57 Thoughts We All Had Watching Nick Carter’s “19 In 99” Music Video


Nick’s video for “19 In 99” dropped on Friday and we really had to watch it more than once to take it all in. DILF status, a trunk full of 1999, rooftop dancing, and…an oddly familiar pizza boy? It makes us wanna go back in time….


  1. Is that a giant map on the wall behind Nerd Nick?
  2. That is a tall ass stack of papers he has to get through.
  3. Does Nick Carter even know how to get through papers? Is it really a comic book?
  4. Glasses, suspenders, and a tie have never been so hot.
  5. Anyone else have the urge to snap those suspenders against him?
  7. YOU GUYS – He sounds like such a DAD!!!
  8. “Your daddy hates sand getting in between his toes.” WHO is this guy and what has he done with Nick?
  9. That boy is so Nick-looking it’s crazy!
  10. 30 seconds in and we already want this to be a full length movie with this family.
  11. “I’ll show you who used to be fun…” SHOW US, NERD NICK! SHOW US!
  12. Doesn’t him showing US defeat the purpose of proving it to his kids?
  13. Mixing cereals is SERIOUS biz.
  14. SYRUP! Buddy The Elf would be proud.
  15. Oh hello, Balmain Nick-on-a-roof!
  16. What sort of tiny closet is that?! Nick’s bigger than that closet!
  17. Oh, a trunk of 1999 stuff? You got any Backstreet Boys in there, Nick?
  18. What does one do with a helmet that says Millennium? Was that in case of Y2K?
  19. Is he making anyone else nervous on that roof? One slip and boom, it’s raining Nick.
  20. Stop. This look by the pool. YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW, NICK CARTER.
  21. Tupac-inspired Nick. Ghetto fab.
  22. Why the hell are these walls so BLUE!?
  23. We’re now all wondering if our dads were dancing on the roof when we left with our moms….
  24. Every wall in this house is blue.
  25. It’s completely believe that Nick sits around dressed like a scuba diver, actually.
  26. Anyone else obsessed with his full-teeth smile?
  27. Please note that his shirt says “Sun’s Out, Guns Out.” Guns out, tongues out.
  28. 1:41 into the video and we haven’t seen Nick look bad ONCE. He literally went back to 1999. But better.
  29. This is NOT the first time we’ve seen Nick with a giant bag of popcorn (flashback to Lauren on the IAWLT tour). Where does he get this giant popcorn load? Does he rob movie theaters on the regular?
  30. The furniture in this house is strange.
  31. Nick has SUPER nice legs. Thank you, Sharna.
  32. Is this mess giving anyone else anxiety? It’s like when you read that Cat In The Hat book.
  33. Nick sounds oddly like a rooster when he yells….and convulses a little bit.
  34. That pouting and throwing popcorn down, that’s going to be his child.
  35. WAIT! How did that popcorn get back in the bag?! Did he get a new bag??
  37. He got so much air jumping off the couch! Brian would be proud.
  38. HEEYYY!! That pizza guy – we know him, right?!
  39. It…who…puts poptarts on a pizza? WHO!?
  40. Nick actually looks like 19 year old Nick with a backwards hat on. Maybe we should start eating poptart pizza.
  41. Why are there so many vitamins in his open cabinet??
  42. And alcohol in the corner. And a blender. And a coffee maker.
  43. What does “3..2..3” have to do with anything? Someone tell me.
  44. It’s raining behind him in the pool. Yet he’s not wet. Magic Nick.
  45. Why is pizza guy AJ eating his own pizza?
  46. AJ is like an annoying Sim character who won’t get off your property.
  47. How can Nick wear white pants and look flawless but we wear white pants and look like a bag of sugar?
  48. His amount of balance in this video (back of couch, on the roof, etc.) is ASTOUNDING.
  49. Peace out, creeper AJ!
  50. That floppy hat brings back a lot of Tiger Beat memories, Nick.
  51. DRINKING GAME: Everytime Nick holds up 9 fingers in this video.
  52. That was the most emphatic “let’s go” arm I have ever seen.
  54. Doesn’t everyone light their cigars with a candle lighter? With flippers on? I’ll bet Kevin does.
  55. This is literally the best thing we’ve seen in a LONG time. SILLY STRING FOR EVERYONE!
  56. We’re seriously back in 1999.
  57. Where’s Carson Daly to tell us this video is in at #1?



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