23 Backstreet Boys Moments We’ll Never Forget

BSB is 23Can you believe it? Today the Backstreet Boys celebrate 23 years together and it’s just as much a celebration for us as it is for them. They’ve given us music, friends, some of the best moments of our lives, and everything in between. They’ve been our superheroes and we can’t imagine our lives without them.

Take a trip down memory lane as we name some of our top favorite moments with the Backstreet Boys in the last 23 years (in obviously no particular order).

1. The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Obviously this list would be incomplete without the Hollywood Walk of Fame star our Boys received on their 20th anniversary. Our hearts were thrilled that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick finally got the public recognition they deserved. We’re never going to forget how happy they all looked in that moment and how proud we were / are of them. Those are OUR boys! Talented, handsome, smart and five of the most hardworking guys you’ll ever meet.

2. The Documentary Release


We waited (and waited and waited) for this documentary to be released… and it was well worth the wait. Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, aka The BSB Movie, was another one of those moments that we were proud to show the world what we already knew… and some things we didn’t. It was raw, emotional, open, honest and exactly what we wanted from the minute we heard the documentary was being filmed. We’re forever thankful to be fans of a band that can be real and inspire us to push ourselves beyond what we ever dreamed.

3. Kevin’s Return


Sure, we were appreciative that the Backstreet Boys continued as a foursome without Kevin, but there’s something great about having all five of them back together again. It’s something magical. The moment they announced his return at the end of the NKOTBSB tour, we felt whole again.

4. The First BSB Cruise


The first Backstreet Boys cruise in 2010 was a new experience for everyone, the Boys included. It was the first time fans from all over gathered in one place. It was the first time you could almost guarantee running into a Backstreet Boy unexpectedly on a boat (and with only half the boat, it was extremely likely). The buzz about the unknown was crazy and exciting! Six years later, the cruises keep getting crazier and the Backstreet Boys keep stepping up their party game just for us.

5. The Birth of VIP


Remember when you thought nosebleed seats at the Millennium concert were as close as you were going to get to these five? Remember when the Never Gone tour came around and you had to win your way into soundcheck that didn’t even include meet and greet? Your 9 year old self would never believe in a million years that you’ve since then hugged Brian, that Nick kissed you on the cheek, or that Kevin held your hand for what seemed like forever. The VIP experience has meant more to BSB fans that anyone could ever fathom.

6. The Millennium Release


The Backstreet Boys and their fans shut. down. Times. Square.

Long gone are the days of MTV studios in the center of NYC and Tower Record album signings, but the memories of the Millennium release day are still fresh in our minds. If you were lucky enough to be a BSB fan in 1999, you’ll remember where you were when the album dropped, how you felt, the tour selling out in minutes, and of course, Millennium TV.

We’re also not ashamed to admit we’ve kept that feeling with every album release since then.

7. The Backstreet Boys Joining Twitter


Who ever thought the AJ McLean would personally wish you a Happy Birthday? That you’d get an answer about the Backstreet Boys FROM a Backstreet Boy? The moment the BSB joined Twitter actually changed our lives. Who knew 140 characters or less could change our day in an instant? They may not know how much their social media interaction means to us, but every fan remembers when we didn’t have it and we know how incredibly lucky we are to have that connection today.

8. Backstreet Boys Perform With Elton John At The Grammys

They may not have won an actual Grammy that night, but really, isn’t performing with Elton John at the Grammys a huge win?



Love it or hate it, the formation of NKOTBSB was a supergroup move that no one ever saw coming. During this tour, we made new friends, we felt a new kind of electricity, and the press coverage was incredible. It’s safe to say we also recruited a few Blockheads to the Backstreet Army.

10. The First Time We Ever Saw Them


It’s different for everyone, but each of remembers the exact moment we saw the Backstreet Boys. In a magazine, on TV, in concert… we all remember and we likely picture them in our head still looking like they did in that moment (even if they look better now).

11. TRL Moments


Long gone are the days of music video countdowns, waiting outside to get a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys in the window of MTV studios while screaming our eyeballs out, and Carson Daly, but the TRL appearances are some of our fondest Backstreet memories. They didn’t even have to be in studio for us to be excited. Remember the days when Hanson and Britney beating the Backstreet Boys for the #1 video spot was our biggest upset? Take us back!

12. The BSB BBQ at Mixtape Festival


We are still begging for more events like this! To date, this has been the only real land event with the BSB and it involved outdoor games, lunch, and…well..BBQing. It’s time to bring something like this back, Boys!

13. That Time The Boys Were Caught With Their Pants Down…


Remember when this magazine cover came out and you were scared about what your mom would think? Still epic.

14. The Epic Bridge During The Black and Blue Tour


The Black and Blue era may not have been the strongest time for the Backstreet Boys, but that bridge over the audience thrilled us to no end. Few of us had ever come this close to any of the Boys and most of us lucky enough to be under the bridge might have had fantasies that they’d fall off and into our arms. Admit it.


15. The Fanclub Chats


Before Twitter, there was the Backstreet Boys fanclub chats where you’d spend half of your life waiting for Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian or Nick to pop in. In the mean time, you’d make friends and talk about the dumbest stuff that only a BSB fan would care about. Then, if you were lucky enough to be there when a BSB snuck in, you had to be a speed reader to read all of the messages being sent. Ah, simple times.

16. Nick’s Corner / Harlem Shake Videos


Courtesy of the brain of Nick Carter, we got videos like Backstreet’s Harlem Shake and Nick’s Corner that featured the Backstreet Boys doing weird things, like sticking their heads in buckets of ice or singing the “Stuck in Traffic” song. If you were a fan during that era, those two things just made you smile. If you’ve never seen them, get on it!

17. Around The World In 100 Hours


Featured on MTV’s Diary and a VHS (!), the Backstreet Boys traveled around the world in 100 hours as a promotional tour for the Black and Blue album. How crazy is it to think we weren’t able to keep up with every move they made around the world now? We had to wait for MTV to show it.

It was also the first glimpse that anyone outside of Brazil got to see how crazy it is there for the BSB. Everyone remembers panicking about how they were going to get out of that bus…. and the girl from Canada hanging off the back.


18. The Solo Tours

We love the Backstreet Boys together, but we’re also so proud that they’re a tight enough group to also have successful solo careers between group work. We support it! And we’re glad they never Timberlaked their group…

19. The Backstreet Babies


When Brian announced that he and Leighanne were expecting a baby boy, we didn’t know how to feel – it was new territory. 13 years later, we’re cheering him on in his Broadway debut and awaiting the arrival of Nick’s son. What?! We’ve loved seeing each of these men become the best dads we knew they’d be and raise the cutest kids on the planet.

20. All of The Memorabilia We Could Get Our Hands On


Remember the struggle it was to collect all of the toys at Burger King, even though most of us were too old for kids meals? Remember changing out your posters with every new issue of J-14? I’ll bet you’re aching to get that box of memorabilia out from under your bed right now. If you’re not, it’s because it’s still on your walls or proudly displayed in a semi-adult way in your house. Backstreet 4 lyfe.

21. Frick and Frack


This may not be a “moment”, but whether Nick and Brian were ever your “favorite” or not, we all have a soft spot in our hearts for Frick and Frack. Maybe because we see ourselves in them with our own best friends. Everyone wanted to be BFFs like they were. Original #BestFriendGoals.

22. The Boys Supporting Each Other


We all get a tingle when these five show up for each other during individual projects. Whether it be Dancing With The Stars, the Dead 7 red carpet, flying in to see Baylee in Disaster, showing up at weddings, baby showers, etc., the love they have for each other is real. They’re a family and we love seeing it to this day.

23. The Music


Isn’t this obvious? This is what we showed up for in the first place. We all have the first song we heard the Backstreet Boys sing. We all sing along in concerts. We all have that one song that takes us to another place and we all get excited for a new album like it’s the first one they’ve ever released. Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick have given us the gift of music over and over for the past 23 years and we couldn’t be more grateful for the way they’ve reached in and touched our hearts.

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Backstreet Boys!

Thank you for everything.


One thought on “23 Backstreet Boys Moments We’ll Never Forget

  1. Love your blog! Here are a few things European fans might never forget(from before 1998).

    1. I wanna be with you tour and The tour ’97 especially the open air performances! Those were very very hot summers and the boys would empty water bottles on the front row fans.

    2. Rerecording your Backstreet Boys album onto a cassette tape, so you could listen to it with your best friend on your walkman (!) on the way to school.

    3. The boys on Bravo TV and Viva (German fans will remember this!) Rushing home from school to watch.

    There are so many more….


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