8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Want In 2016

"Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What's You're Made Of" - UK Premiere

New Year. New Projects. New Requests. Go ahead, Backstreet… Make our 2016.

1. The New Album.

We love(d) In A World Like This. We love it so much that nearly 3 years later, it’s still on our most played lists. We’ve listened to it backwards and forwards, sang the songs in the different voices, watched hours of the live performances and forced our friends to sing along. Now, it’s time for something new. Normally, we wouldn’t be so pushy buttttt…they’ve already been in the studio and we’ve seen them in the studio. They’ve told us it’s coming in 2016. OUR FANGIRL (AND BOY) HEARTS ARE PREPARED. Don’t show us the cookie jar and not give us a cookie, Backstreet Boys. That’s how your hand gets bitten.

2. At Least One Music Video That Doesn’t Involve A Field.

Obviously, with a new album comes new songs and with new songs comes new videos. We’re begging you, Boys, please don’t stand in a field. The videos are running together with fields of grass and the lost Boys. You can be in an arena, in the ocean, in a haunted house, in outer space, in a box, at weddings…just please, no fields.

3. New Events.

While we would LOVE a tour (as the Boys have mentioned) in 2016, we would equally adore a new event type thing. We’ve mentioned a land event, but we wouldn’t mind something else blowing our minds. In 2016, we want the Backstreet Boys to blow our minds, bottom line.

4. A Sharna Burgess Appearance.

Whether it be on tour, at an event, in a music video (that’s the best idea EVER), we’re not over Sharna Burgess. We’re not over Team Sharnick, to be honest. We need a chance for closure….. or something like that. Plus, she’s a fan. She gets us, we get her, and she’s crazy talented. FIND SOMEWHERE TO USE HER, BSB.

5. Kevin’s Cover Story.

We’ve been salivating for solo Kevin for y-e-a-r-s. Stop being a tease, Kevin Richardson. See our plea here.

6. The Return Of The Chirp….BRIAN.

Remember Brian Littrell and his chirp parties? Let’s bring that back, Mr. Littrell. And before you get chesty about Brian’s social media practices, read this.

7. A Solo Tour From AJ McLean.

Much like Kevin’s solo album, we’ve been aching for a solo tour from AJ since forever. He’s teased us with solo albums and singles, he’s hinted at tours, he’s been doing solo appearances, but what about that solo AJ VIP goodness, y’all?! Can. You. EVEN. Handle. It?! Let’s try to handle it. 2016, AJ, make it your year.

8. More Love, Less Hate.

It’s a new year, folks. Make it a year of love and kindness. Stop posting hate and shade for any of the Backstreet Boys, any of their friends, any of their families, any of their pets, etc. in 2016. Stop fighting with “fans” that choose to spread things other than love. Oh, and try to lay off your fellow fan-mates in general. The Backstreet Army has proven to be at it’s best when it bands together.




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