“The Night Before Christmas…” – Backstreet Style


T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the land

All the fangirls were tweeting

About their favorite man-band


Notifications were on, so they’d ring loud and clear

If hopes that the Backstreet Boys soon would appear.


Some of us were nestled all snug in our beds

While visits of our Boys danced in their heads

Some in our tour merch, some in a sweater

Arguing over which BSB is better.


When there from the internet, alarms started beeping

We spring from our slumber, was that a Backstreet Boy tweeting?

Straight to our screens, we fly super quick

Is it Brian? Kevin? Howie, AJ or Nick?!


Quickly we respond to the words that they tweet

How fast we can reply is surely a feat

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,

All of the Backstreet Boys –they’re finally here!


With Howie and Brian, so lively and quick,

Four tweets in 10 seconds? It must be that Nick!

More rapid than eagles, Kevin and AJ they came

They emoji-ed and tweeted and called us by name:

“Hey Jen! Hello Kim!

Hi, Amber and Stephanie!

Yo, Rose! Yo, Sasa!

Hey Monica and Katie!

To all of the fans,

We see all y’all!

Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet,

Replying to all!”


And then, in a minute, alerts we all heard

Tweeting and chirping from each Backstreet bird.

As we scrolled through replies and refreshed our page

Our hearts filled with excitement, no matter the age.


Our blood was flowing fast, from our heads to our feet,

The Backstreet Boys were making our night with each little tweet.

Lots to say about when Backstreet would be back

Say no more, Boys, we’re already packed.


Kevin’s eyes – how they twinkle! Nick’s dimple, how merry!

Brian’s cheeks were like roses, Howie’s nose like a cherry!

AJ’s bearded mouth, draws up in a smirk.

The charm of a Backstreet Boy, man, it seems to work.


A few hours later, things seemed to wind down

And away the Boys went, but still lurked around

We saw them all tweet, before they went out of sight,

“We’ll see you next year! Backstreet will be back, alright?”


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