22 Tweets From Brian Littrell’s First Year Of Tweeting


In 2016, most every celebrity has a Twitter and music artists are given a direct connection to their fans…. but were you around when it all began? This idea inspired me to go back to the first year of each Backstreet Boy’s tweets for a little throwback. We’ll be going one by one down memory lane.

…And we’re starting with Brian Littrell.

1. Brian’s First Tweet.


Are you really surprised? This may be the only time Brian actually said tweet. Who else wishes he would have continued to call them twits though?!

2. It Was So Fun, He Didn’t Tweet For Another Month…


… But he did apologize for taking so long. Of course we’d wait a month for you, Brian! Can we also talk about the fact that this tweet only got 27 faves and no retweets. WHAT WAS 2009, you guys?! Oh, and This Is Us – so. long. ago.

3. Speaking Of This Is Us….


The year all of the Backstreet Boys joined Twitter was the year that TIU was released and the first single, “Straight Through My Heart”, brought us vampire BSB. In his first month of tweeting, in his BIGGEST TWEET EVER, Brian dropped lyrics to the chorus and 3 months later, when the album dropped, he sent the most G Rated ranty tweet ever. That’s why we love his face off.

Also, it’s probably the only tweet in the history of twitter to contain poo poo, butts, and chirp – all in 140 characters.

4. The Evolution of The Chirp.


Tweed, twit, twoot, tweater, cheap chirp…..BINGO! Once Brian hit on chirp, there was no going back. In the same year, there was “chirpsgiving” and “chirpmas” and eventually, chirp parties would follow in later years.

We’re not sure where the little green frog came from though.


Everything was (still is) chirpy, y’all!

5. And He Was All About Those Followers!


7 years later, Brian’s hanging out with 396,000 followers. CHIRP THAT, 2009 BRIAN LITTRELL! And everyone wanted to be him, apparently.


6. We Always Knew When He Was Going To Bed.


It made for the sweetest dreams, really.

7. 2009 Brian Was As Much The Family Man As He Is Today, Of Course.Baylee1Baylee2Husband1Husband2Jump forward to 2016 and Baylee is on Broadway and Brian probably still takes out the trash.

8. The Backstreet Love Was Strong.


In fact, most of the first year of Brian’s twitter timeline was filled with This Is Us promo tour chirps, swine flu, fan love tweets and twitpics…. BECAUSE THERE WAS NO INSTAGRAM. Whaaaaaaaaaat?! Also please notice, no hashtags.

9. What’s A Good First Year Of Twitter Without Random Tweets?


Suddenly, everyone was eating mushy peas in “egland”. Because Brian made them cool.

You can follow the king of chirps himself at @brian_littrell 



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