14 of The Biggest Questions We Asked Ourselves While Watching ‘Dead 7’


The year was 2013. The man was Nick Carter. It seems he had an idea for an indie horror flick born of his own mind and he wanted to get fans involved in the production of the movie.

Evil Blessings became Dead West then became Dead 7 before it made it’s U.S. television premiere on the Syfy network on April 1, 2016.

And we had a lot of thoughts about it – questions, if you will. Maybe you can relate…

++WARNING: Contains Spoilers++

1. Are We REALLY Rooting For Joey Fatone?

What is this? When did we become adults with boyband-accepting lines? We grew up, kids, and we were actually kind of sad with Whiskey Joe imploded.

2. Hey! Does That Zombie Look Familiar?

Uhhh yeah, some of those zombies are our friends! They landed parts as extras after contributing to the Evil Blessings turned Dead 7 campaign. How many fans get to say they were chopped up by Nick Carter and crew?

3. Can There Be A Whole Line of Dead 7 Inspired Things?

We want an app! We want a video game! We want comic books! We just want to slay those Copperheads.

4. Did The Baby Copperhead Get To Nick So We Couldn’t Hate Her?

Seriously. She was so cute. We’d bite Nick too.

5. Is AJ’s Johnny Vermillion Really Terrifying or Hot In A Creepy Way?

Part of us is terrified by that creepy laugh and thug clown look, but part of us loves that confidence and kind of wants Johnny V and his accent to go on tour.

6. Do You Suppose Nick and Lauren Play Jack and Sirene at Home? 


Is that how they decided who lived or…?

7. What Did Howie Do To Piss Nick Off?

Your own is the first to go?! And to die THAT way in THAT location? And be finished off by a guy from NSYNC? Are Nick and Howie still friends? Maybe Howie’s just an expensive actor.

8. Speaking of, Is Anyone Else Scared That Nick Is Secretly Killing You In His Mind?

We’re not sure where he came with who should go, how, and when, but I kind of don’t want him looking at me when I don’t know what he’s thinking anymore. “Ignored me in VIP…Noted. Be in my next movie. I’ll make sure AJ, your favorite, kills you.”

However, nice of him to go down with the ship. We think.

9. Was Anyone Actually Expecting 6 Dead?

I know, I know. Dead 7. It’s spelled out in the title, but did you REALLY believe that they were all going down? The last 30 minutes was a gasp fest supreme!

10. How Did That Mailman Find Jack In The Hay?

Seriously. How?

11. Who Knew We’d Get So Emotional?

We laughed (sometimes at inappropriate times) and we nearly cried (that moment when Billy was down and Jack couldn’t take it – oh man).

12. Who Knew Debra Wilson Could Be So Terrifying?

Remember MadTV when she was not so scary?!

13. Is This Really What’s In The Brain of Nick Carter?

We kind of always suspected, but now it’s all out there. Call us crazy, but we want more!

14. Where Can I Watch This Again!?

Dead 7 is now available online at Hulu and on Syfy (through your cable provider). If you want to own it on DVD, you ARE in luck. It’s available for preorder on Amazon.


One thought on “14 of The Biggest Questions We Asked Ourselves While Watching ‘Dead 7’

  1. LOL, reading this made me laugh so hard at work! Totally related to #1 (Whiskey Joe was actually my FAVORITE!) and #7 (I couldn’t believe Nick killed Howie first).


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