13 Fan-Favorite Nick Carter Memories On The Backstreet Boys Cruise


Gearing up for the 2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise, there will be a series of posts geared toward the cruise to either let you relive the past or get you pumped and ready for the next cruise! I will be taking to social media (watch for it!) to ask you about some of your favorite moments with each of the Boys. It doesn’t have to be a personal connection, it can be just something you really loved watching!

What Has Been Your Favorite Nick Carter Moment From Past BSB Cruises? You answered.

“I have a video of a great moment of Nick from BSB Cruise 2014! I was in the second row (I splurged on a grand suite with 2 strangers, one of whom is now a close friend!). Nick jumped off the stage and I wondered where he went when suddenly there he was, singing on my seat! I barely had time to start recording when he ran back down the row to the stage.” – @lauramariefu


“Getting shots from Mr. Carter at the ABC Party!” – @Tahbel

“During the beachparty Nick had a lot of fun with a watergun. Soaked everyone including me at the frontrow. It was fun haha!” – @Miry_iam

“​We all know how competitive Nick can get, and I was lucky enough to get to see that up close and personal and be part of his winning team. The only description I was given for beach ball caterpillar was “you will thank me later”. When I saw the slip n slide I thought we would be doing something on that, but nope I could not have imagined what happened next…
Being a new game, not even the Boys knew what we were supposed to do. We finally figured it out, but half the fun was getting ready to play. Nick was quick to lie down in my lap and if I had been thinking straight I wouldn’t have told him to get up and shuffle down, but the whole situation was so surreal​!​
I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, but probably “is Nick Carter’s head actually between my legs?!” Adding to that, Kevin was telling me to lie between Howie’s legs. Not many girls can say they have been head to crotch between two Backstreet Boys!
​Halfway through, Nick​ gets up to figure out why we were losing. First he blamed Howie, but then he realised we had one extra person and started yelling for someone to get off the team.​It came across a little mean, but we know he just wanted to win. Good thing someone was quick to grab

another fan to join the other team to make it even. After our victory there were high 10’s and hugs all around. We went to take a group photo, but Nick pushed​ AJ away and said​ “winners only!” Lucky for the girls on our team that meant we got two photos. Gotta love Nick’s competitive side!” – @Tippitty



“The first one was in 2011, my first cruise.. Nick pick me to go on stage with them at the Sphynkter night. It was awesome. I took a picture with all of them and that night for a long time i was close to nick while he was playing beer pong.

My fav and second memorie was in my 2nd cruise in 2013. For the Backstreets Back Halloween Party I dressed like Chun Li (Street Fighter)…I was in my cabin with my friends and the boys passed in front of us and nick saw my costume and said “and you are Chun Li!” i tried to take a picture but i coulndt so i recorded it. He made my night. Here is the video: https://www.instagram.com/p/gD_srXuGBi/”  – @fabysc

“As usual there were girls waiting by the elevators at the end of the night, waiting for the boys to come by. I just happened to be standing right by the elevator when security was telling girls to clear a path because Nick was coming. Just so happened no one moved for me and Nick got off the elevator. Security threw him right into me because once everyone saw him, everyone wanted a piece and security had to hold all the other girls back. So I ended up being face to face, literally stuck between the wall and Nick with nowhere for the two of us to go, lol. Nick also made sure I was so ok before security grabbed him and ran. It was a pretty awesome moment, and ever since this little up close and personal encounter he has kept an eye on me, in a big bro kind of way, which is so cool and very sweet of him.” – @AmyBChirps

“Let me preface the first memory with that there is no way to make this not sound inappropriate. On the 2013 cruise during the bachelorette party, Nick was going around shooting people with his penis gun. Little did we know there was vodka and not water in it. He squirted me, but I made him come back and get my friend too. She got a nice surprise in her mouth and made a face. Nick just laughed at her for like 5 minutes. On the 2014 cruise when I realized that Nick remembered me during the meet and greet, I nearly lost my damn mind. During the Group B redux concert, he also saw me and sang to me during a section of In A World Like This. Unfortunately, I was not recording it.” – @Sushi_Flower


“This was on the 2011 cruise.

I had only met this girl a few hours prior. We were hanging out side stage on 80s night when we got pulled onstage by Howie. We hung out right by Nick cheering him on during beer pong and having a few laugh about how badly he was playing. Little did we know that night we would go on to become best friends and have many more Nick adventures together (Emily Hubbard).” – Cynthia Arey


“Taking a butterfinger straight from nicks mouth on the 20th anniversary cruise!” – Nichole Griffith

“Nick dressed as Dorothy in the past Cruise. Totally priceless!!” – Veronica Martinez

“On the 2014 cruise walking up to do the group photo and seeing Nick and AJ having a heated discussion about the meaning of the word “dork”. Nick got super passionate about it and goes “Define dork AJ. Define dork!” – Tracy Parr

“During the question and answer session on the 2013 cruise getting pelted by licked M&Ms lmao. During the bachelorette party digging in his pants for his banana..” – Ashley Darpino

“The first happened the last cruise.  I was out in the ocean and somehow lost the group of friends I was with, they took my camera and headed off for pics with Kevin.  Nick found his way to the area I was in so I was standing in a circle with the rest of the fans.  All of sudden, Nick turns to this girl and asks her if she has a camera or a phone on her.  I was like “what a weird question”.  She says no and next thing we know, he wraps his arms around her and jumps up, plunging them both in and then under the water.  I think we all just kinda stood there…STUNNED..lol  All of a sudden, he resurfaces from it..RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!  All my brain could think to say is “I don’t have my phone” and he says “OK”…then he grabs me around my waist and does the same thing to me as he did the previous girl.  It all happened so fast but DAMN what a memory that made!  For like 10 seconds I was PLASTERED against a wet Nick Carter.  Yeah, that memory tends to stick with you…


The second happened on the first cruise.  We were re-boarding the ship in Key West when we saw Nick walk by us and get on at the same time only at a different entrance.  Ours was MUCH slower than his.  Of course, our line took much longer to get us aboard.  But as we got through security, he was standing there with Lauren.  I had gotten Nick a shirt I wanted to give him before the cruise and had a friend carrying it with her in case we ran into him randomly.  Well, here was my chance.  She handed me the shirt and I walked up to him and asked him if I could give him a shirt.  He was like “sure”.  I handed it to him and just expected him to walk away.  He proceeded to unfold it and look at it.  It said “I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat, take a good, hard look at the mother fucking boat” on the front of it.  He was looked at it and said “I love it!”. Lauren said it was cool.  Yep, I walked away happy.  The next day was the beach party in Cozumel.  We were sitting around the stage waiting for the Boys to arrive and I was watching Howie play with James with a beach ball when my friend Luz cried “JEN!!! HE’S WEARING YOUR SHIRT!!!”.  I about shat myself.  He came out wearing the shirt I had given him to the beach party!  It literally made my whole cruise!  I found out later he had worn it the whole day while he was roaming around Cozumel.  It made me so happy!


A third memory I have is when my friend/cabinmate Kim both dressed up as pregnant nuns with signs around our necks saying “It’s Nick’s Fault” and “Nick’s been naughty” for the cruise.  We actually did it for the last cruise and the cruise before it.  The first cruise we did it, 2013, Kim and I found the hall where Nick was staying so we waited for him to come back..along with several other fans.  We had seen Mike earlier that evening and he got such a kick out of our costumes!  We asked him if there was any way we could get a pic with Nick and he just said he didn’t know.  Well, Nick came back to his room and Mike saw us.  I think he told Nick we were there and wanted a pic so Mike came back, told us to come on and then tried to keep all the fans back screaming “JUST THE NUNS!! JUST THE NUNS!!!”  I was DYING , it was so funny!  But Nick loved our costumes and was gracious enough to snap a couple pics with us even tho he was dead tired.  He’s such a sweet guy.  It is a nice memory cuz we were the only fans to get a pic with him at that moment.” – @jennayheartnick



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