6 Times That AJ McLean Was Actually Every ‘Friends’ Character


It’s no secret that AJ McLean is a huge Friends fan, as most of us are. What might not have occurred to everyone is that AJ is actually Rachel, Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and even a little Monica combined.

1. Joey.

Joey Tribbiani, the lovable Italian with a big heart, a love for food, and an even bigger love for his friends, may just have the most in common with our Backstreet Boy. This might have been most apparent recently when AJ served as minister for his friends’, Mark and Tom, wedding. We instantly had a flashback of Joey doing the same for Chandler and Monica and Phoebe and Mike.

Obviously, the first thing that came to mind between Joey and AJ was how much love he had to give (no pun intended), but there were also a few more Tribbiani moments that seemed very…McLean.


A love of boobs…


…And a terrible liar.

2. Rachel.

AJ may not be as superficial as Rachel Green, but they do share a love of shopping…and shoes.



Like AJ, she’s a follower of her heart and her dreams, a little scared, but most of the time fearless, with the help of her friends. We can also pretty confidently say that when Rochelle was pregnant with Ava, he also had no idea what a diaper genie was. They also share a love for fast cars….that they maybe shouldn’t drive.

Oh, and he most definitely would have gotten off the plane.


3. Phoebe. 

Quirky and fun, Phoebe is endearing and loved by everyone. She says what’s on her mind and whether you believe what she says or not, she definitely makes you think twice. How many times has AJ said something that took us off guard but only made us love him more?


And we like to think that AJ might run like Phoebe. We know you’re picturing it and agree…


We also think Pheebs would be jealous of AJ’s “sexy voice”.

4. Ross.

Remember when AJ created the Johnny No Name persona – a British guy living in Nashville? We can’t help but think about Ross and the weird accent he created to sound smarter in front of the class he was teaching.

And we can totally see him making his baby laugh by singing “Baby Got Back”. That isn’t far fetched. At all.


Oh, and he definitely found his lobster in Rochelle!


Unlike Ross, AJ definitely would have paid for a mover for that couch. PIVOT!!

5. Chandler.

How is AJ like Chandler, you might ask? He’s not particularly overly sarcastic and everyone knows what his job is. So we present to you the fact that Chandler does NOT do awkward situations. In any kind of conflict, you can almost see AJ wanting to do this….


It’s also safe to venture to guess that AJ would take care of his friends when they need it, just like Chandler did for Joey for years.

6. Monica.

This one was a little tricky. AJ isn’t bossy, he isn’t loud and shrill, he isn’t a top chef.

But Monica and Mr. McLean are both a force that binds their friends together, a caretaker, and both people that might be inclined to put turkeys on their heads if someone was sad.


And this might explain what was up with AJ’s hair in the early years.



So there you have it, everyone. AJ loves Friends because he IS the friends. And he’ll be there for you…. because we’re there for him too. (You just sung that in your head, right?)



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