5 Things That Happen When You Meet Kevin Richardson


Prior to Kevin Richardson’s departure from the Backstreet Boys in 2006, meet and greets with the band weren’t really available for purchase. You could win soundcheck, which didn’t guarantee any kind of meet and greet, or you had to have some very special connection. Oh, and there’s also the hotel and airport stalking wait-around game.

For those fortunate enough to meet Mr.Richardson before his 2012 return knew what was coming in VIP when Kevin rejoined the game. They tried to warn everyone. About what, you ask? About the fact that meeting Kevin is an ethereal experience. Let us take you there…

1. You’re Completely Aloof About What’s Going To Happen…


You’ve bought your VIP, you’ve got your girls (or boys) with you, you’ve had a few drinks and you really have to pee, but you look SUPER cute and you know it. You’ve planned out how this entire day would go, right down to how you would force the Boys to pose and what you would say and how Nick would fall madly in love with you.  No one warned you about the power that is Kevin Richardson….and you better hope he’s the last one.

2. You See The Backstreet Boys. All Five. Kevin Looks Incredible In Person, But Not A Big Deal.


Ok, so maybe you had a friend that had met Kevin at some point and warned you (we’ll get to what they warned about later). Of course you’re struck by the fact that ALL five Backstreet Boys are within inches of you and the fact that Kevin is stunning in person, but you’re ok. You’re cool. Totally unaffected. By totally unaffected, we mean the normal BSB VIP syndrome – you’re 3 minutes from losing it and you can’t control your nerves. Typical. Oh hey AJ…

3. You’ve Made It To The Middle of The BSB and You’ve Survived.


You have a small internal celebration that you’re in the middle of Brian and Howie, have hugged and formed sentences to 4 out of 5 Backstreet Boys and you’re still alive. Bring it on, world. You are SUPERGIRL! You should be RUNNING this show!

4. And Then… You Find Out What Everyone Has Been Talking About.


You finally meet him. The man, the myth, the legend – Kevin Scott Richardson. He’ll most likely take your hand in both of his and you’ll be like, woah, no one has ever hugged my hand with theirs. Then, you’ll look up and he’ll either thank you for coming or ask if you enjoyed the show (if it’s an afterparty). His eyes are like a forest of trees and you’re pretty sure your face is melting off at this point. Even if you’ve never thought about liking Kevin once in your life, you’re now considering naming your firstborn after him… or giving him your firstborn, whatever he wants. Do you even have legs? Why can’t you feel them? Where is your cool? Did Kevin take it? IS HE TAKING EVERYONE’S COOL? Where did everyone else go?

5. Kevin Lets Go Of Your Hand…And Real World Is Real Weird.


After what feels like five years, he’ll let you go and it’s literally the hardest thing you’ll have to do – walk away. You want to ask everyone else immediately if they were affected but you don’t want to sound like a freak. It becomes some weird fan secret and one day, you’ll speak of the moment and everyone will agree. Bottom line: Kevin Richardson has super powers. And we are so willfully affected. If you haven’t met him yet, put it on your bucket list. You won’t regret it!

(If you’re reading this and have had this experience, I apologize for the intense Kevin thirst you are currently feeling. BSB 2016, people!)


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