4 Things We Do When We See All Of The Backstreet Boys Together After A Break


We all knew it was coming, but there is always a small part of us that never wants to get our hopes up to high. You never know what could happen. But today….TODAY….

Let’s rewind.

Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been like this.


Because it’s the end of January and we have yet to see the Backstreet Boys all together this year. We keep hearing they’re working on the new album, blah blah blah…but you know us, if we don’t SEE it, it ain’t true! Don’t blame us, blame the Backstreet Boys (or Nick Carter, as everyone does) – they’re the ones that made us certifiably insane. And we halfway enjoy it.

We knew things were coming up, one being Undateable. THERE WAS A GOD!


But WAIT! What were they going to do? Cameo? Singing during the credits? Was it 2, 3, ….ALL FIVE?! (Note: For the love of God, promo people, please stop using the term Backstreet Boys for less than 5 members)

Were we finally going to see all of our Boys together again after not seeing them together since November?

Yes. We realize they have lives. We realize this is dramatic but we’ve had them in our eyeballs for two years straight and we’re basically toddlers without pacifiers right now.

Then….. The Undateable promos came out. And there were only three.


Don’t get us wrong! We adore Kevin, Brian and AJ and were actually super excited to see them as they’re not usually part of things-on-the-West-Coast crew. However, we lost hope for seeing our Backstreet Boys all together again.

THEN… the Backstreet twitter account was QUICK to tell us that ALL FIVE BOYS would be appearing together on the night of the show. WHAT?! Get the wine, we can’t even with this fangirl/boy emotional rollercoaster!


We watched the promo videos on loop.

We watched for any tweets hinting at what the Boys might do – and boy, did they hint!

We counted down the days.

Then, BAM, on the Thursday, January 28th, the 36th anniversary of Nick Carter’s birthday…..



PLUS Periscope!


Then we all have a drill. We can’t help it. It’s ingrained. It goes a little something like this.

1. Count And Make Sure You’re Not Missing One.


Like we said earlier, we try not to get our hopes up. When we see all five boys together, alarms go off in our brains. These alarms sound like fire alarms and whether we’re teachers or not, we go into fire-drill-counting.



2. Critique Everything About Them Like We Haven’t Seen Them In Years.


“Look at his haiiiiiir…”

“Oh God! He sounds so goooood!”

“Did they get taller?!”

And then of course….

3. We Tweet / Message / Send Mail / Write Letters To Our Friends About It.


Because we all have an opinion and we need to compare, fangirl, and argue.

4. Die.


Nearly 98% of us proclaim it upon seeing the Backstreet Boys together again – “They’re going to be the death of me.” “I’m dying.” “I’m dead.”

Honestly, we watch the footage in so many loops and look through the 3 or 4 pictures until we have no choice but to just fall over. Typical.


We will rise again to see them LIVE on UNDATEABLE tomorrow night.

And then probably go through all of this again.

Fan Life: It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.




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