6 Times That AJ McLean Was Actually Every ‘Friends’ Character


It’s no secret that AJ McLean is a huge Friends fan, as most of us are. What might not have occurred to everyone is that AJ is actually Rachel, Joey, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and even a little Monica combined.

1. Joey.

Joey Tribbiani, the lovable Italian with a big heart, a love for food, and an even bigger love for his friends, may just have the most in common with our Backstreet Boy. This might have been most apparent recently when AJ served as minister for his friends’, Mark and Tom, wedding. We instantly had a flashback of Joey doing the same for Chandler and Monica and Phoebe and Mike.

Obviously, the first thing that came to mind between Joey and AJ was how much love he had to give (no pun intended), but there were also a few more Tribbiani moments that seemed very…McLean.


A love of boobs…


…And a terrible liar.

2. Rachel.

AJ may not be as superficial as Rachel Green, but they do share a love of shopping…and shoes.



Like AJ, she’s a follower of her heart and her dreams, a little scared, but most of the time fearless, with the help of her friends. We can also pretty confidently say that when Rochelle was pregnant with Ava, he also had no idea what a diaper genie was. They also share a love for fast cars….that they maybe shouldn’t drive.

Oh, and he most definitely would have gotten off the plane.


3. Phoebe. 

Quirky and fun, Phoebe is endearing and loved by everyone. She says what’s on her mind and whether you believe what she says or not, she definitely makes you think twice. How many times has AJ said something that took us off guard but only made us love him more?


And we like to think that AJ might run like Phoebe. We know you’re picturing it and agree…


We also think Pheebs would be jealous of AJ’s “sexy voice”.

4. Ross.

Remember when AJ created the Johnny No Name persona – a British guy living in Nashville? We can’t help but think about Ross and the weird accent he created to sound smarter in front of the class he was teaching.

And we can totally see him making his baby laugh by singing “Baby Got Back”. That isn’t far fetched. At all.


Oh, and he definitely found his lobster in Rochelle!


Unlike Ross, AJ definitely would have paid for a mover for that couch. PIVOT!!

5. Chandler.

How is AJ like Chandler, you might ask? He’s not particularly overly sarcastic and everyone knows what his job is. So we present to you the fact that Chandler does NOT do awkward situations. In any kind of conflict, you can almost see AJ wanting to do this….


It’s also safe to venture to guess that AJ would take care of his friends when they need it, just like Chandler did for Joey for years.

6. Monica.

This one was a little tricky. AJ isn’t bossy, he isn’t loud and shrill, he isn’t a top chef.

But Monica and Mr. McLean are both a force that binds their friends together, a caretaker, and both people that might be inclined to put turkeys on their heads if someone was sad.


And this might explain what was up with AJ’s hair in the early years.



So there you have it, everyone. AJ loves Friends because he IS the friends. And he’ll be there for you…. because we’re there for him too. (You just sung that in your head, right?)



4 Things We Do When We See All Of The Backstreet Boys Together After A Break


We all knew it was coming, but there is always a small part of us that never wants to get our hopes up to high. You never know what could happen. But today….TODAY….

Let’s rewind.

Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been like this.


Because it’s the end of January and we have yet to see the Backstreet Boys all together this year. We keep hearing they’re working on the new album, blah blah blah…but you know us, if we don’t SEE it, it ain’t true! Don’t blame us, blame the Backstreet Boys (or Nick Carter, as everyone does) – they’re the ones that made us certifiably insane. And we halfway enjoy it.

We knew things were coming up, one being Undateable. THERE WAS A GOD!


But WAIT! What were they going to do? Cameo? Singing during the credits? Was it 2, 3, ….ALL FIVE?! (Note: For the love of God, promo people, please stop using the term Backstreet Boys for less than 5 members)

Were we finally going to see all of our Boys together again after not seeing them together since November?

Yes. We realize they have lives. We realize this is dramatic but we’ve had them in our eyeballs for two years straight and we’re basically toddlers without pacifiers right now.

Then….. The Undateable promos came out. And there were only three.


Don’t get us wrong! We adore Kevin, Brian and AJ and were actually super excited to see them as they’re not usually part of things-on-the-West-Coast crew. However, we lost hope for seeing our Backstreet Boys all together again.

THEN… the Backstreet twitter account was QUICK to tell us that ALL FIVE BOYS would be appearing together on the night of the show. WHAT?! Get the wine, we can’t even with this fangirl/boy emotional rollercoaster!


We watched the promo videos on loop.

We watched for any tweets hinting at what the Boys might do – and boy, did they hint!

We counted down the days.

Then, BAM, on the Thursday, January 28th, the 36th anniversary of Nick Carter’s birthday…..



PLUS Periscope!


Then we all have a drill. We can’t help it. It’s ingrained. It goes a little something like this.

1. Count And Make Sure You’re Not Missing One.


Like we said earlier, we try not to get our hopes up. When we see all five boys together, alarms go off in our brains. These alarms sound like fire alarms and whether we’re teachers or not, we go into fire-drill-counting.



2. Critique Everything About Them Like We Haven’t Seen Them In Years.


“Look at his haiiiiiir…”

“Oh God! He sounds so goooood!”

“Did they get taller?!”

And then of course….

3. We Tweet / Message / Send Mail / Write Letters To Our Friends About It.


Because we all have an opinion and we need to compare, fangirl, and argue.

4. Die.


Nearly 98% of us proclaim it upon seeing the Backstreet Boys together again – “They’re going to be the death of me.” “I’m dying.” “I’m dead.”

Honestly, we watch the footage in so many loops and look through the 3 or 4 pictures until we have no choice but to just fall over. Typical.


We will rise again to see them LIVE on UNDATEABLE tomorrow night.

And then probably go through all of this again.

Fan Life: It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.



30 Fans Share Their Favorite Moments With Nick Carter


36 years ago today, Nick Carter popped out into the world and it was never the same. He’s been stealing hearts and taking names since he was 12 and he’s only gotten better with age. Beyond his good looks and charm, Mr. Carter has proven time and time again that he is one of the most hard working musicians in the industry, but his talents don’t stop there. He’s an artist, an actor, a creator, a husband, an almost-dad, and a wonderful human.

We’ve been rooting for him for nearly 23 years and he’s sent the love straight back to us. When I asked you to send in your favorite memories with Nick, they immediately came in from all ends of the Earth. From encounters, to hugs, to tweets, to moments mid-concert, everyone had a moment that Nick made them feel on top of the world.


“In 2006, on their first Australian tour, I was in their hotel in the foyer talking to my friends and he was actually standing behind me for like 5 mins while my friends kept a straight face, he laughed when I turned and said a few non G-rated words.” – Solly Latty


“My favorite memory was when I got to meet him and the other guys on August 30th 2013 and when he gave me a hug.” – Brianne Phelps


Meeting him for the first time last year after being a hardcore never stopping fan of 20 years. I remember my niece saying to him (this was on the Nick and Knight tour), she went up to him and said happy belated backstreet day because it was the day after. I loved meeting him. He was and is very sincere to his fans…. made me feel like a teeny bopper all over again.” – Candice Vincente


My favorite memory was in Nashville, TN when he flashed his ass for his fans during the Black and Blue tour.” – Robert Wood


When Nick sang to me in The Marilyn Denis Show during the Nick & Knight tour in Toronto October 6, 2014. He touched my face and kind of played with my hair a little too. My profile photo has not changed since that day in 2014.” – Lenore Crowder


When the boys were in Melbourne last year at the meet and greet, I told Nick I would see him at the after party, he tried to say party in an Australian accent and my response in an exaggerated Aussie accent was…. Wait for it….. ‘party party party!!!’ Why oh why does my brain turn to mush in the presence of Nick Carter?” – Ree Hall


I was at their concert in Lucca. Italy. I was waiting to get over the gates with my family. We got in, and I ran to take the perfect place, but I bumped into someone. A very very big man, who I realised was Mike, Nick’s Bodyguard. I was “Oh my god, if there is Mike, there is Nick.” A voice told me “Excuse me girl, but I need to go down there. And you’re stopping me. Can you walk a bit left? Thank you.” Mike turned his head and bang, Nick was staring at me. It was him who told me those words. I almost fainted, but nevermind.” – Gaia Rok Ugoletti


“When the first time I saw him in their music video (Get Down) with that long blond hair and that angelic smile wow!! Till now I love him so much.” – Atienza Ynel


My favorite memory with him when I saw him first time with the boys on 2010 with my dad in This Is Us Tour Philippines. I love when he took off his jacket during ‘She’s A Dream’ song intro. He stared at me suddenly later for twice during on stage that I kept smiling and I’m happy, I screamed to the boys when there names were called then I love he showed his sexy arms for ‘Straight Through My Heart’ song. I love this man.” – Sapna Tina Sajnani


I didn’t actually meet him till the Nick and Knight tour where I bought a VIP to make sure that I did. My special moment was during the In A World Like This tour in Dallas. I bought a ticket for the After Party. They were bringing girls up on stage to dance and take pictures. I was almost at the stage when Kevin announced that they had to go. I was devastated. DJ Nick cued up a song and picked up the mike to sing with the other guys. He stood right in front of me and I reached out my hand to him not expecting anything. Lo and behold he grabbed my hand and held it while he sang Don’t stop Believin. Which happens to be my favorite song by Journey. It was ironic and a dream come true. I was pushed by another girl, forcing me to let go. I will cherish that memory forever.”  – Sheila Torres Carter


This might sound really lame, but I have never met them before never had front row to concerts…..but one day my 9 year old daughter drew a pictures of a pug for me to tweet to nick…I told her he’d probably never see it. but I told her id give it a try. tried and tried with no such luck….one day he was on a tweeting spree…..so I thought id give it a shot…..well he saw it….I was sooooo very happy….he saw it…my daughter was even more happy……so that is mine……when he tweeted me for the first time.” – Kelly D. Perrier


When BSB came came to Phoenix for IAWLT it was the year my dad passed away and when I was going to take my photo with them I was planning on telling them thank you for ‘Never Gone’ but before I even got up to them I had tears in my eyes (I get emotional when I talk about my daddy). As soon as Nick saw me he said ‘sweetie what’s wrong’, walked up and gave me a big hug. During this hug, I accidentally stepped on his flip-flopped foot with my heels I was wearing. I felt really bad but he was so sweet about it. I was able to thank them and get my group hug pic with them.” – Robin Jensen Stucks


Getting to touch his hand and looking into those beautiful eyes of his during the NKOTBSB tour.” – Michele Thompson


A favorite memory, have seen first time my friend Karen Miska in the past Nick&Knight tour, thanks to Nick we are friends since 2007.” – Jessi Dii


“Well it’s very hard to choose just one best moment with Nick, but if I have to, I pick my first VIP with him and the guys. It was amazing and my emotion went beyond words. For the occasion I gave him a present, a necklace with a plectrum where it was written NGC, his genuine smile looking at it, his sweet way of talking with me, made me feel on cloud 9. Everyone knows Nick gives the best hugs, I was trembling like a leaf, but he made me feel comfortable, he hugged me, he talked with me and all the tension went away. He made me feel that I was exactly where I wanted to be. Nick makes moments with fans fantastic, moments which you treasure forever, every time I’ve met him, he always made me feel loved and special, he has a special way to interact with fans and he is such an humble man, this is a fact. I’ll never forget my first VIP with him, I still have all the memories so vivid, like it was yesterday. There are no words to explain how much he was amazing, I’m so glad to have an idol like Nick, with him I feel I can be myself 100% every time!!” – @CiapCarter


“My favorite Nick moment was when I DMed him because I was struggling with my depression and he took time to write back saying he was praying for me that I was strong and I could get through it and that he was there for me. He’s so sweet to care about a fan whom he’s never met. It made my day and honestly saved me.” – @caringangel88



“So I have a couple favorite memories with Nick. First the top two happened at the Nick and Knight album release party. Someone had given me a vip outside of the venue after the show and I got to meet him. His hugs are seriously the best. Then the one on the bottom, I had told him via DM that he saved my life through music by stopping me from committing suicide by me listening to I Got You. I told him he inspired me to be happy no matter what I am faced with and he continues to do that. He’s made me so happy and I am beyond thankful that he is here because without him I wouldn’t be.” – @frickingkaos



“My favorite memory with Nick has to be hands down the first time I ever went to LA. I really loved that I was able to do all access. It was nice to be able to just casually hang out with him before and after the show. My favorite pictures definitely came from that day. I didn’t even realize the picture of Nick singing to me was being taken.” – @sushi_flower


“My favorite memory with Nick was when we were supposed to give him our custom band shirt with the boys as comic wolves at the M&G in Antwerp 2014 and my bracelet got stuck in his jacket when I hugged him. It’s a charm bracelet with symbols for Nick that I love to wear, so it has the letter N on it, which was the one that got tangled up. I couldn’t move my arm anymore so I just stood there and felt embarrassed. Kevin on the left side gave me the weirdest look ever while AJ on the right side found it really funny. I think everyone else just didn’t get why the heck I didn’t move, so the bodyguards were already telling me to go while I was saying I’m sorry for a thousand times. Nick just grinned and watched me fumbling around his jacket to free myself. At that moment, it was really embarrassing, but afterwards we laughed so hard at that accident. It’s something that I will never forget and one of my favorite memories now.”- @LadyLouveamour



“It was May 17th 2015, and BSB finally came to Israel. A clothes store posted online that the boys will be there at noon, so I told my boss I had to go and rushed over to the mall. I was standing outside with the other fans, when Nick came out to say hi. I reacted like I was 15 again. The first thing I told him was ”OMG, you’re HOT!” how lame, right?! He smiled and went back to the store. A few minutes later he came back out, and agreed to take pictures with us. I thought I had a selfie, but found out my phone wasn’t working. I told him ”Nick, please come back, my phone didn’t work!”- and he did! He was so kind and lovely. This was my first time seeing him, and it’s my favorite memory of him.” – @yael1983s



“My favorite memory with Nick was in London. Never had met him besides the VIP moments. Me and my friends were in London a couple of days before the screening of BSB The Movie. And there was Nick tweeting that he was at a sushi restaurant.So we rushed to that restaurant. We were seated and scoping for the guys. One of my friends suddenly said there is another site of this restaurant. So we concluded that’s why it’s so quiet here and rushed to that other site. This site was fully booked. So now we knew we had to wait. And a couple of minutes later (after AJ came out of the restaurant for a smoke and gave me a hug) Nick came out of the restaurant. And I finally had my first photo with him (besides the VIP photos).” – @belovesmatt


“I was on the 2014 BSB cruise (my first BSB Cruise EVER!!!) I was watching Nick play poker. IAWLT book in my hand. Time was ticking and Mike was telling fans that he had to take him up because the Q&A was gonna start. (I haven’t spoken to him yet!!!!) I choose to stand there anyway after mouthing “pleaseeee” to Mike a few times with no success. Then I look back at Nick who was looking right at me. He goes “I got you right now. Just let me finish this game, okay?” So I smile say okay and watch him finish his game, Then he takes a few pics, signs a few autographs. Then he looks at me and goes “You want me to sign that?” Yes Please!!!

Thank you Nick! (It might not seem like it) but that was a BIG deal for me …. You made me EXTREMELY happy that night. You’re amazing and I hope you have the best bday! You’re gonna have a spectacular year, so don’t mind the bumps in the road. (They happen to the best of us) I mean you wrote a whole book on facing obstacles head on and kicking their asses! You got this! All American is AWESOME! Can’t wait to see you in March ❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” – Deyanira Santana


“It was Valentine’s Day Weekend in 2003, I drove down to Tampa w/ my parents to see Nick helping out his friend Tony do a show in Tampa. Backstreet was of course, on hiatus. But, Nick being my favorite I had to go! During an intermission, I was outside with a few other girls talking. Nick drove up, got out of his car. There was honestly like 2 other girls with me and I about cried the moment I saw him. But i held my cool! The minute he walked up, he looked down at me and smiled and I rambled out how i’d been waiting  for 6 years to meet him. I was nervous, so nervous. I’d heard horror stories about him being mean to girls. But that moment, he wasn’t the least bit. He slung his arm around me and yanked me in quick and told me 6 years was way to long for such a meeting! Took a picture with me and gave me the biggest hug. After he walked away, I cried… no joke full on ugly girl cry! And called my best friend to share my excitement!” – @jadorelemusic


“The first night show of IAWLT tours in HK, I was stand in the first row. During they were singing “Breathe”, Nick gazed at me while singing. He was holding a towel on his hand, when he swiping his sweat on his face, I waved to tell him that I want his towel, then he threw it straight to me!That is my first towel from Nick, it was shock, ’cause it smell really NICE! His towel sleep with me every night till now.” – @carayeung426


“I have so many great memories involving Nick that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but one that really comes to mind is the concert during the 2011 BSB cruise.  I was front row for that show, able to actually rest my elbows on the stage (that in itself was an experience!), and Nick gave me a lot of attention that night.  From holding my hand to just staring down at me while he sang, it remains one of the most momentous concerts of my time as a Backstreet fan.” – @silvermoon28



“When Nick Carter sings to you, it’s a complete fangirl moment… At the Dinner and Show with Nick, I asked him if his voice was OK. He’d been touring with Jordan and I was concerned coz it sounded a bit hoarse. His response “Do you want me to prove it to you?” and he started singing Help Me. When he leaned in I couldn’t look at him and stood there grinning ear to ear and looking at the floor. What was happening?!

When he finished, I looked around our table and everyone was just as shocked. No one had ever had Nick sing so close to them before, it was unbelievable! And that was just the beginning before he was happy to have a chat and take some photos.

I could never have imagined I’d have Nick sing to me up close and on his own accord. He keeps surprising us and creating the most amazing memories for his fans and that’s one of the many reasons we love him.” – @tippitty



“I met Nick the first time in 2012 in Antwerp. I was so nervous seeing him. It was my childhood dream.  When it was time for the meet and great picture, I kinda ran straight past security and straight to him lol. People were calling me but I didn’t hear anyone and Brian looked kinda nervous like ‘what’s going on?!’ but I was determined to give him my present.  I gave him a guardian angel in a box because my mother, who was also a big fan, died in 2001 and I  wanted him to know someone watches over him.  He was very nice and for the picture he grabbed my shoulder..  Which I never wanted to wash again..  But i had to, ha.

Nick – I want to let you know about a very special fan,  a loyal fan that unfortunately never got the chance to meet you. That fan was my mother Judith. She died in 2001 of cancer.  From the moment you guys became famous she was a number one fan.  We had your posters up in our living room next to the couch were she slept (she couldn’t do stairs anymore). She was crazy about you.  She used to come home from chemo and put herself in the couch.  I had to put on the song ‘Anywhere For You’, her favorite song. I would kneel down with her and we would sing along and cry and sing the pain away.  She would have loved to meet you but unfortunately..  In 2012, when I met you in Antwerp and gave you the guardian angel in a box, I forgot to add a letter that my mom hand wrote for you when she had a better day.  She wanted to thank you for being there from across the ocean and not even knowing her. She wanted you to realize how special and important you are. The guardian angel I gave you represents my mom in heaven watching over you.  I love you Nick – for making the tough times easier without you even knowing you did. I hope one day I can meet you again and have the guts and time to tell you in person.  And know that whatever you go through, I will always be by your side and you are being watched over.  Lots of love” – @tachieeee



“It was October 31st 2002 at Mall of America. I was 20 years old and 15 weeks pregnant. I waited in line from 5am until 7:30pm to meet Nick Carter. He sang a few songs from the Now or Never album, even though he had a cold. The whole time I was in line I kept telling myself to breathe, because I didn’t want to pass out. So, when it got to be my turn to meet him, I instantly started tearing up and physically shaking. The very 1st thing he did was give me a big hug and asked me what my name was. As he signed my CD, I told him I was 3 months pregnant. He put down his marker and lightly rubbed my tummy for a second or two, then signed my shirt, and gave me 1 last hug, said “take care of yourself and your little one”. He handed me my CD and as I was walking away I just bawled like a baby. His shirt was so soft and smelled like Gain detergent, and his cheek was smooth like he just shaved before leaving the hotel.

The Now or Never album got me through a lot bittersweet situations during that pregnancy. I am doing my damnedest to meet him in again March because it’s been way too long since the only time I got to meet him. I am a loyal BSB/Nick Carter fan because they are human, they make mistakes, they are not fake, and they are certainly not 2 faced.
Happy Birthday Nick!!” – April
Happy Birthday, Nick! Thank you for making some of our wildest dreams come true. We hope all of yours do too. Thanks for being you! ❤

3 Things You Need To Know Before You Watch ‘Undateable’ With The Backstreet Boys


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since we last saw all five Backstreet Boys together on Dancing With The Stars. This Friday, Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick will be joining the cast of Undateable and you definitely don’t want to miss it. There’s been a lot of questions floating around about what they’ll be doing, what the show is about, etc. As a fan of the show since it’s beginning, I’ll aim to give you a little insight!

1. Yes, The Show IS Actually Live.

After doing their season finale live, Undateable decided to make the entire third season a live affair. This means more ad-libbing, live audience, live surprises, more laughs and literally anything could happen! The cast is also known to live tweet DURING the show with shots from the set as it airs. Be sure to follow @NBCUndateable and members of the cast if you aren’t already.

Because the show is live, it DOES run an East coast and a West coast version. The same show does not air twice. WHAT?!

2. Undateable Is A Mix Between Friends and Cheers.

If you’ve never watched the show before, you might be a little confused at first, but trust me, it’s easy to get into. Chris D’elia and Brent Morin play Danny and Justin, two roommates who are polar opposites. Justin (Brent Morin) is a lovable, sensitive guy who owns Black Eyes Bar in Detroit. He is also dating Candace (Bridgit Mendler). The pair are sticky sweet and often break out into song (Fun Fact: Justin broke into a BSB song in the FIRST episode).

Danny (Chris D’elia) plays the “undateable” Danny, but has recently hooked up with hardass Charlotte, played by Whitney Cummings. He’s got a tough, seemingly unlovable exterior but always ends up softening in the end.

These two along with all of their friends, my favorites being Shelly and Brett, make the cast a really great one. Throw the Backstreet Boys in and who KNOWS how good it will get!

3. How Will The Backstreet Boys Be Involved?

Typically, the featured band / singer sings a song during the opening and closing credits. However, from the tweets sent out by the Undateable cast and social media, we have reason to believe that the Boys will not only be singing, but involved in the actually entire 30 minutes of the show. Insert the high pitched squealing here!

If that wasn’t enough, a tweet this week also revealed that the highly favored Millennium album will be done “cover to cover”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Tune in to find out. 🙂

INTERNATIONAL FANS: This link should work for you to watch.

Tune into Undateable Live Friday at 8/7c on NBC and follow us on Twitter for live tweets!


54 Thoughts We All Have Watching “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Euro Music Video


  1. In a major turn of events, it’s Kevin’s WIFE’S (girlfriend at the time) voice who opens this video. Not Kevin.
  2. Oh there’s Kevin and his sex. I mean, voice.
  3. Kevin legit looks like he’s thinking about what he’s saying.
  4. It took him so long to say it that he had time to switch outfits twice, apparently.
  5. That short haired friend looks annoying.
  6. Every. Backstreet Boy’s. Hair. In. This. VIDEO.
  7. Those sweaters are awfully American for this to be the Euro version, AJ and Brian.
  8. WHY does AJ look like he’s sweet talking Kristin? BACK UP, AJ.
  9. It’s weird to see bareface AJ do the same hand moves that hairy face AJ does.
  10. I feel like Howie might be talking to curly hair girl about hair products.
  11. Brian has “bangs” that you hated your mom for giving you when you were little.
  12. Does anyone else feel like Brian’s arms move more than enough in this video?
  13. OHHH, he’s going to hit on no-boyfriend-girl. I’ll bet short hair girl told him to.
  14. 0:54 – Kevin and Kristin basically just having a date in the background.
  15. So far, Howie looks like he’s just listening to this song and agreeing.
  16. Did Brian just bring a shish-kabob to the table?
  17. I just went back twice trying to find out where that shish kabob even came from? He didn’t have it when he was creeping!
  18. Oh the chorus. Now Howie and Nick are really into it, you guys.
  19. KEVIN AND KRISTIN. Were they ever NOT cute? No.
  20. How come when Kevin points while saying “you”, it’s to the sky? Who the hell is he talking to?
  21. Maybe there’s more than hair products to Howie and curly girl.
  22. Aww, baby Nick on a jet ski. Look at him go!
  23. Kevin’s jet ski riding face is SERIOUS.
  24. Brian looks like it’s the greatest thing ever!
  25. That body roll down on one knee NEVER gets old.
  26. Nick and Howie… during this whole video…just.. what even?
  27. AJ kind of looks like a bug during this whole video. Like Pixar would have created him.
  28. This whole stand-in-one-order and sing thing is really working for me.
  29. Is Brian mad that AJ got to ride with Nick on the lift? Or pouting because no-boyfriend-girl didn’t sit with him?
  30. Brian is SO LITTLE.
  33. The suspense! This is a Lifetime movie!
  34. It’s super-ski-hero Brian Littrell! TO THE RESCUE!
  35. …..And he thinks it’s funny that she fell.
  36. This shot makes the whole video…INBYHSnow
  37. Brian singing hardcore. Kevin still in his Kristin-World.
  38. Pretty sure Kevin borrowed those sunglasses from John Lennon.
  39. Nick’s arms = OUT of CONTROL.
  40. How many people does it take to build one snow man?
  41. AND THEN KICK IT DOWN?! These people are DRUNK.
  42. And throwing snowballs without even making them. Magic snowballs.
  43. Now Kevin’s ON Kristin. Damn.
  44. Brian sang so hard that he’s out of the line and on the ground. He just wants no-boyfriend-girl so bad!
  45. Hey! What’s he doing with that rose? Where did he even get it? Magic snowballs, shish kabobs, and rose.
  46. No one has made a more perfect broken heart in the snow than Brian Littrell.
  47. Uhh, why is no-boyfriend-girl wearing Brian’s coat? Are we not supposed to notice?
  48. That is a LONG stem rose, you guys. Brian doesn’t mess around with his magic roses.
  49. Holy shit! Their coats CHANGED COLORS! Magic coats.
  50. I just….what just happened? Did Brian break her heart? Was he the boyfriend that dumped her? Is the girl deaf and he’s just trying to communicate that he knows she was broken hearted? This all really makes no sense.
  51. Nick totally just Sonic The Hedgehog rolled off that sled!
  52. How come these people don’t know how to sled? 5 inches and BOOM!
  53. ….But with four people, they finally got it.
  54. And just like that, Brian and deaf-no-boyfriend-girl disappeared. Scandal!

Hey Nick Carter: We’re Behind You


Hey Nick Carter…

This morning you came back to Twitter after 10 days of silence after a less than desirable situation. You apologized for not being perfect, for being human. If we as fans did anything to make you think you ever needed to be sorry for being human, then we’re the ones to apologize.

Let us fill you in on what happened while you were gone. The majority of us gathered on social media, worried about you, heartbroken for you, sending you endless amounts of love, defending you because we know the good human that you are. You being human is one of our favorite things about you. You’ve never been too good to stop and take a selfie with us, talk to us, tweet with us. You’ve always been incredibly appreciative of our support for you like we’ve always been appreciative of the way you’ve treated us, the way you go to bat for what fans want, the way you NEVER STOP.

For anyone who is a fan, most would agree that we’ve been inspired by you. By your drive, your drive to follow your dreams, your music, your heart, your decisions to change your life and more – we’ve all been touched. We’ve all thought “If Nick can do it, so can I.”

If you think we are so deeply disappointed in you that we would turn our backs on you, you’re dead wrong. In our own struggles to change, we have also not-so-publicly failed. You’re not alone. So many of us have shared our stories with you, our struggles, our rises, and you had nothing but kind words. Let us repay the favor.

In the time that you were gone, we rallied around you to support you, even if you didn’t see it. We promoted your tour, your events, etc. because we believe in you. We know that you’ll rise above whatever brought you down. You always have and if you think we’re not thankful for that…. PSH!

You ARE human, Nick and believe us when we say, we wouldn’t have you any other way. We look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for you (and for us). We look forward to seeing you on tour, seeing you become a father, seeing your zombie western finally come to life. Most of all, we look forward to seeing you grow as a human, to being inspired even more by everything you accomplish, and as long as you stick with us, we’ll stick with you.

We will ALWAYS heart Nick Carter. One of our favorite humans. ❤



34 Tweets That Prove Nick Carter Is The Most Excited Backstreet Boy


It could be argued that Nick Carter is the most excitable Backstreet Boy… and we have the tweets to prove it. There’s even different kinds and levels. Continue reading for details…

1. Extreme Excitement

2. Those Times Where His Excitement Was OFFICIAL.

3. Sometimes, He Just Wants YOU To Be Excited! 

….And that time he wanted us to be excited about Nick & Knight “coking” out. Uhhh, yeah, about that…

4. Mostly, Though, He’s SOOOOOOOO Excited (!!!!!)

About new songs…

About ass and aliens…

About everyone staring at his butt, er, the BSB cruise…

About Lauren’s possible endeavors…

About everything, really!

Oh Nick Carter – As excited as you are for everything, we will always be more than excited to see your tweets and your face, to be honest. Follow Mr. Carter on Twitter because you NEVER know what he’s going to be excited about next!

63 Thoughts We All Have Watching The “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” Music Video (U.S Edition)


  1. Kevin talking while showing the other Boys make it looks like he’s talking to them. I’m uncomfortable.
  2. What is this place? A Target from the future? A safe room in a bank? What?
  4. Who knew Kevin was a ventriloquist? His lips aren’t moving, but we still hear his voice.
  5. There’s so much to say about AJ, we need more than one thought.
  6. That shattered mirror on the wall is probably bad luck.
  7. Are those sunglasses or goggles?
  8. Is that REALLY AJ?
  9. Kevin, where did you get that mermaid shirt?! Clearly it is made of mermaid scales.
  10. How damn long were those pants that he had to cuff them? Kevin is a tree. Those pants must be made for giants.
  11. AJ’s hair looks like it belongs on a farm. Or is edible.
  13. Remember that time the Backstreet Boys left Brian in the desert and told him to blend in? This is that time.
  14. Every 90s girl is sad that Nick Carter’s zig zag part looks better than her own.
  15. Why is everything is Brian’s “room” basically one color?
  16. Howie’s like, “I’m just going to wear my pajamas and throw my hair in a ponytail. I’m so basic.”
  17. Anyone else seeing Baylee in Brian right now? Woah.
  18. Obviously it was in the contract that when Brian says “just once”, everyone must hold up one finger. 90s closed captioning.
  19. AJ and Nick’s hair are obviously the stars of this video.
  20. They don’t look like they REALLY mean that they’ll never break our hearts. They look like they’re just saying it to get out of the safe. And to think we believed them!
  21. Howie does that single-tear-finger better than anyone.
  22. Nick looks like he’s straight up lying.
  23. Are Kevin’s eyebrows thicker in this video?
  24. Why does Kevin have his sleeves covering his hands but his pants rolled up? WHERE is he SHOPPING?!
  25. Howie was the first Backstreet Boy with chest muscles – as seen in this video.2
  26. Moment of silence for Nick’s original teeth.
  27. The moment when you realize they’re all in one building! The only building the BSB CIA has not been able to find to this day.
  28. 1:47 – Please note the little sprigs of hair Brian has blowing in the wind there.

INBYHHair29. How many times do you think they ran into each other while wandering around in his safe?


31. Did AJ always wear sunglasses when we were younger because we were of illegal age to succumb to this secret weapon?

32. These. Faces. Swoon.

33. Who told Howie that it looks totally chill to sit behind a computer desk and play a guitar? Does Howie even play guitar?

34. Brian’s so casually killing this song with his hand in his pocket.

35. 2:21 – Love the hand explosion Kevin does with his hands.

36. “Line up behind me guys! Don’t walk into me!” – Brian

37. Just realized AJ is wearing a transparent shirt and sparkles. But the ladies love him.

38. Nick really does think he’s a boss.

39. Guys, watch Kevin in the background during the “safe” scenes. The man is so passionate about this song.

40. The more I look at him, the more Nick looks like a motorcycle-riding human-dragon.

41. If anyone had a bathtub in a sitting room, it’d be Kevin.

42. And Howie would have an office. Backstreet Business.

43. And AJ would have a place full of flat surfaces. You know what I mean.


45. HEY! He also found a woman. I think we know her…..


46. Nick…well, Nick found a bubble gun. And a girl with worse hair than him.


47. There’s a perfectly good chair and bed, but Brian decides to sit on the desert floor. Even the dog thinks that’s stupid.

48. To be in Howie’s space, you have to close your eyes and look tranquil.

49. What the hell is going on in Kevin’s room? First a tub in the middle of the room, now a big Islandish looking statue, and woman out of nowhere. Also, he seems to have found his hands.

50. That’s EXACTLY how you play a guitar Howie. Pat it.

51. Brian seems pretty pissed you’d even think he’d break your heart.


52. Not only does Howie do the single-tear-finger, he does the no-no-finger as well.

53. 3:33 – Who can resist Howie jumping up and down in a circle like a child?

54. I really love how they’re all in separate rooms but still singing together. It’s like they’re a group or something!

55. Kevin is legit tortured.


56. Howie is not only good with his fingers, he seems like a great cuddler. Uhh, wait…

57. Dude, Nick is really upset that braid girl took his bubble gun. Forget breaking hearts!



59. “Come take a bath in my random tub, my princess.” – Kevin The Sensual


61. Hey! That woman we know again! She taught Brian how to sit on the bed and not the floor!

62. Why does Kevin’s “story” feel darker than everyone else’s? He’s literally crawling on an empty tub that was full 10 seconds ago.

63. Are Kevin and Nick bouncers at the “safe” club? You better believe we’ll never break your heart, girl!





4 Things You Need To Know About’Disaster! On Broadway’ Starring Baylee Littrell


It seems like just yesterday we were watching baby Baylee Littrell join his dad on stage during solo shows, then announcing the Backstreet Boys before shows. It WAS just yesterday (ok, fine, 2 years ago) that he was opening for the Boys on the IAWLT tour.

Now, the first Backstreet (Baby) Boy is making his broadway debut at just 13 years old. Baylee will be playing twins (!!!) as the only non-adult in the Disaster! cast. What’s the show about? When can you catch it? Where can you keep up with everything (besides here, of course)? We have answers.

1. What Is Disaster! On Broadway About?


We’re glad you asked, because it sounds pretty fantastic! The musical parodies the genre of 1970s disaster films. In this musical, a group of New Yorkers attends the opening of a floating casino and discothèque that quickly succumbs to multiple disasters. This play keeps with a 1970s theme by being a Jukebox musical, using popular songs of the decade as musical numbers, such as “Knock On Wood”, “Hot Stuff”, and “Hooked On A Feeling”.

A musical that you can sing along to before it even starts? We’re so in. In fact, we’re not the only ones. New York Daily News called Disaster! one of the must-see musicals of 2013!

2. So, What Character Is Baylee Playing?


Our favorite cast member (but we’re not biased) will, as we mentioned before, be playing twins named Ben and Lisa. Now, follow us here – the “twins” are the children of Jackie, a lounge singer and having a love affair with the deceitful casino owner, Tony. Whew! Scandal!

3. Ok, You’re In – When / Where Can You Buy Tix?


The official “open” date for the show is March 8th, but we’ll let you in on a secret – previews begin February 9th! You can buy tickets here. Not in the NYC area currently? Book your flight, grab your friends, and make it a trip! February and March are great times to enjoy the city, you know.

PROMO CODE ALERT: When you buy tickets, use the code SOC1 for a discount on Orchestra and Mezzanine seats!

4. Great! Who Else Is In The Cast?


Uhhh, a lot of REALLY fantastic people. Take a look here because I can almost guarantee, if you’re a theatre lover, you’re going to know at least one other person in the cast. Take it from me, it’s a really talented group of thespians that are sure to make for great performances.

So what are you waiting for?! Buy your tickets ASAP! To keep up with all things Disaster!, follow their official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Follow Baylee Littrell’s journey to his Broadway debut on Instagram here.

See you there!

When The Going Gets Tough, Remember Why You’re A Fan…


Why are you a Backstreet Boys fan? Why are you a Kevin / Howie / AJ / Nick / Brian fan?

On the good days, it’s easy to rattle off 10 million reasons why you love these Boys and how their music changed your life. Sometimes, we put them on such a pedestal that we forget they’re just as human as we are.

On the bad days, we seem to forget every reason we had to love them… because one of them had a bad day, said some things you don’t agree with, acted in a way you don’t agree with. A bad day for a Backstreet Boy turns into 1000+ comments about what we think is wrong, what we think really happened, fighting with others about their “wrong” opinions, and more. While they make our bad days better, we tend to turn their bad days into week long events.


Send love, send a prayer, good vibes, uplifting thoughts and stay out of it. Move on.

In a moment of bad choices and bad decisions, some have chosen to use it to build a case against their “least favorite” Backstreet Boy, to say “I told you so”. Some have chosen to simply not believe it and believe Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie and Kevin are untouchable and immediately try to blame it on someone else.

How would you feel if you made bad choices, suffered consequences, and then came online to see the Backstreet Boys making jokes about your plight,  saying they expected it, and other things?

Most recently, obviously, this has to do with Nick’s arrest, but it’s something to keep in mind. Whether you “support” him or not, whatever your opinion is about what happened, whether you be disappointed / sad / mad, or even think it’s funny, remember to be kind. Celebrity or not, he, along with the others, are human. They have issues, illnesses, and bad days… just like us. A bad day isn’t a bad life.

If the Backstreet Boys make you happy on your worst days, which I know 99% of fans will admit, do the same for them. Be a light in the darkest times. Always be mindful that we don’t know everything and that everything happens for a reason – good and bad.

Care more. Love more. Judge less.