57 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The “I Want It That Way” Music Video

It’s one of the most iconic music videos for one of the biggest, most confusing 90s songs (that turned 17 yesterday) and we still don’t know if the Backstreet Boys were ever told why. We also don’t know if they were ever told what this song is really about or what it has to do with an airport. Just like the song, you might love the music video, but what sense does it really make?

  1. This is the cleanest airport tarmac ever.
  2. This is also the best I’ve ever seen five guys look coming off a plane.
  3. Why are they getting back on the plane? TELL ME WHY.
  4. And back off. Is this some weird time jumpy stuff?
  5. 14 seconds in, these are serious business boys…..and Nick Carter giggling to himself. Typical.
  6. Why does Kevin look like he OWNS this airport?
  8. What is this blinding light that keeps coming off of them?
  9. This video really begs more questions than the actual confusing song it’s for. I mean, we’re only 21 seconds in.
  10. Kevin’s in the front. Kevin’s in the back. Kevin isn’t even a real person in this video.
  11. Anyone else want to squeeze Brian’s head off? So cute with his business casual airport attire.
  12. Brian’s dressed normal, Nick is wearing your dad’s work coat, Kevin is wearing a coat like it’s Christmas, Howie is wearing slick pleather from Limited Too, and AJ….is in a whole different season.
  13. How many times did it take to get that kick to the camera just right?
  14. Is Nick Carter wearing Lip Smackers?
  15. We want to go on the Millennium plane! (And off and on and off)
  16. This is so typical Nick. Just look at him. This is the Nick Carter everyone thinks about when you say Nick Carter. At least those that haven’t known him in his thrusty years.
  17. Can’t. Stop. Looking. At. Kevin’s. Cuffed. Jeans.
  18. How long WERE those jeans to be cuffed for Kevin?
  19. How many times did they walk in and out of that door?
  20. AH! Magic Nick just changed clothes in the blink of a scene.
  21. He also REALLY looks like he wants you to tell him why.
  22. Is this airport actually Heaven? Is that why we can’t see other peoples’ faces and the Backstreet Boys are white and sometimes semi-translucent.
  23. How many people does Kevin hit per year with his long arm span dancing?
  24. Pause at 1:07 for two Kevins and an awkward Brian.
  25. What?! I was just looking at Nick and he turned into Howie. Backstreet Boy Airport Heaven is weird.
  26. Then he nods like “Yeah, you were looking at Nick, but you should be looking at the Sweet D. I want it that way.”
  27. Here comes sassy unseasonal AJ…
  28. In Backstreet Airport Heaven, you walk in and out 35 times daily and never really go anywhere. Except outside.
  29. 1:17 – Nick and Kevin are basically back there having a conversation.
  30. AJ looks like a worm.
  31. A hot worm.
  32. AGAIN WITH THE WALKING IN. This is getting really weird, guys.
  33. Anyone who doesn’t love AJ’s worm self and his “It’s t0o0o late” move in this video is lying.
  34. Ghoststreet Boys. Backstreet Ghosts? You’ll never look at these white outfits the same again.
  35. 01:42 – I don’t think AJ is singing the right song.
  36. Why does Howie look so evil everytime you pause this video? He should be dressed in red.
  37. They’re either spread out or clumped together. The Backstreet Boys are mascara.
  38. This wardrobe, ghosts or not, is seriously so 90s.
  39. 1:44 – there’s not enough appreciation for Nick literally stomping toward the camera and acting out “Tell me why”.
  40. Kevin sings and EVERYONE turns to pay attention. Maybe because this was like, the first time we ever heard him sing a solo.
  41. AJ and his worm moves make this video, really.
  42. Who are these fast feet in between the BSB scenes? Do they know who they are? Is it literally on someone’s resume “feet on elevator in IWITW video”? I’d hire them.
  43. Where the HELL did AJ come sliding out of from behind Kevin? That was not human! Worm. Worm on skates.
  44. Kevin is a god.
  45. Kevin also has really tiny teeth and a big tongue.
  46. Oh no! 2:11 – AJ’s is melting!
  47. Howie and his jazz hands…
  48. Man, it’s like someone got happy with Powerpoint style slide transitions and decided to throw them into this video.
  50. Did these fans have to walk in and out of the doors 323 times too??
  51. Stop it. These Boys are so cute. Someone slap them.
  52. Who thinks they should remake this video today exactly as it is? WE WANT TO BE THE FANS!
  53. Oh okay, now these fans go away and come back. So bizarre. Much like the song.
  54. Don’t worry sad fangirls, they’ll be back off that plane in a half second. They’ve been going back and forth for three minutes.
  55. So, in conclusion, when BSB fans die, we go to Backstreet Heaven Airport.
  56. Because we want it that way.
  57. And that all makes about as much sense as the song. The end.



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