If The Backstreet Boys Had Their Own Video Game App…


It’s the new thing for celebrities to do – video game apps. Everyone from the Kardashians to Katy Perry to (very soon) Taylor Swift is launching their own apps and it made us think, if the Backstreet Boys were to go digital, what would the premise of their “game” be? Here’s what I came up with for Backstreet Boys : On Tour. (Future extensions could include Backstreet Boys: Cruise and others!)

Choose Who You Would Play As:

  • Kevin Richardson
  • Brian Littrell
  • Howie D.
  • AJ McLean
  • Nick Carter
  • Backstreet Manager
  • Backstreet Fan

Go On Tour:

The object of the game would simply be to keep up / keep your job / surpass different levels on a Backstreet Boys tour. If you’re playing as a BSB, the goal would be to gain power, win awards, stay healthy and alive.

If you’re playing as a manager, the goal is to simply keep your job.

If you’re playing as a fan, well…you know how that goes. Find the Boys, do some promotion, earn “money” through different tasks and “travel” to different cities, make friends and become well known in the fandom – perhaps even earn a job with the Backstreet Boys. This player mode would also allow you to play along with other fan-friends who are playing the game.

Character Features: 

Obviously, there would be benefits, drawbacks, and perks to playing as each character and therefore, why you should play as each of them ….and why you will have no life if this game was ever made. Each character will come with a certain amount of life, meaning, yes, you could kill a Backstreet Boy (and you better be prepared for the guilt because it will be worse than your best friend on Oregon Trail). You can do certain things to “enrich” or increase life and reputation and obviously, things that will decrease it (like going out without a bodyguard). Here are just a few features we feel are necessary for different players:

If you play as Kevin:

Increase your reputation by tweeting at least 20 emojis to 10 different fans every night on tour.

Plant a tree at every tour stop (but make sure it’s in a legal spot or you will decrease your rep).

Increase life by making it on the bus in time or finding a bar to watch Kentucky games.

Complete tasks of perfectly tuning keyboards to earn more points. (Not sure what the points do, but they will do something!)

If you play as Howie: 

Increase your reputation by attending every afterparty and making sure the crowd stays hype. Taking selfies with fans earns extra points.

Upon gaining eye contact with a fan, winking will automatically make that fan yours. (Gaining individual fans is totally a thing in this game.)

Taking shots at a bar will either increase your life or decrease it based on what caliber club you decide to make an appearance at.

Earn points for every second you can tolerate Nick or Brian poking you.

If you play as Brian: 

Earn points everytime you jump from a structure – the higher, the more your life increases. If you don’t land properly, it will result in a significant decrease in life. If you knock someone’s head off, it will result in a lawsuit and you will not be able to perform this task any longer.

Earn fans everytime you surprise people by showing up at an afterparty.

Buying a new pair of sneakers will increase life everytime – the more colorful, the better.

Increase life everytime you goof off without getting caught.

If you play as AJ:

Increase life / reputation by taking selfies. The more comments / likes you get on Instagram, the better your rep. You may also earn fans.

Watch episodes of Friends to increase life.

Every conversation you have with fans that last over 2 minutes will automatically earn you those fans.

Getting new tattoos will increase life. Getting tattoos removed or infected will decrease it.

If you play as Nick:

You increase life significantly if you stay un-sick for more than three weeks at a time on tour. Your life will decrease with sickness less significantly than if you are playing as others. It’s not your fault this character comes with no immune system.

Points given for however long you spend in the gym every morning and life increased by taking wheatgrass shots.

Earn points and fans everytime you change your hairstyle depending on the response of fans. Work extra hard to convince them they love it.

Increase life for completing every work task you take on (album, movie, etc.) WARNING: The longer you take to complete these tasks will increase irrational fans and decrease life due to exhaustion.

If you play as BSB Manager: 

The object here is to keep your job and stay alive.

Earn points / money for how quickly you wrangle all five and get them to understand what they’re doing.

Trick: You can not get BSB somewhere on time or early – that will actually work against you.

Increase job performance by keeping good fan relations. The more communication with fans, the better.

If you play as a BSB Fan:

This is basically your life during tour season. You know what to do and you will OWN this. You can increase your “level” in the fandom by making connections and being efficient. Careful though, trying too hard may result in a decrease in reputation if things go awry.

Perform odd job tasks to increase money to buy more tickets, merch, VIP, etc. All of these things will increase life and potentially level you up, depending on what you do at the concert.

Use you super CIA skills to find hints and clues about where a Backstreet Boy may be. Earn points if you find them, but be aware, approaching them in a not-great situation may tank your points / power. If the Boy has a positive interaction with you, getting selfies, autographs, etc. will increase life and level.

Sharing with other fans. The more you share from your experiences, the more connections you make, the more points you get and the more fun it is. Again, if you have other actual friends playing the game, you can find them at different tour stops and work together – increasing life, creating memories and more!

This game isn’t real…yet. But don’t you want to play?!


One thought on “If The Backstreet Boys Had Their Own Video Game App…

  1. Wow. You really thought about this… send it to BSB HQ maybe you can get some monet out of it (to buy tickets and VIP’s offcourse 😉 )


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