6 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Are More Than Just A Band


We’ve all been through it.

Family members, coworkers, friends… all asking what’s the big deal about the Backstreet Boys. “Oh, you still like them?” “They’re still together?” “You care way too much about a band…” Some of us stay quiet. Some of us get defensive. Some of us throat punch… (Just kidding. I hope.)

The fact is, there’s not enough time in the day to list ALL of the reasons we’ve taken the Backstreet Boys in and won’t let them go. Also, there’s a good chance they’ll stop listening halfway through. However, if you’d found this post by googling the BSB, one of your Facebook friends shared it on your timeline, or it’s simply a tweet you happened upon, I invite you to continue reading. Backstreet Boys have clearly seen things a different way for the past 23 years. We grew up with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick. We know almost too much about them, but in them, we’ve found reflections of ourselves. Let us explain…

1. Kevin.


Who Outsiders See:  The oldest member of the Backstreet Boys, who left the band and came back years later to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. Kevin is the “mom’s favorite” and the “dad” of the group.

Who Fans See: A man from Kentucky that followed his dreams, loves his family and friends, and cares deeply about everything he does. The minute you meet Kevin, you’ll feel like the only person in the room; his depth and sincerity are beyond anything you can imagine. He left the Backstreet Boys because his heart wasn’t in it, because he had other dreams, because he wanted to start a family. In Kevin, we’ve found inspiration to do what makes ourselves happy, to care about our friends and family enough to do something about it and to be appreciative of everything we have been given in life.

2. Howie.


Who Outsiders See: The “quiet” Latino member of the Backstreet Boys. Known for his high notes and sweet persona, he’s been a BSB since the beginning.

What Fans See:  The nicest guy and one of the biggest party animals you could ever meet. Howie is wise and full of good advice, as well as possessive of a big heart. He’s incredibly talented, incredibly lovable, and sort of a darkhorse. We most recently grew a new respect for him while watching the BSB movie, Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of, where Howie opened up about standing up for himself and taking more parts in the latest album. He’s also super business savvy. Howie has taught us that you can make your dreams happen and still be kind, have fun, and be down to earth.

3. Brian.


Who Outsiders See: The cute Backstreet Boy with a golden voice and an infectious smile. He’s southern to the core with a history of heart issues and a deep faith that he isn’t afraid to hide.

Who We See: First and foremost, we see Brian and we see a fighter. A survivor since day one. He’s an amazing performer with a heart of gold who has never made any qualms about who he is. An artist, a husband, a dad, a christian, and a friend, he’s touched the hearts of so many of us with his talents and his words. If we could pinpoint one thing we continuously gain from Brian, it’s to never stop fighting. Everything in life is what you make it – live in the moment and have an unshakable faith.

4. AJ.


Who Outsiders See: The Backstreet “bad boy” who went to rehab in the early 2000s. His name is synonymous with tattoos and raspy vocals.

Who We See: A tender-hearted man who overcame his demons and works hard everyday to try and make the world a better place for his daughter to grow up in. Speaking of his daughter, AJ is the cutest dad and we never saw it coming. He’s continuously working on new things and is always down to chat with fans and help in whatever way he can. AJ has taught us that it’s never too late to make huge changes in your life and to hold yourself accountable. Your mistakes don’t define you.

5. Nick.


Who Outsiders See: The 90s teen idol with the split part hair, crazy charm, and a sparkle in his eye. They also see a boy who dated his fair share of public figures and has grown up in the public eye, for better or worse.

What We See: Oh Nick Carter. If we didn’t grow up with him, we watched him grow up… and grow up, he has. In the past few years, Nick has really truly proven himself as a strong vocalist and a man capable of completely turning his life around. Now a husband and a soon-to-be dad, he is all about the positive lifestyle he’s been striving for since many years ago. Oh, and did we mention that the man NEVER. STOPS. WORKING. Nick has taught us that a change in mindset and hard work will get you wherever it is that you need to be. Don’t think you can’t.

6. Us.


Because of the Backstreet Boys, we’ve met friends. We’ve created memories that don’t necessarily even involve them, but simply because of them. We’ve done things we’ve never thought we’d do. We’ve learned how to live life. We’ve been inspired and we’ve been healed by their work, by their music, by their words. For some of us, because of the Backstreet Boys, directly or indirectly, we’ve felt not so alone.

No, the Backstreet Boys aren’t “just a band”. They’re five individuals who formed under a group name, came into our lives, and changed everything. They are five men that we believe in and support. They are five humans that have been a part of our lives for 20+ years, that we have obviously learned from, that have influenced us more than they could ever know.

It’s not an obsession, it’s  gratitude. We keep going to see them, buying their albums, listening to their music, etc. because how else can we thank the five guys that have done so much for us?

Not just a band. Heroes. Inspirations. Blessings.


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