Here’s Why We Really Loved The ‘All American’ Tour, Nick Carter…


In January of 2015, we were made aware that Nick Carter was working on his 3rd solo project. We were thrilled that he kept referring to the new album as something he had really wanted to do for a long time, himself “in a bottle”, as he put it. Anything Nick has ever put his heart into is usually what we enjoy most.

Finally released in November, All American was different, but we were right about how much we would love. It was new, fun, honest, and felt real. Before 24 hours was up, we were singing along with the songs like we had had the album for months and of course, we couldn’t wait to see the songs live.

Most of us bought our tickets to see the All American tour right after we purchased the album and November to February became the longest wait ever. We were basking in the afterglow of seeing Nick pushed to the limits and baring his soul every week on Dancing With The Stars, excited to have seen him filming Dead 7 previous to that and this tour was our chance to tell him how proud we are of him.

Then, February came, and once again, Nick Carter blew us away.

The All American tour is honestly probably the most passionate we’ve ever seen Nick. It’s authentic, it’s a performer at his best (even when he’s sick), and it’s from him to his fans. This tour seems to have wrapped up everything we love about him into one show.

Hey Nick, if you’re reading this, remember this – we really appreciate everytime you show up for us. As adults, we know how much you have on your plate and how much goes into planning a tour and being out on the road, but you do it and you do it well. We don’t need a show full of gimmicks and hip thrusts (although we enjoy those too) to be entertained – your talent has always been and will always be enough. We are continually blown away by how much effort you put into every show for us, how your talent continues to grow with every tour, and how much you care about every aspect of what you’re putting out there. It is not lost on any of us how lucky we are to have an artist that tries his hardest to connect with fans, that tries to personally right any wrongs that might have happened and listens. That’s rare.

This tour has been an escape for some of us and an adventure for others. A tour of firsts – first VIPs, first events, first solo concert altogether. In 24 cities and 32 days, no one has left disappointed with the show itself. Fans and non-fans alike have left impressed. It’s not just because you’re Nick Carter, the Backstreet Boy, but because you’ve reinvented yourself as a solo artist, because you leave yourself on the stage, and you do your own thing. We couldn’t be more proud. 

If there’s ever a moment where you think you aren’t enough, think again. Thousands of us don’t show up just for the hell of it. We show up because you do more than show up. We show up because we believe in you, because we know you work hard, and because your success is important to us. The All American tour has been no exception.

Thank you, Nick. For everything.


There are three shows and two cities left on tour – if you can make it to Kansas City, MO or Nashville, TN this week, GO! On Sunday 3/27, I’ll be tweeting and retweeting all of your All American tour memories.

Use the hashtag #AllAmericanMemories and follow @WHOTheBckstreet and @_Nick_Nation_ to join in!

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