Here’s Why We Really Loved The ‘All American’ Tour, Nick Carter…


In January of 2015, we were made aware that Nick Carter was working on his 3rd solo project. We were thrilled that he kept referring to the new album as something he had really wanted to do for a long time, himself “in a bottle”, as he put it. Anything Nick has ever put his heart into is usually what we enjoy most.

Finally released in November, All American was different, but we were right about how much we would love. It was new, fun, honest, and felt real. Before 24 hours was up, we were singing along with the songs like we had had the album for months and of course, we couldn’t wait to see the songs live.

Most of us bought our tickets to see the All American tour right after we purchased the album and November to February became the longest wait ever. We were basking in the afterglow of seeing Nick pushed to the limits and baring his soul every week on Dancing With The Stars, excited to have seen him filming Dead 7 previous to that and this tour was our chance to tell him how proud we are of him.

Then, February came, and once again, Nick Carter blew us away.

The All American tour is honestly probably the most passionate we’ve ever seen Nick. It’s authentic, it’s a performer at his best (even when he’s sick), and it’s from him to his fans. This tour seems to have wrapped up everything we love about him into one show.

Hey Nick, if you’re reading this, remember this – we really appreciate everytime you show up for us. As adults, we know how much you have on your plate and how much goes into planning a tour and being out on the road, but you do it and you do it well. We don’t need a show full of gimmicks and hip thrusts (although we enjoy those too) to be entertained – your talent has always been and will always be enough. We are continually blown away by how much effort you put into every show for us, how your talent continues to grow with every tour, and how much you care about every aspect of what you’re putting out there. It is not lost on any of us how lucky we are to have an artist that tries his hardest to connect with fans, that tries to personally right any wrongs that might have happened and listens. That’s rare.

This tour has been an escape for some of us and an adventure for others. A tour of firsts – first VIPs, first events, first solo concert altogether. In 24 cities and 32 days, no one has left disappointed with the show itself. Fans and non-fans alike have left impressed. It’s not just because you’re Nick Carter, the Backstreet Boy, but because you’ve reinvented yourself as a solo artist, because you leave yourself on the stage, and you do your own thing. We couldn’t be more proud. 

If there’s ever a moment where you think you aren’t enough, think again. Thousands of us don’t show up just for the hell of it. We show up because you do more than show up. We show up because we believe in you, because we know you work hard, and because your success is important to us. The All American tour has been no exception.

Thank you, Nick. For everything.


There are three shows and two cities left on tour – if you can make it to Kansas City, MO or Nashville, TN this week, GO! On Sunday 3/27, I’ll be tweeting and retweeting all of your All American tour memories.

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Proposal For Backstreet Boys Town Hall Meetings


Just browsing social media lately, it’s quite apparent that not a whole lot is happening on the Backstreet – hence my hiatus for What Happens On The Backstreet. It is also hard to find inspiration when everyone is butting heads on the matter at hand. As I mentioned in three posts ago, the Backstreet fandom is more frustrated than ever. Whether we should be or not is arguable (I read the various comments about how I was being too harsh – that the Boys deserved a break, which I blatantly agreed with IN my post, but I digress…), but one thing is for sure – we have got to get it back together if we want Backstreet back.

Let the negativity stop with you. If you feel strongly enough that the Backstreet Boys or, more so, their social media team is doing the Boys a disadvantage, be gentle, be kind, and be open. Think things through before you spout off and think about how you’re coming off. I am first to agree that their social media marketing / online connection with fans during downtime is below par, but that’s also why I started What Happens On The Backstreet. The idea that maybe I could inform fans and bring them together in a fun way was the spark that lit this blog and it’s been quite successful (thank you!), but that being said, I am certainly not the Backstreet Boys (or associated with them) and do not have the reach they do.

So, in an effort to make a proposal about what might help the Backstreet Boys and the fandom in the long run (because if you’re going to complain, you should have at least a suggested solution), I would like to bring forth the idea of Backstreet Boys Town Hall Meetings.

While I try not to bring up other bands and what they’re doing or relate them to BSB, sometimes it’s beneficial, especially when it works. In 2012, the last election year, the New Kids On The Block announced Town Hall Meetings – half to go with the theme of election year, half to really sit down and get feedback from the fans.

How did this work? 3 locations were announced initially (PA, CT, and OH) with extremely limited capacity so as to give people a chance to be heard. A LA Townhall was later added for the West Coast. Fans were asked to sign up on the website and emails went out to those who were lucky enough to grab a spot at the meetings. The events were free, but fans were asked not to bring cameras, recording devices, etc. so the focus wouldn’t necessarily be on the guys themselves, but the topics at hand. In fact, there were one or two meetings where not all of the New Kids could make it, and that was okay. Fans were still heard. (Seriously, google their Town Hall meetings – many fans wrote personal accounts.)

After introducing themselves in “political” manner for fun, the floor was opened up to the fans to express their concerns about certain events in the past, suggest improvements, ask about new music, future events, and more. The fan subjects seemed to be similar to our own including timeliness of announcements, event suggestions, problems with past events, etc.

Guess what? Some of the things brought up, the New Kids were not aware of, some things they had immediate answers for, and some issues they had already been working on with their teams to remedy because they weren’t satisfied with the experience either.

I truly believe, if the Backstreet Boys were to get on board with doing something similar, a lot of what has turned into hostility from fans would be resolved. Lack of communication between the artists and fans has turned into fans believing their being lied to, ignored, and isolated. Times have changed since 1999 and the fan-artist connection now is easier than ever and really, more important than ever. Perhaps if we got answers straight from the Backstreet Boys themselves, fans would understand that they ARE working even when we don’t see it, they ARE aware of things we want, and maybe we can get more of an understanding about where they are at with things, how they feel, and what we can do to help. It’s a win-win for everyone. Sometimes you need to get rid of the middle man and gather the energy and inspiration straight from the source.

We can bring our issues, our questions, our love straight to the source. We can hear the answers straight from the source and we can pull ourselves together and regain some semblance of peace. We can stop asking the same questions over and over or flying into a rage because we feel ignored. A select number of international fans with questions could be streamed in via webcast. We can go back to loving our Backstreet Boys out loud.

The actual likelihood of Backstreet Boys Townhall Meetings is really just a shot in the dark. I don’t know what they’d go for, if they have the time, if they’d blow this off or what, but from the fan side looking in, something has got to give. Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick are like family for most of us and we want nothing more than to see them succeed. We want nothing more than to help them succeed. But we can’t do that as a divided army.

Let’s bring Backstreet back. Together.

8 Questions We Have For Kevin Richardson About The Oscars


Note: I know this post is late and the Oscars were nearly a week ago, but it’s about the eternally late Kevin, so I feel that it is appropriate. Also, blame Nick Carter who kept doing things everytime I tried to write this post.

Last Sunday, Kevin Richardson reemerged from his cocoon in the woods (we imagine) after a night in Vegas with Britney, to let us know he was watching the Oscars. Not only was he watching them, he had friends on the Red Carpet….and he tweeted about it several times! This led us to thinking about Kevin watching the award show and wonder what his thoughts were. Here’s our top questions:

1. How many people DOES he know in the room?

….And if he knows enough, can we get the Backstreet Boys an Oscar since the Grammys are being A-holes? Does he know more people than AJ who seems to know EVERYONE in Hollywood right now? Does Kevin only know the behind-the-scenes people? Because that seems very Kevin.

2. Does he crush on Rachel McAdams?

….Because there is not one of us who hasn’t looked at Rachel and automatically thought Kristin. Can Kristin play Rachel’s twin in an obscure critically acclaimed film so SHE can get an Oscar? We know an amazing group who can do the entire soundtrack.

3. Would Kevin and Kristin sit with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen?

….Because they seem like they could all be friends. And Kevin loves pregnant people and piano players. And snarky tweeters. Chrissy obviously loves the Backstreet Boys, so it’s perfect. MOVE OVER, SEAT HOLDERS.

4. Can there be a movie with Kevin and Jacob Tremblay?

We couldn’t even handle it. GIVE THEM EVERY AWARD!

5. What kind of Girl Scout Cookies does he prefer?

Chris Rock infamously sold his daughters’ Girl Scout Cookies during the show and it left us wondering – which Girl Scout cookies would Kevin buy? Did watching it make him crave the cookies? We feel like he’s a Tag Along kind of guy.


They have Oscar viewing parties…with their friends ON the Oscars. They probably have fresh hummus and homemade chips and the best wine in town. They’ve probably actually SEEN all of these movies. Can they please stop being every kind of goal?! Or don’t.

7. Did Kevin cry when Leo won?

…or did he cry because Leo is trying to save the Earth too? CAN KEVIN AND LEO PLEASE JOIN FORCES AND BE EARTH BUDDIES?! We will pick up all the trash and plant all the trees. (But seriously, we admire their efforts so much.)

8. How many times DID Kevin cry?

C’mon. You know it was at least twice.