54 Thoughts We All Have Watching “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Euro Music Video


  1. In a major turn of events, it’s Kevin’s WIFE’S (girlfriend at the time) voice who opens this video. Not Kevin.
  2. Oh there’s Kevin and his sex. I mean, voice.
  3. Kevin legit looks like he’s thinking about what he’s saying.
  4. It took him so long to say it that he had time to switch outfits twice, apparently.
  5. That short haired friend looks annoying.
  6. Every. Backstreet Boy’s. Hair. In. This. VIDEO.
  7. Those sweaters are awfully American for this to be the Euro version, AJ and Brian.
  8. WHY does AJ look like he’s sweet talking Kristin? BACK UP, AJ.
  9. It’s weird to see bareface AJ do the same hand moves that hairy face AJ does.
  10. I feel like Howie might be talking to curly hair girl about hair products.
  11. Brian has “bangs” that you hated your mom for giving you when you were little.
  12. Does anyone else feel like Brian’s arms move more than enough in this video?
  13. OHHH, he’s going to hit on no-boyfriend-girl. I’ll bet short hair girl told him to.
  14. 0:54 – Kevin and Kristin basically just having a date in the background.
  15. So far, Howie looks like he’s just listening to this song and agreeing.
  16. Did Brian just bring a shish-kabob to the table?
  17. I just went back twice trying to find out where that shish kabob even came from? He didn’t have it when he was creeping!
  18. Oh the chorus. Now Howie and Nick are really into it, you guys.
  19. KEVIN AND KRISTIN. Were they ever NOT cute? No.
  20. How come when Kevin points while saying “you”, it’s to the sky? Who the hell is he talking to?
  21. Maybe there’s more than hair products to Howie and curly girl.
  22. Aww, baby Nick on a jet ski. Look at him go!
  23. Kevin’s jet ski riding face is SERIOUS.
  24. Brian looks like it’s the greatest thing ever!
  25. That body roll down on one knee NEVER gets old.
  26. Nick and Howie… during this whole video…just.. what even?
  27. AJ kind of looks like a bug during this whole video. Like Pixar would have created him.
  28. This whole stand-in-one-order and sing thing is really working for me.
  29. Is Brian mad that AJ got to ride with Nick on the lift? Or pouting because no-boyfriend-girl didn’t sit with him?
  30. Brian is SO LITTLE.
  33. The suspense! This is a Lifetime movie!
  34. It’s super-ski-hero Brian Littrell! TO THE RESCUE!
  35. …..And he thinks it’s funny that she fell.
  36. This shot makes the whole video…INBYHSnow
  37. Brian singing hardcore. Kevin still in his Kristin-World.
  38. Pretty sure Kevin borrowed those sunglasses from John Lennon.
  39. Nick’s arms = OUT of CONTROL.
  40. How many people does it take to build one snow man?
  41. AND THEN KICK IT DOWN?! These people are DRUNK.
  42. And throwing snowballs without even making them. Magic snowballs.
  43. Now Kevin’s ON Kristin. Damn.
  44. Brian sang so hard that he’s out of the line and on the ground. He just wants no-boyfriend-girl so bad!
  45. Hey! What’s he doing with that rose? Where did he even get it? Magic snowballs, shish kabobs, and rose.
  46. No one has made a more perfect broken heart in the snow than Brian Littrell.
  47. Uhh, why is no-boyfriend-girl wearing Brian’s coat? Are we not supposed to notice?
  48. That is a LONG stem rose, you guys. Brian doesn’t mess around with his magic roses.
  49. Holy shit! Their coats CHANGED COLORS! Magic coats.
  50. I just….what just happened? Did Brian break her heart? Was he the boyfriend that dumped her? Is the girl deaf and he’s just trying to communicate that he knows she was broken hearted? This all really makes no sense.
  51. Nick totally just Sonic The Hedgehog rolled off that sled!
  52. How come these people don’t know how to sled? 5 inches and BOOM!
  53. ….But with four people, they finally got it.
  54. And just like that, Brian and deaf-no-boyfriend-girl disappeared. Scandal!

2 thoughts on “54 Thoughts We All Have Watching “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Euro Music Video

  1. Ooh number 41 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    So i always thought that Brian was trying to make the girl trust in love again ….but maybe it was him that broke her heart.


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