were in a restaurant or at some activity, we waited patiently for hours in a place across the street, looking out and awaiting the Boys’ move. And when they were outdoors, we bombed them with requests for selfies and declarations of love. And when they got into their cars and got ready to leave for the hotel, we burst into singing I Want It That Way. Just like that, in the middle of a crowded street, a bunch of girls giving a free performance… People were laughing at us but we didn’t care, we just kept shouting the lyrics until the Boys’ vans left. It was hilarious! Needless to say the Boys were all very nice and patient to everyone who waited for them, throughout their visit. We just wanted to show them our love and make them want to come back! Hope we haven’t done the exact opposite…” – @ImanAg

“I called and won tickets on the same radio station each day (because they would give away row 9 then row 8 etc) and I had to give a different name each time. I was giving names of coworkers at the end and we all had to go to the radio station together at the end to get the tickets.” – @killerhighlight

“Where do I start?! Sleeping on the streets of NYC ALL night on benches / the ground in central park for GMA summer concert – rats were running out of the trees and past my feet. We also camped out on the streets of NYC for Good Morning America and other early morning talk shows as well as on sidewalks all day for GA concerts

I also flew from NJ to LA for Nick’s movie premiere Friday and back home Saturday.

When I was 11, my mom wouldn’t drive me to the Black and Blue tour (that was 2 hours away from my house without traffic) in a blizzard. I was so upset and cried so much that my mom finally took me and we drove to see the show- in a blizzard. Risking my life to see BSB.
I drove from NJ into NYC to see BSB on TRL in a random blizzard in October.
I pretended I was Celine Dion’s biggest fan to get into the Wendy Williams show and hopefully meet BSB. Long story…..perfectly legal though.” – @kristie_sacch (That’s right — our very own VIP Guru from Kristie’s Korner)

“You know, being a French fan is really frustrating. To be honest, the Backstreet Boys don’t come a lot to our country since 1999. So, I used to travel all around Europe to see their show and meet them, since 2005. First, Europe. Then, I tried to go to the USA for the cruise in 2011. Then, in my craziest, I went another time on the 2014 cruise + the N&K show. At this moment, no one could stop me to travel for them. So for the All American Tour, I flew 11 hours to LA with my mum to see him for 3 shows. We met him at VIP, shows, selfies party.

But the craziest thing? When I couldn’t have enough. Only 10 days after LA, I made the decision really quick to go to NY. Not to sightsee, but to see (once again) Nick. I booked my flight in like 1 day and the day after I was on the plane straight after my work on Friday night. I did all the events – VIP ultimate / backstage / show / selfie, only for him! I only stay in the US for… 2 days!!!! Then, flying back on Sunday night and going work straight to the airport! Did I tell you I was crazy about BSB? (And crazy all by myself haha!)” – Emma, from the French Backstreet Team @FBTeam

“I paid 400€ just for going to Dublin from Spain and see Howie and Nick for 40 minutes at an afterparty because I didn’t have a time for going to the concert because I was working so..I was in Dublin for 15 hours.

On the anniversary, I been there in the line since the day before and I was waiting a lots of hours with my best friend. I was the first person in to the Fonda Theatre and I pay 800€ for my flight from Spain. That year I went to 5 American concerts LA, Las Vegas, Concord, Irvine, Phoenix from Spain and I was on the cruise. 3 different times in the same year and I pay expensive 3 flights from Spain.” – @sweety_dorough

“Soooooo many things! But one of the funniest things was when we wanted to meet them and it didn’t happen .With a promo, we heard in the evening that there was a big change that the boys will fly from an airport in Germany back home. I was with my best friend at the movies, so I went back home, did research almost all night slept for 2 hours. Met my best friend in the morning, we drove from Amsterdam to Roosendaal to meet with friends. Got in the car together, drove to Limburg to pick up another friend and drove to Germany. We waited at the airport for 4 hours and heard than that the flight was cancelled and the boys decided to go to another airport. So we all got in the car back, drove from Germany to Limburg to Roosendaal. When we got there the car of my best friend broke down and we had to drive home for 2 hours with a broken car. A crazy day with no result but it was such a fun day. Everybody thought we were crazy but that is always with the Backstreet Boys!” – Danique Leysner

“I’ve spent days camped out for events in the city, always the first in line for any NYC event. I can’t afford things like the cruise or to go to multiple concerts, so I do free things. But, it’s worked in my favor, case in point: when they were on Kelly and Michael a few years ago for the IAWLT promotions, I was in like a full day before hand, the producer took me inside even though I didn’t have tickets and took me backstage to meet them. It was awesome. I’ve earned the nick name of Wednesday Girl since that seems to be the most common day I get there. I’m very patient. I sit. I wait. I make friends. And some of the wives and some of the boys now recognize me and I get big hellos.” – Victoria Senni

“I’ve never done something reeeeeeally crazy. But I didn’t go on holiday for three years to go to this BSB Cruise, in 2016. And I’m proud of myself.” – Gaia Ugoletti

“A friend and I found out where their buses were located. Happen to be correct, kept seeing the Boys go back and forth from the center to their buses. 3 of the Boys finally came over to meet us. This was before the show even started and I had no intention of meeting them, so I had nothing with me for them to autograph.

About a year earlier I got a tattoo of a butterfly using the letters “BSB” a backward B for wings. The S for body and forward B for the other wing. I decided at that point, what could be better than have them autograph around the BSB tattoo.” – Kym Ann Seabolt
“I sprained a rib while being crushed by 1000 screaming fans outside trl when bsb appeared all while randomly getting my period but couldn’t get out of the crowd all for just a glimpse of them through the window.” – Jamie Zamparelli
“In 2008 I came to Seattle just for a weekend all the way from Poland!” – Joanna Lis


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