5 Things We Hope To See On The Next BSB Tour

That’s right; Backstreet Boys are back (again)! …Even though we know they never left. It has been confirmed that the boys [guys?] will be performing 9 shows in Las Vegas as a trial for a possible future residency. Word on the [Back] street is that this will be part of their upcoming tour that will run somewhere between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Backstreet fans everywhere are super pumped, and we know we are too! Here are some of the things we would LOVE to see!


1. Extra events.

Let’s all take some tips from Solo Nick- he set that bar reallll high. I mean- who wouldn’t want to have lunch, bowl, or play laser tag with your favorite Backstreet Boy?! Now it’s time for the AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin girls to get their chance. Also, BSB, feel free to bring back the after parties, especially in Vegas– we like those (when we’re not getting crushed in a crowd of people?) [*Cue Kevin’s calm down gesture on the bus in Rio]. You know you’re picturing it.


2. Backstreet Bus.

Ever wish you could travel in style on a tour bus like BSB (or WITH BSB)? For those of you and your friends who have already created your own mini-tours, have you ever thought of renting a RV/bus to travel around? Well, how about if BSB provides you with a tour bus? We should do this. Let’s make it happen.


3. More exclusive VIP.

The different levels of VIP are great because it gives many fans a chance to participate to their liking. However, for one of the levels, is having some kind of “Ultimate” VIP asking for too much…? A VIP with less fans and more time spent with BSB? …Because we all know that no one feels very VIP[-y?] when you’re rushed in and out with hundreds of other people. Just in case we forgot how amazing Nick Carter’s All Access/Ultimate was, BSB should find a way to do something similar. And of course, this goes without saying- we want soundcheck.

Another option is NKOTB’s version of the “Ultimate”. As an upgrade to your VIP package, you get an entire SOLO photo shoot with candid and group pictures without having to buy a completely separate VIP.

Finally, I think I’m speaking for many fans when I say- bring back the backstage tour! The on stage seating for Platinum VIP was fun and all, but the amount of individual face-time with the backstage tours is why fans love it. But… if there was ultimate VIP, you wouldn’t need the backstage tour, because going backstage would already be built into the package– hmmmm… something to think about, Wonderful Union….


4. A Chance to Vote.

Every fan has a dream set list they would love to see BSB perform in concert. Although we LOVE the iconic hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody”, wouldn’t we all love a good “Let’s Have A Party” or “Back To Your Heart” thrown into the mix?! If fans get to vote on [at least a few] songs, then maybe we could switch things up for a bit. Just for fun.


5. A Baby.

Well, ladies and gents, if you have not yet seen it in the news– Nick Carter is a DAD! [WHAT?!] We are SO excited, and now all 5 guys can bring their little ones on tour! Can’t wait to meet the newest little Backstreet Boy, Odin!



**Take notes, boys (and WU); and we can’t wait to see you soon!


15 Fans Who Have Done Crazy Things To See The Backstreet Boys

As Backstreet Boys fans, nearly all of us have a story. These stories are different levels of extreme for each of us and usually, we look back on them, questioning our sanity…..before we do it again next tour. I asked you to share your craziest stories of what you’ve done to see the Backstreet Boys, to catch a glimpse of them, or even just a chance that you might get lucky. No surprise here – none of us are alone in our crazy!

“The craziest thing I’ve done to see BSB was pay the gas, hotel and ticket money when I was 12 so my parents would drive me across the state of Oregon to go see BSB in 1998. I raised pigs in 4H (which made Kevin’s last Tweet really make me laugh) and used the money so we could make it. My parents wouldn’t drive me unless I paid for it, and it was a 6 hour drive across the state.” – @SweetT422

“I wouldn’t call it crazy now, but at the time I felt like I was the smartest person in town. The first time they came to Brazil, I was like 16 years old and I was the one in charge to buy mine and my friends’ tickets. Ticketmaster would start to sell it at 9am and I was supposed to be in class at that time. So I waited for my mom to leave to work and called my building receptionist asking him to let my school bus driver know that I wasn’t feeling well so I wouldn’t go to school that day. Yep, I totally skipped school to buy my tickets. And I did!” – @DannynhaMansani

“In 2014, I drove from Memphis, TN to Houston just so I could finally see them in concert after years of dreaming and being broke…one of the nights and road trips ever!” – @Neek243

“lt was not really for me since I had already my tickets, but my friends couldn’t afford tickets to the second NKOTBSB show in Montreal and one website here in Montreal was giving away tickets. We were asked to do the craziest thing to win them, so we made signs, shirts and we stood at a really busy corner in my hometown. We put ‘Don’t Turn Off The Lights’ on and we dance on there on the corner of the street ….And yup we won the tickets for my friends.” – @girlygirlstefie

“I spent a day in front of some studios when I was 12 and then, when they told us they got in, I climbed the fence and my father was so scared for me that he got me in his shoulders… I have a picture of that day! I didn’t get the chance to see them but it was a great day of bonding with my fellow fans!!!” – @AlexSeiya_

“The craziest thing I’ve done to see the boys… Let me see… Does stalking count?  Fellow Backstreet fans and I (complete strangers at the time this happened) followed the boys everywhere on the first day of their visit to Israel. When they were in a restaurant or at some activity, we waited patiently for hours in a place across the street, looking out and awaiting the Boys’ move. And when they were outdoors, we bombed them with requests for selfies and declarations of love. And when they got into their cars and got ready to leave for the hotel, we burst into singing I Want It That Way. Just like that, in the middle of a crowded street, a bunch of girls giving a free performance… People were laughing at us but we didn’t care, we just kept shouting the lyrics until the Boys’ vans left. It was hilarious! Needless to say the Boys were all very nice and patient to everyone who waited for them, throughout their visit. We just wanted to show them our love and make them want to come back! Hope we haven’t done the exact opposite…” – @ImanAg

“I called and won tickets on the same radio station each day (because they would give away row 9 then row 8 etc) and I had to give a different name each time. I was giving names of coworkers at the end and we all had to go to the radio station together at the end to get the tickets.” – @killerhighlight

“Where do I start?! Sleeping on the streets of NYC ALL night on benches / the ground in central park for GMA summer concert – rats were running out of the trees and past my feet. We also camped out on the streets of NYC for Good Morning America and other early morning talk shows as well as on sidewalks all day for GA concerts

I also flew from NJ to LA for Nick’s movie premiere Friday and back home Saturday.

When I was 11, my mom wouldn’t drive me to the Black and Blue tour (that was 2 hours away from my house without traffic) in a blizzard. I was so upset and cried so much that my mom finally took me and we drove to see the show- in a blizzard. Risking my life to see BSB.
I drove from NJ into NYC to see BSB on TRL in a random blizzard in October.
I pretended I was Celine Dion’s biggest fan to get into the Wendy Williams show and hopefully meet BSB. Long story…..perfectly legal though.” – @kristie_sacch (That’s right — our very own VIP Guru from Kristie’s Korner)

“You know, being a French fan is really frustrating. To be honest, the Backstreet Boys don’t come a lot to our country since 1999. So, I used to travel all around Europe to see their show and meet them, since 2005. First, Europe. Then, I tried to go to the USA for the cruise in 2011. Then, in my craziest, I went another time on the 2014 cruise + the N&K show. At this moment, no one could stop me to travel for them. So for the All American Tour, I flew 11 hours to LA with my mum to see him for 3 shows. We met him at VIP, shows, selfies party.

But the craziest thing? When I couldn’t have enough. Only 10 days after LA, I made the decision really quick to go to NY. Not to sightsee, but to see (once again) Nick. I booked my flight in like 1 day and the day after I was on the plane straight after my work on Friday night. I did all the events – VIP ultimate / backstage / show / selfie, only for him! I only stay in the US for… 2 days!!!! Then, flying back on Sunday night and going work straight to the airport! Did I tell you I was crazy about BSB? (And crazy all by myself haha!)” – Emma, from the French Backstreet Team @FBTeam

“I paid 400€ just for going to Dublin from Spain and see Howie and Nick for 40 minutes at an afterparty because I didn’t have a time for going to the concert because I was working so..I was in Dublin for 15 hours.

On the anniversary, I been there in the line since the day before and I was waiting a lots of hours with my best friend. I was the first person in to the Fonda Theatre and I pay 800€ for my flight from Spain. That year I went to 5 American concerts LA, Las Vegas, Concord, Irvine, Phoenix from Spain and I was on the cruise. 3 different times in the same year and I pay expensive 3 flights from Spain.” – @sweety_dorough

“Soooooo many things! But one of the funniest things was when we wanted to meet them and it didn’t happen .With a promo, we heard in the evening that there was a big change that the boys will fly from an airport in Germany back home. I was with my best friend at the movies, so I went back home, did research almost all night slept for 2 hours. Met my best friend in the morning, we drove from Amsterdam to Roosendaal to meet with friends. Got in the car together, drove to Limburg to pick up another friend and drove to Germany. We waited at the airport for 4 hours and heard than that the flight was cancelled and the boys decided to go to another airport. So we all got in the car back, drove from Germany to Limburg to Roosendaal. When we got there the car of my best friend broke down and we had to drive home for 2 hours with a broken car. A crazy day with no result but it was such a fun day. Everybody thought we were crazy but that is always with the Backstreet Boys!” – Danique Leysner

“I’ve spent days camped out for events in the city, always the first in line for any NYC event. I can’t afford things like the cruise or to go to multiple concerts, so I do free things. But, it’s worked in my favor, case in point: when they were on Kelly and Michael a few years ago for the IAWLT promotions, I was in like a full day before hand, the producer took me inside even though I didn’t have tickets and took me backstage to meet them. It was awesome. I’ve earned the nick name of Wednesday Girl since that seems to be the most common day I get there. I’m very patient. I sit. I wait. I make friends. And some of the wives and some of the boys now recognize me and I get big hellos.” – Victoria Senni

“I’ve never done something reeeeeeally crazy. But I didn’t go on holiday for three years to go to this BSB Cruise, in 2016. And I’m proud of myself.” – Gaia Ugoletti

“A friend and I found out where their buses were located. Happen to be correct, kept seeing the Boys go back and forth from the center to their buses. 3 of the Boys finally came over to meet us. This was before the show even started and I had no intention of meeting them, so I had nothing with me for them to autograph.

About a year earlier I got a tattoo of a butterfly using the letters “BSB” a backward B for wings. The S for body and forward B for the other wing. I decided at that point, what could be better than have them autograph around the BSB tattoo.” – Kym Ann Seabolt
“I sprained a rib while being crushed by 1000 screaming fans outside trl when bsb appeared all while randomly getting my period but couldn’t get out of the crowd all for just a glimpse of them through the window.” – Jamie Zamparelli
“In 2008 I came to Seattle just for a weekend all the way from Poland!” – Joanna Lis

10 Reasons to Get Excited for BSB Cruise 2016!

Now that we have received our official itineraries, there are SO many things we are excited about for the upcoming cruise. Here are the top few things that we just can’t stop thinking about… so GET EXCITED!


Have you ever dreamed of sailing the Mediterranean? How about with BSB? Just in case you forgot, this cruise is FOUR nights instead of three! Plus, this is the first year the BSB cruise is on a Royal Caribbean ship! I do enjoy Carnival for their “party” atmosphere, however their ships are not always the nicest. Royal Caribbean has nicer ships and for the most part better food …and as always, UNLIMITED food! BSB, Europe, AND unlimited food? Looks like dreams do come true.2014-03-27 22.39.48


2. Cruise terminal fun.
Who would ever think a cruise port terminal could be so fun? Sure with the long lines, security, and anticipation, one would think that a cruise port terminal is on the list of worst places to ever be. Not on a BSB cruise. Watching the boys enter the terminal and watching the board the ship is when the realization hits that they are walking onto the same ship you are about to walk on—for FIVE days straight!


3. The #BackstreetArmy reunites.
As with all BSB events, hanging out with friends and meeting new fans is half the fun (okay, or maybe more than half)! Some groups of friends may or may not be wandering around in custom matching t-shirts or full outfits (and that may or may not include my group of friends). Have fun with it- that’s the beauty of the BSB cruise.


4. Door decorating contest.
BSB fans go ALL out. This is one of my favorite parts of the cruise. I HIGHLY suggest you take time to go around looking at other’s creative doors, because they really are amazing to see! And if you haven’t yet planned out a door decoration, it’s not too late! Plus, you never know who will stop by and sign it (yes, I’m referring to a Backstreet Boy). Speaking of decorations, the whole ship is decked out in BSB; from banners, to the elevator doors, to the infamous cardboard cutout of the boys in the lobby, just in case you forget you are on a cruise with the Backstreet Boys. Don’t forget to take a picture with it!2014-10-27 02.36.19


5. Cruise-exclusive merch.
…And it’s CUTE! I would especially build one of these bad boys into your BSB cruise budget. It is a very festive addition to your cruise vibe while you’re tanning on the Lido deck or roaming the ship with a drink in hand. Just another reminder that you’re on a BACKSTREET BOYS CRUISE! And there’s more where that came from. A whole merch store! That’s right; a STORE! Make sure you get your merch ASAP, because items WILL sell out!2014-10-24 13.29.05


6. Free time at port.
This year, there will not be a beach party [*Cue collective sigh]. Although I am super sad that there is no beach party, I am excited to have free time to explore the ports. I don’t know about you, but I don’t frequent Europe; so the more time I have to sight see, the better. Plus, it seems as though there will be more than enough other events to fill the time on the ship [see itinerary].


7. Photo ops.
For those of you who may not know, part of the cruise includes a formal M&G with BSB. Just like with any VIP/M&G, you can make it what you wish. Keep in mind, these tend to be slightly more rushed than concert VIP M&Gs. Just a reminder, you must have 4-5 people in your group in order to be let in to take pictures. Don’t get discouraged about the semi-rushed group photo, however, because let’s face it- you are TRAPPED on a boat with the Backstreet Boys. You WILL run into them at some point around the ship (but probably in the casino), and will potentially get a selfie or two. For those of you going on the cruise, please keep in mind, the more pushy you are, the less willing the boys will be to take pictures. Remember to relaxxxxxx; You are on vacation, after all.


8. The acoustic concert.
Well, we know Kevin is really pumped about this one. I personally was OBSESSED with the cruise concert from last year due to its high energy and nostalgia. For those of you who have not seen it, it was very similar to the Homecoming Live in Orlando Tour VHS.. and my little fangirl heart squealed. This year, fans are getting the chance to request songs that will be performed during the Acoustic concert. A lot of fans requested oldies but goodies (that the boys probably don’t even still remember the lyrics to); and I, personally, requested faster songs (such as the crowd favorite “If You Want it to be Good Girl”) so we all can stay awake. Will the boys actually re-learn the less popular songs and perform them? Only time will tell.


9. Living the #suitelife.
This year, for those fans in cabins who have reserved seating, there will be an exclusive “preferred” event. Who knows what that will entail, but it is OFFICIALLY on the itinerary (taking place in the lounge), and I am STOKED!


10. One big PARTY.
From the sail away party, to game shows, to deck parties, to the return of SOLO EVENTS! …the BSB cruise is one constant party. Dressing up for theme nights and seeing what crazy outfits the boys come out in is always a hoot. I know there are many fans wondering what getup the boys will come out in, especially for Leather and Lace night. Guess we will have to wait and see! If Nick actually dresses like a man this time, that would be great. LOL. Although Dorothy, from last year, was quite entertaining, it was just as equally traumatizing. Also, note to boys: PLEASE bring the sailor outfits back. Kthanks.2014-10-24 17.14.34_edited


As always, make sure to eat, drink, have a blast, and DON’T sleep! Can’t wait to set sail in 17 days! Can it please just be here already?

If you’re not going on the cruise, we’ll miss you! And I bet BSB will too. Just a friendly reminder, there is still time to book here! But if not, remember, you can still participate in What Happens on the Backstreet’s Couch Cruise. It is definitely a good time; not to be missed!

To Anyone Who Has Ever Made You Feel Guilty About Loving A Band…

It happens with every new tour, event, or appearance.

“You’re going to see them again?”

“Didn’t you just see them a few months ago?”

“Don’t you get tired of wasting your money on those things?”

Time and time again, we feel like we have to defend ourselves. We think twice about posting cruise countdowns and concert photos because there are always those people that will ask us, judge us, and think we have some “growing up” to do.

Those are also the same people that spend their time regretting what they didn’t do before it was too late.

With the recent passing of music legends like Prince and David Bowie, social media is full of people saying things like “man, I wish I had seen him live” or “I saw him when I was a teenager and always wanted to go back”. Most of these are coming from the same people who seem to question our multiple trips to see the bands we love, our money spent (that isn’t their business), and the promoting we do.

To those people, I say that you have to seize the moments you have.

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed – for us or, in this case, the Backstreet Boys. We’re aware that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick have been working together for 23 years, that it’s an unprecedented time period for a vocal group from the 90s, and that every concert could be their last. We’re aware that we’re growing older and our responsibilities are growing as well.

We also understand that these events are not only a chance to see our idols one more time, but a chance to see our friends, to create priceless memories, and to live life in the way we want… while we still can.

Some people don’t realize what they have (or could have had) until it’s gone, but some people work hard to enjoy what they can while it’s still happening. Don’t steal the sunshine.

Live life the way you want, but be aware of what you might regret – whether that means skipping an event because you would regret not being able to afford something else or going to every event you can because you’ll regret not doing it while you can.

But please, respect that everyone is simply trying to get their fill of happiness. Everyone is giving back what they feel these artists have given to them …and sometimes, that’s more than we can ever repay. So we show up, we support, and we love them until the end. Without regrets.

23 Backstreet Boys Moments We’ll Never Forget

BSB is 23Can you believe it? Today the Backstreet Boys celebrate 23 years together and it’s just as much a celebration for us as it is for them. They’ve given us music, friends, some of the best moments of our lives, and everything in between. They’ve been our superheroes and we can’t imagine our lives without them.

Take a trip down memory lane as we name some of our top favorite moments with the Backstreet Boys in the last 23 years (in obviously no particular order).

1. The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Obviously this list would be incomplete without the Hollywood Walk of Fame star our Boys received on their 20th anniversary. Our hearts were thrilled that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick finally got the public recognition they deserved. We’re never going to forget how happy they all looked in that moment and how proud we were / are of them. Those are OUR boys! Talented, handsome, smart and five of the most hardworking guys you’ll ever meet.

2. The Documentary Release


We waited (and waited and waited) for this documentary to be released… and it was well worth the wait. Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, aka The BSB Movie, was another one of those moments that we were proud to show the world what we already knew… and some things we didn’t. It was raw, emotional, open, honest and exactly what we wanted from the minute we heard the documentary was being filmed. We’re forever thankful to be fans of a band that can be real and inspire us to push ourselves beyond what we ever dreamed.

3. Kevin’s Return


Sure, we were appreciative that the Backstreet Boys continued as a foursome without Kevin, but there’s something great about having all five of them back together again. It’s something magical. The moment they announced his return at the end of the NKOTBSB tour, we felt whole again.

4. The First BSB Cruise


The first Backstreet Boys cruise in 2010 was a new experience for everyone, the Boys included. It was the first time fans from all over gathered in one place. It was the first time you could almost guarantee running into a Backstreet Boy unexpectedly on a boat (and with only half the boat, it was extremely likely). The buzz about the unknown was crazy and exciting! Six years later, the cruises keep getting crazier and the Backstreet Boys keep stepping up their party game just for us.

5. The Birth of VIP


Remember when you thought nosebleed seats at the Millennium concert were as close as you were going to get to these five? Remember when the Never Gone tour came around and you had to win your way into soundcheck that didn’t even include meet and greet? Your 9 year old self would never believe in a million years that you’ve since then hugged Brian, that Nick kissed you on the cheek, or that Kevin held your hand for what seemed like forever. The VIP experience has meant more to BSB fans that anyone could ever fathom.

6. The Millennium Release


The Backstreet Boys and their fans shut. down. Times. Square.

Long gone are the days of MTV studios in the center of NYC and Tower Record album signings, but the memories of the Millennium release day are still fresh in our minds. If you were lucky enough to be a BSB fan in 1999, you’ll remember where you were when the album dropped, how you felt, the tour selling out in minutes, and of course, Millennium TV.

We’re also not ashamed to admit we’ve kept that feeling with every album release since then.

7. The Backstreet Boys Joining Twitter


Who ever thought the AJ McLean would personally wish you a Happy Birthday? That you’d get an answer about the Backstreet Boys FROM a Backstreet Boy? The moment the BSB joined Twitter actually changed our lives. Who knew 140 characters or less could change our day in an instant? They may not know how much their social media interaction means to us, but every fan remembers when we didn’t have it and we know how incredibly lucky we are to have that connection today.

8. Backstreet Boys Perform With Elton John At The Grammys

They may not have won an actual Grammy that night, but really, isn’t performing with Elton John at the Grammys a huge win?



Love it or hate it, the formation of NKOTBSB was a supergroup move that no one ever saw coming. During this tour, we made new friends, we felt a new kind of electricity, and the press coverage was incredible. It’s safe to say we also recruited a few Blockheads to the Backstreet Army.

10. The First Time We Ever Saw Them


It’s different for everyone, but each of remembers the exact moment we saw the Backstreet Boys. In a magazine, on TV, in concert… we all remember and we likely picture them in our head still looking like they did in that moment (even if they look better now).

11. TRL Moments


Long gone are the days of music video countdowns, waiting outside to get a glimpse of the Backstreet Boys in the window of MTV studios while screaming our eyeballs out, and Carson Daly, but the TRL appearances are some of our fondest Backstreet memories. They didn’t even have to be in studio for us to be excited. Remember the days when Hanson and Britney beating the Backstreet Boys for the #1 video spot was our biggest upset? Take us back!

12. The BSB BBQ at Mixtape Festival


We are still begging for more events like this! To date, this has been the only real land event with the BSB and it involved outdoor games, lunch, and…well..BBQing. It’s time to bring something like this back, Boys!

13. That Time The Boys Were Caught With Their Pants Down…


Remember when this magazine cover came out and you were scared about what your mom would think? Still epic.

14. The Epic Bridge During The Black and Blue Tour


The Black and Blue era may not have been the strongest time for the Backstreet Boys, but that bridge over the audience thrilled us to no end. Few of us had ever come this close to any of the Boys and most of us lucky enough to be under the bridge might have had fantasies that they’d fall off and into our arms. Admit it.


15. The Fanclub Chats


Before Twitter, there was the Backstreet Boys fanclub chats where you’d spend half of your life waiting for Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian or Nick to pop in. In the mean time, you’d make friends and talk about the dumbest stuff that only a BSB fan would care about. Then, if you were lucky enough to be there when a BSB snuck in, you had to be a speed reader to read all of the messages being sent. Ah, simple times.

16. Nick’s Corner / Harlem Shake Videos


Courtesy of the brain of Nick Carter, we got videos like Backstreet’s Harlem Shake and Nick’s Corner that featured the Backstreet Boys doing weird things, like sticking their heads in buckets of ice or singing the “Stuck in Traffic” song. If you were a fan during that era, those two things just made you smile. If you’ve never seen them, get on it!

17. Around The World In 100 Hours


Featured on MTV’s Diary and a VHS (!), the Backstreet Boys traveled around the world in 100 hours as a promotional tour for the Black and Blue album. How crazy is it to think we weren’t able to keep up with every move they made around the world now? We had to wait for MTV to show it.

It was also the first glimpse that anyone outside of Brazil got to see how crazy it is there for the BSB. Everyone remembers panicking about how they were going to get out of that bus…. and the girl from Canada hanging off the back.


18. The Solo Tours

We love the Backstreet Boys together, but we’re also so proud that they’re a tight enough group to also have successful solo careers between group work. We support it! And we’re glad they never Timberlaked their group…

19. The Backstreet Babies


When Brian announced that he and Leighanne were expecting a baby boy, we didn’t know how to feel – it was new territory. 13 years later, we’re cheering him on in his Broadway debut and awaiting the arrival of Nick’s son. What?! We’ve loved seeing each of these men become the best dads we knew they’d be and raise the cutest kids on the planet.

20. All of The Memorabilia We Could Get Our Hands On


Remember the struggle it was to collect all of the toys at Burger King, even though most of us were too old for kids meals? Remember changing out your posters with every new issue of J-14? I’ll bet you’re aching to get that box of memorabilia out from under your bed right now. If you’re not, it’s because it’s still on your walls or proudly displayed in a semi-adult way in your house. Backstreet 4 lyfe.

21. Frick and Frack


This may not be a “moment”, but whether Nick and Brian were ever your “favorite” or not, we all have a soft spot in our hearts for Frick and Frack. Maybe because we see ourselves in them with our own best friends. Everyone wanted to be BFFs like they were. Original #BestFriendGoals.

22. The Boys Supporting Each Other


We all get a tingle when these five show up for each other during individual projects. Whether it be Dancing With The Stars, the Dead 7 red carpet, flying in to see Baylee in Disaster, showing up at weddings, baby showers, etc., the love they have for each other is real. They’re a family and we love seeing it to this day.

23. The Music


Isn’t this obvious? This is what we showed up for in the first place. We all have the first song we heard the Backstreet Boys sing. We all sing along in concerts. We all have that one song that takes us to another place and we all get excited for a new album like it’s the first one they’ve ever released. Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick have given us the gift of music over and over for the past 23 years and we couldn’t be more grateful for the way they’ve reached in and touched our hearts.

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Backstreet Boys!

Thank you for everything.

FAN EXCLUSIVE: 5 Minutes On Stage With Brian and Baylee Littrell


Following the Disaster! performance on Tuesday night at Nederlander Theater, Brian Littrell took the stage with 13 year old son, Baylee, who is currently playing twins in the Broadway musical. By Wednesday morning, videos of the performance had hit the internet and we were all obsessed with the father-son duo (as if we weren’t before). You may have noticed two (super lucky) girls sitting on the stage at their feet and if you were wondering who they were and how they got so lucky – wonder no more! The girls, Sarah (@sv02) and Jaime (@fanofbsb4ever), are actually What Happens On The Backstreet readers and were kind enough to share their experience with us. Check it out!

“We weren’t sure if it was going to happen. It was a lot of luck….or stars aligning… We had seen the announcements about Brian doing *something* on 4/12, but we didn’t have a clue what that would be.

Both of us have seen the show already. Sarah saw it opening night of previews back in February, and Jaime saw it as soon as she landed in NYC, just 3 nights before Tuesday’s show. That was the key — that night, Jaime saw a sneak peek of what could happen: an auction, to raise money for Broadway Cares …. The winner that night got to go up on stage.

We immediately tried to figure out if we could be there the night Brian was going to be involved, and hoped it might be the same thing. Jaime secretly hoped that Baylee would share the stage with Brian. We’ve already been fortunate enough to have met them multiple times at get photos, so matter what happened, we HAD to be there to support Brian! We tried to rationalize our price range — it’s just like a BSB concert gold/platinum VIP, right?! But…BETTER !

Day of, neither of us had time during the day (yay work hours!) to see if there were rush tickets since we’d seen the show & didn’t need good seats… but did need to save every single cent for the auction! Luckily, there were still rush tickets available that night. At intermission, Sarah was able to confirm with the staff where to run down to participate in the bidding, and that a combined bid was allowed!

Bidding started high — they doubled it …and Leighanne tried to outbid us! Brian jumped in too…..but…. We won!!!!

We went up on stage and were ready to stand by on the side. But Brian, in his Brian-ly way, suggested we sit down in front and evenly jokingly showed us how he expected us to sit.  He & Baylee ended up singing an adorable father/son duet where Brian kept interrupting Baylee with BSB songs when the lyrics overlapped. Baylee even called out Brian for interrupting him, it was endearing, funny, and moving moment, and we had the best seat in the house!

Jaime knew she had to record this, and knew no one was a prouder dad than Brian at that very moment, so she took out her phone during the performance to record it.  To her surprise, Brian sang to it…and even flipped it around to capture our moment on Broadway with him.  Brian even asked Jaime during the performance whether she was recording, and not hearing Jaime’s answer, he flipped the phone to check that it was and flipped it back and said “so you are recording!” It was such an unexpected and unforgettable moment for us, thank you Brian!

During the performance, Baylee sang Nat King Cole – “L-O-V-E” and Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back” while Brian interrupted with “All I Have To Give”, “Quit Playing Games”, and “I Want It That Way”.  Brian even passed the mic to Baylee during a part of “I Want It That Way” and Baylee pretended not to know the lyrics.  Max Crumm, one of the cast members, live streamed a video of the performance from the side of the stage.

In the end, one of the stage folks offered to take our pictures — group photo & individual photos. In a blur, Sarah was able to mention that she worked at Backstage and had bugged her social media team to get Baylee the instagram takeover ; he laughed and said “Thanks! It was fun!!”

When we went to sign the donation paperwork & charge our cards, the lady exclaimed how amazing it must have been to get photos. Little did she know we have been fortunate to already have photos and be up close with Brian…but this was definitely incomparable to any other experience we’ve ever had!!  We were blown away by the performance and felt very lucky to have been able to capture a picture of our 5 minutes on Broadway with Baylee and Brian Littrell.

The next day, they put out the official video pretty fast — you may have already watched the different videos already linked… but this one is worth it too!”

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Sarah and Jaime!


5 Facts About Nick Carter… As Told By ‘Dead 7’ Premiere Day

It’s been a very long two weeks since Nick’s premiere. Let’s relive what we found out/already knew as supported by the events of lunch and premiere.

  1. Nick should [not] have been a waiter.

Nick served food to everyone at his lunch; what a gem. Our favorite moment, however, was watching him plop full over-sized meatballs into fans’ plates. Or should we say #balls ? [In the words of Nick Carter (on a fan’s instagram picture comments)]

  1. Nick is now a… vegetarian?

But he still eats fish. And meatballs? He also likes cannolis. Maybe he is just an all around foodie with vegetarian-like tendencies…?

  1. Nick is actually, somewhat of a fashionista.

I think we may have past a milestone here people; Nick did NOT wear sweatpants to his premiere.

  1. Nick is friends with a lot of boybanders. …And it makes the 90’s fangirl in us happy.

If you saw the movie, you know that the list of boybanders that starred in Dead 7 were: AJ McLean and Howie Dorough from BSB, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC, Erik Estrada and Dan Miller from O-Town, and Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees. AJ, Joey, and Jeff attended the premiere, along with other fellow Backstreet Boy, Kevin! The lucky fans who were in attendance got the chance to mingle with these celebs and other cast members there. Along with our personal fave, Olivia Newton John! #Sandy

  1. Nick LOVES his movie.

As he should, because we love it too! Watching his face light up when he talked about it and watched it was priceless. Some of the fans in the audience were featured/extra zombies in the movie, so having them watch it in the theater with Nick, their friends, and other cast members, was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

If you would like to see the article/other pics/ info from lunch, check out the full Just Jared article here or  Nick’s website. And if you haven’t yet gotten to watch Dead 7, make sure you check it out!


57 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The “I Want It That Way” Music Video

It’s one of the most iconic music videos for one of the biggest, most confusing 90s songs (that turned 17 yesterday) and we still don’t know if the Backstreet Boys were ever told why. We also don’t know if they were ever told what this song is really about or what it has to do with an airport. Just like the song, you might love the music video, but what sense does it really make?

  1. This is the cleanest airport tarmac ever.
  2. This is also the best I’ve ever seen five guys look coming off a plane.
  3. Why are they getting back on the plane? TELL ME WHY.
  4. And back off. Is this some weird time jumpy stuff?
  5. 14 seconds in, these are serious business boys…..and Nick Carter giggling to himself. Typical.
  6. Why does Kevin look like he OWNS this airport?
  8. What is this blinding light that keeps coming off of them?
  9. This video really begs more questions than the actual confusing song it’s for. I mean, we’re only 21 seconds in.
  10. Kevin’s in the front. Kevin’s in the back. Kevin isn’t even a real person in this video.
  11. Anyone else want to squeeze Brian’s head off? So cute with his business casual airport attire.
  12. Brian’s dressed normal, Nick is wearing your dad’s work coat, Kevin is wearing a coat like it’s Christmas, Howie is wearing slick pleather from Limited Too, and AJ….is in a whole different season.
  13. How many times did it take to get that kick to the camera just right?
  14. Is Nick Carter wearing Lip Smackers?
  15. We want to go on the Millennium plane! (And off and on and off)
  16. This is so typical Nick. Just look at him. This is the Nick Carter everyone thinks about when you say Nick Carter. At least those that haven’t known him in his thrusty years.
  17. Can’t. Stop. Looking. At. Kevin’s. Cuffed. Jeans.
  18. How long WERE those jeans to be cuffed for Kevin?
  19. How many times did they walk in and out of that door?
  20. AH! Magic Nick just changed clothes in the blink of a scene.
  21. He also REALLY looks like he wants you to tell him why.
  22. Is this airport actually Heaven? Is that why we can’t see other peoples’ faces and the Backstreet Boys are white and sometimes semi-translucent.
  23. How many people does Kevin hit per year with his long arm span dancing?
  24. Pause at 1:07 for two Kevins and an awkward Brian.
  25. What?! I was just looking at Nick and he turned into Howie. Backstreet Boy Airport Heaven is weird.
  26. Then he nods like “Yeah, you were looking at Nick, but you should be looking at the Sweet D. I want it that way.”
  27. Here comes sassy unseasonal AJ…
  28. In Backstreet Airport Heaven, you walk in and out 35 times daily and never really go anywhere. Except outside.
  29. 1:17 – Nick and Kevin are basically back there having a conversation.
  30. AJ looks like a worm.
  31. A hot worm.
  32. AGAIN WITH THE WALKING IN. This is getting really weird, guys.
  33. Anyone who doesn’t love AJ’s worm self and his “It’s t0o0o late” move in this video is lying.
  34. Ghoststreet Boys. Backstreet Ghosts? You’ll never look at these white outfits the same again.
  35. 01:42 – I don’t think AJ is singing the right song.
  36. Why does Howie look so evil everytime you pause this video? He should be dressed in red.
  37. They’re either spread out or clumped together. The Backstreet Boys are mascara.
  38. This wardrobe, ghosts or not, is seriously so 90s.
  39. 1:44 – there’s not enough appreciation for Nick literally stomping toward the camera and acting out “Tell me why”.
  40. Kevin sings and EVERYONE turns to pay attention. Maybe because this was like, the first time we ever heard him sing a solo.
  41. AJ and his worm moves make this video, really.
  42. Who are these fast feet in between the BSB scenes? Do they know who they are? Is it literally on someone’s resume “feet on elevator in IWITW video”? I’d hire them.
  43. Where the HELL did AJ come sliding out of from behind Kevin? That was not human! Worm. Worm on skates.
  44. Kevin is a god.
  45. Kevin also has really tiny teeth and a big tongue.
  46. Oh no! 2:11 – AJ’s is melting!
  47. Howie and his jazz hands…
  48. Man, it’s like someone got happy with Powerpoint style slide transitions and decided to throw them into this video.
  50. Did these fans have to walk in and out of the doors 323 times too??
  51. Stop it. These Boys are so cute. Someone slap them.
  52. Who thinks they should remake this video today exactly as it is? WE WANT TO BE THE FANS!
  53. Oh okay, now these fans go away and come back. So bizarre. Much like the song.
  54. Don’t worry sad fangirls, they’ll be back off that plane in a half second. They’ve been going back and forth for three minutes.
  55. So, in conclusion, when BSB fans die, we go to Backstreet Heaven Airport.
  56. Because we want it that way.
  57. And that all makes about as much sense as the song. The end.


10 Reasons Nick Carter’s Ultimate VIP Was EVERYTHING

  1. Getting to hang out with your friend, Nick Carter. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about “VIP”. As many BSB fans know, regular VIP includes a meet and greet, picture, and usually less than a minute of trying to gather all of your thoughts and form words. Not in All Access. Imagine getting to sit for hours talking to your favorite Backstreet Boy about literally anything you want- no limitations. Kind of like a Q&A on steroids, but an actual meaningful conversation. Plus, you have the added bonus of hearing insider information for the first time and plans for the future that Nick only wants you, his Ultimate VIPs, to know.

Speaking of Nick being our friend, a few lucky ladies decided to play Never Have I Ever The Name Game with him. Let’s face it, the Backstreet Boys, especially Nick, meet so many fans on a daily basis, of course remembering names is difficult. But not in All Access. Imagine you and Nick being on a mutual first name basis, and let’s just say, he has a really funny way of remembering names (a strategy taught to him by our other favorite Backstreet Boy New Kid, Jordan Knight).

2016-03-12 19.29.16_edited


  1. Being exclusive.

One of the perks of ALL Access is that you get ALL of it; including participating in exclusive activities with Nick that only a few people in the world have ever gotten to do. Every single Ultimate differed from the last due to the venue and space limitations, but each one was special in its own way. For example, in New Jersey, Nick took his fans to the candy shop *Cue The Dan Band “Candy Shop” rendition*. In NYC, Nick (along with special guest, Hal, from Rose Tours) invited all of the current non-cruisers to join the party (at their own expense, of course). He even played roommate matchmaker for a couple of girls. Who can ever say that they shared candy with Nick, or got a personal invitation to come on the BSB cruise from a Backstreet Boy? The fans who did the Ultimate VIP; that’s who.

2016-03-11 18.16.49_edited


  1. The bus. 

Only every fangirl’s dream ever… Okay, or maybe just mine? Ever wondered what Nick’s bus looks like? Well now the fans who did Ultimate VIP know. Except the ones who did All Access in NYC, because Nick didn’t know where the driver parked his bus. LOL! SMH, Carter.

2016-03-11 18.34.22


  1. Attending the unofficial Dead 7 pre-premiere/screening. 

If all of the above wasn’t enough, the Ultimates got to continue doing things that no other fans have ever gotten to do. These fans got a first look at his movie, Dead 7, and all of the boyband-filled gore and comedy that ensued. Being one of the first people ever to see the movie that Nick worked so hard to create was truly a shared special moment for both Nick and fans.


  1. The opportunity to be nicks security for the day. 

Yeah, we roll with Nick. Or should we say he rolls with us…?

2016-03-12 01.35.08-10_edited


  1. Nick Carter pops champagne. 

And you drink it. After he serves it to you and toasts to you in the eyes, of course (or else it’s 7 years of bad sex) – according to Carter. So when Nick Carter wants to look you in the eyes, you make sure you look him in the eyes.

Screenshot (966)_edited


  1. Making cameos on Nick’s social media.

Ever wanted to make featured picture and video appearances on nicks Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Snapchat? Now, these lucky Ultimate fangirls (and boys) get to show their friends and family their one picture/video of fame, and Nick has the pleasure of reliving the fun memories of his Ultimate VIPs every time he opens his social media / camera roll on his iPhone! #Sorrynotsorry Nick.

2016-03-13 00.08.39_edited


  1. #ThePerfectFans

Okay, so, the Backstreet Boys are fun and all, but sharing experiences with friends and other fans is truly one of a kind. Having good times with existing friends and making new friends while hanging out with your favorite Backstreet Boy is always where it’s at.


  1. A VIP ran by… You. 

Remember that time you got to run your own VIP? No? Then you haven’t been one of Nick Carter’s Ultimates. Nick really cares about what his fans want, and he is always looking for fans’ honest feedback in order to better himself and the experiences he shares with them. We asked… Nick delivered. Want to go on his bus? Want to go backstage? How about watching the show from side stage or being front row? (all while drinking complimentary champagne, sitting down if you prefer, or being able to leave your spot to use the restroom) – Just in case you don’t know, these luxuries are RARE at a GA concert. Speaking of front row… we all know what happens when you’re in the “Swet” zone at a Nick concert. You get all of *that* […picture it…] automatically just for being an Ultimate VIP. You even get a laminate that says “BACKSTAGE”. If you thought flashing your “regular ol’ VIP” laminate was cool, think again.

2016-03-12 16.58.26


  1. “Free” extras…

So you know those $100 selfies that Nick was selling to concert goers? Ultimate VIPs got those and an added post-show hangout included as part of their package. Sure they paid more already, but who’s counting? Plus, all of the Ultimate VIPs got longer photo sessions; pictures, pictures and more pictures; Selfies/videos/autographs, you name it; they got it all. Hence, ALL Access. Some lucky Ultimates even got to take pictures with Nick’s lens-free nerd glasses, basking in all of their Spencer’s store glory.



**We had a great time in All Access, Nick; we should definitely do it again. But ladies and gents- keep in mind, this does come with a price– getting sick for an indefinite amount of time if you catch the Nick superbug; and I can almost guarantee you will. But hey, at least you can say that Nick Carter got you sick…? #Contagion

14 of The Biggest Questions We Asked Ourselves While Watching ‘Dead 7’


The year was 2013. The man was Nick Carter. It seems he had an idea for an indie horror flick born of his own mind and he wanted to get fans involved in the production of the movie.

Evil Blessings became Dead West then became Dead 7 before it made it’s U.S. television premiere on the Syfy network on April 1, 2016.

And we had a lot of thoughts about it – questions, if you will. Maybe you can relate…

++WARNING: Contains Spoilers++

1. Are We REALLY Rooting For Joey Fatone?

What is this? When did we become adults with boyband-accepting lines? We grew up, kids, and we were actually kind of sad with Whiskey Joe imploded.

2. Hey! Does That Zombie Look Familiar?

Uhhh yeah, some of those zombies are our friends! They landed parts as extras after contributing to the Evil Blessings turned Dead 7 campaign. How many fans get to say they were chopped up by Nick Carter and crew?

3. Can There Be A Whole Line of Dead 7 Inspired Things?

We want an app! We want a video game! We want comic books! We just want to slay those Copperheads.

4. Did The Baby Copperhead Get To Nick So We Couldn’t Hate Her?

Seriously. She was so cute. We’d bite Nick too.

5. Is AJ’s Johnny Vermillion Really Terrifying or Hot In A Creepy Way?

Part of us is terrified by that creepy laugh and thug clown look, but part of us loves that confidence and kind of wants Johnny V and his accent to go on tour.

6. Do You Suppose Nick and Lauren Play Jack and Sirene at Home? 


Is that how they decided who lived or…?

7. What Did Howie Do To Piss Nick Off?

Your own is the first to go?! And to die THAT way in THAT location? And be finished off by a guy from NSYNC? Are Nick and Howie still friends? Maybe Howie’s just an expensive actor.

8. Speaking of, Is Anyone Else Scared That Nick Is Secretly Killing You In His Mind?

We’re not sure where he came with who should go, how, and when, but I kind of don’t want him looking at me when I don’t know what he’s thinking anymore. “Ignored me in VIP…Noted. Be in my next movie. I’ll make sure AJ, your favorite, kills you.”

However, nice of him to go down with the ship. We think.

9. Was Anyone Actually Expecting 6 Dead?

I know, I know. Dead 7. It’s spelled out in the title, but did you REALLY believe that they were all going down? The last 30 minutes was a gasp fest supreme!

10. How Did That Mailman Find Jack In The Hay?

Seriously. How?

11. Who Knew We’d Get So Emotional?

We laughed (sometimes at inappropriate times) and we nearly cried (that moment when Billy was down and Jack couldn’t take it – oh man).

12. Who Knew Debra Wilson Could Be So Terrifying?

Remember MadTV when she was not so scary?!

13. Is This Really What’s In The Brain of Nick Carter?

We kind of always suspected, but now it’s all out there. Call us crazy, but we want more!

14. Where Can I Watch This Again!?

Dead 7 is now available online at Hulu and on Syfy (through your cable provider). If you want to own it on DVD, you ARE in luck. It’s available for preorder on Amazon.