6 Fans Share Their Favorite Moments With AJ McLean


It’s been 38 years now since the world was blessed with the birth of AJ McLean. He’s the big hearted bad boy who has taught us so much more than we ever expected. He’s an amazing father and an incredible singer, performer, and husband. There’s not much this man CAN’T do (except maybe stay quiet, which we are so thankful for).

Last year on his birthday, we shared the reasons we all love AJ . This year, we asked you guys to share your favorite memories with the birthday boy. Personally, I’ve met AJ a handful of times and everytime, he makes me feel like we’re best friends. It was no surprise when a ton of other fans shared a similar feeling.

“I still remember when before the BSB cruise in 2011 we met AJ at the hotel… it was really, really late, but he was super sweet with all the fans that were there… we talked about his wedding (Rochelle was planning it at that time) and he even told us that if they had a daughter, he wanted to name her Ava!” – @crazy__loca

“I was at the IAWLT sc and I was wearing my “Hellooo Mr. Richardson” shirt. (Best idea ever btw.) I went over to get my picture taken with the Boys and as I went to hug AJ, he read what was on my shirt and said “Well hello Mrs. Richardson”. Totally didn’t mean for them to call me that but it made me smile and giggle. Still does. And man those eyes are even more gorgeous in person.” – @Noora_S

“I have many special and unforgettable moments with Alex, but I remember one very special one. On the European tour in Dusseldorf, Germany, I gave him a bag with a shirt in it but did not have time for him to see it. To my surprise, he wore it at the afterparty! He made me very happy and remembering it puts a smile on my face!” – @stellayneska

“My favourite moment with AJ is when he came down from the stage And dance with me And my friend at Birmingham concert.” – @sweety_dorough

“After 19 years of being a fan, I finaly met AJ at XLent Xmas in Orlando on 12/17/15. He was so down to earth and just walking around the Disney park like everyone else. He introduced himself to me as if his face wasnt on t shirt. 🙂 It was indeed a pleasure to meet you, AJ! Happy 38th birthday!” – @BlackgrlsluvBSB

“Hey I have a fav AJ moment! At an after party for the IAWLT tour my bestie made a sign that she wanted a lap dance. In typical AJ style our boy did not ignore it but fully obliged, giving us both a very sexy dance! Best night of my life!” – @angelic_trends

Happy Birthday, AJ! Thank you for everything you’ve done to us, always being kind, always giving us “the dirt”, and for continuing to share your talent with the world.

(If you haven’t yet, watch AJ’s new solo video for “Live Together” here!)


One thought on “6 Fans Share Their Favorite Moments With AJ McLean

  1. I voted my heart for Nick
    To win DWTS! I’ve always liked Nivk…..BUT in every boy band I tend to love the bad boy, the rebel! It’s hard to explain! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ! I swear you deserve the best husband and father year award. May I ask one question? I live in Idaho. 2.5 hour from
    SLC, UTAH AND A TISH over 3 hours from Boise. Artist seem to forget us here in Idaho. Heck we drove 2.5 hours to see Sit Paul McCartney! If love here in Idaho but am willing to travel 2-3 hours for YOU! Happy Birthday again. Hope you had a great day! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


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