5 More Men That Love The Backstreet Boys

Last year around Valentine’s Day, we brought you husbands and boyfriends that shared a love (or secret love) for the Backstreet Boys with their wives / girlfriends (HERE). This year, we asked you again – do you have a boyfriend / husband / man friend that loves the Boys from the Backstreet? Oh yeah, you do.


“My boyfriend and father of my girls has admitted that he thinks some of their songs are good. He actually sat down and watched Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of (documentary) with me and laughed at some funny moments! I’d say he’s got some Backstreet love kept secret! Also, he’s probably realized that 5 other guys have a piece of my heart…so he just has to Roll With It! No pun intended.” – @krissylu2015


“My husband laughed out loud when we met and heard I was a BSB fan.  It lasted a few years. Then we moved in together and since this day he has no choice than listening to them. Not saying he is a fan, but, as I talk about them very often, he knows the history of the group. Of course he now knows the songs and sing them with me in the car. He has his favorite ones – like “Madeleine”. His fave Boy is AJ. In 2014, he came to a show with me … But he said “Never again. Too much girls screaming. I’m afraid”. I would say he isn’t going to encounter anymore now. Even though, he is still jealous of Nick!” – @Looloot23


“He says he doesn’t like them but he knows every word of ‘Larger than Life’ and ‘I Want It That Way’. However, I can’t play BSB in my car when he’s in it. So…I don’t know for sure if he is a fan. I’m lucky that my 6 and 3 year old daughters are!” – @Dutchbackstreet


“I am proud to say that I converted my male bestie into a full-fledged bsb fanboy. I have been a fan since I was 8 but last April I became re-obsessed with the boys. Of course my bestie was one of the first people I told about it, and he was accepting of it. Then I went to his house and all I wanted to do was watch concerts or funny bsb videos on YouTube, and he gladly obliged. Once I started buying concert DVDs he would always ask me to bring them over so we could watch them together, he said he enjoyed watching me fangirl and he’s always been super supportive of whatever I like. Then He texted me saying that Larger Than Life was stuck in his head and that he recognized IWITW on Grand Theft Auto. We sang IWITW at karaoke with friends even though he didn’t really know the words. Somewhere along the way he became a fan of the boys too, and now he gets just as excited as I do when he hears about a new TV appearance or album news, or solo projects. He says the moment he knew he was a fan was when he started singing the songs in his head. There is no greater feeling as a fangirl then when someone who wasn’t originally a fan tells you that they became a fan because of you. Although let’s be honest after watching the boys perform acapella and just be their goofy selves how could you NOT become a fan? I told him how I felt bad that I had been a fan for so long but never been to a concert and how badly I wanted to do VIP, he said he would love to go to my first concert with me and he has a special savings account called the concert fund and is looking forward to it just as much as I am. Just the other day he told me that Frick and Frack were mentioned in a TV show he watches and he instantly thought of Nick and Brian. Then one day he said he had a surprise for me that would make me love the boys even more. The next time I went over to his house he handed me a plastic bin and it had all the Burger King toys in it along with a mini millennium poster of AJ and a VHS tape. I freaked when I saw them. He told me that his best friend Sterling had found them at a garage sale and since he had been over one time while we were watching a concert and knew how much I loved bsb that he bought them for Jeff to give to me. Then he had his mom come in to help him unveil the second part of the surprise. She went and got something big covered in a blanket, and when I saw what was behind it I went into total fangirl mode. It was a large framed poster from the Millennium era, not just any poster though; a SIGNED poster. I literally screamed when I noticed the signatures.” – @believer48


“My husband (we were engaged back then) came to the concert in Tampa on August 23rd 2013 with me… he claims he doesn’t like them but he was singing along pretty much all the songs… He has two favorite songs that sings all the time (I have a video of him singing one while we were on FaceTime-took it using my sneaky skills lol) ‘Show Me The Meaning’ and ‘Madeleine’. He came to see the preview of “Show Em What You’re Made Of” in Brandon, Fl on Jan 29th 2015 and we still talk about the movie every now and then, he really enjoyed it. He bought the tickets and is willing to go to see Nick in Raleigh, VIP included… Unfortunately I don’t think my green card will make it in time. Anyway, it’s funny how often I catch him singing their songs when I’m not playing them… And I didn’t brainwash him, he just can’t help it! And I’m so proud!” – @AlexSeiya_

(I wasn’t able to upload the video, but trust me, Alex’s husband is hardcore!)

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


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